They Died While We Were Sleeping, by Byron Christopher


by Byron Christopher


March 2, 2022

Sorry about the lead. No, this isn’t a post about some aging relative who quietly slipped away in the night. It’s a story about deaths that are far more profound — passings that leave us worried if life as we know it is about to vanish. Forever.

Here’s a look at the deaths of once trusted and respected institutions.


We’re all being played. The mainstream media [MSM] — known also as ‘fake news’ and ‘lame-stream’ — is a key part of a global disinformation scam. The media is not an innocent spectator here. It’s a star player.

A friend recently asked if the news media was always “so blatantly biased.” “No way!,” I shot back. Grant it, the news business was never perfect but things were not as upside down as they are today. No comparison.

Courtesy of The Defender

The mainstream media is fast becoming a laughing stock. If the industry doesn’t get its act together, it will surely be giggled out of existence.

You may recall the scandal of how the remains of 215 Native children were secretly buried at a former residential school in British Columbia? The alleged evidence came from ground-penetrating radar. Turns out, it was a case of brain-penetrating bullshit. Those weren’t human remains — but old tree roots! Oops!

Sorry about those churches that were burned to the ground by suckers who were duped by the massive, slightly off-base news coverage. These ‘news consumers’ were living in a bubble that wasn’t connected to reality.

How did the mainstream media treat Part 2 of this major story? Simple. It just ignored it. They’re hoping you don’t discover the truth — and if you do, they’re hoping you’ll forget about it. They want you to move on to another crisis, another ‘distraction.’

In the past 20 years, I’ve not come across a single person who trusts the mainstream media. Read that again. Have you noticed how alternative [independent] media sites, plus social media [podcasts, blogs] have taken off in the last five, ten years? People are voting with their computers.

Combined with the demise of newspapers, these media upstarts are killing off a once respected source of news.

Just as children should be able to trust clergy, we should be able to trust the news … duh … that’s the whole idea of a free flow of information — “so we can make informed decisions.” We should be able to turn on the TV or read a newspaper, and get the straight goods.

But that ain’t happening.

Of all the media outlets, the ‘legacy’ media should be leading the charge in making sense of things. Especially now.

As someone put it, things are so upside down in the world it’s as though the Nazi’s are gassing themselves. And no one’s talking about it, strange enough. Total confusion seems to be the new normal.

It’s ‘connect the dots’ time … check this out:

[For media watchers, note the James C. Smith connection. Tell me if you don’t think that’s a conflict of interest. Way to go, Reuters.]

If the above table is news to you, you might want to reconsider your choice of news sources.

So, what’s wrong with the mainstream media? Plenty. One of its biggest problems is that it’s so obviously biased. Another criticism is that the private MSM in Canada is now so heavily subsidized [to keep from going bankrupt] — with money coming from the worst possible source, government. $600,000,000. Look at all those zeroes. That is six hundred million — about half the annual budget of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC].

Plenty can go wrong when governments prop up failing media companies. A news agency on the take will have parrots instead of reporters. Fact-checkers will morph into censors at the flick of a paycheque. Ethics? Never heard of it.

Is this legal? Yes, unfortunately. I mean, it’s only sleaze.

We’re talking a ‘government-media propaganda axis.’ [Thanks to veteran medical investigative reporter Jon Rappoport for that line.]

What could possibly go wrong when news companies get government bailouts? The answer: no one can possibly trust them because their credibility is in the tank. I’m always baffled when people can’t pick up on this. I’m even more baffled when, even when the lights go on, they don’t seem to care. That tells me that their goal isn’t information, it’s reinforcement of their point of view.

The only way for people not to get sucked into the wake of mainstream news is to do some CRITICAL THINKING. Pretend you’re a farmer and you have to think for yourself.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.


Another reason for the fall of the mainstream media is corruption. People don’t like to hear the C word because it makes them “uncomfortable.” That’s too bad but the data — the hard evidence — should be put out there for all to see. This is known in legal circles as full disclosure.

The corruption has been creeping in for years — and I lay that mess squarely at the feet of news managers who — for example — gave a thumbs up to taxpayer-funded ‘military junkets.’ We’re talking ‘free’ overseas flights, food and accommodation, ground transportation … translation, protection and clerical services, and on and on.

As a result, what consumers see and hear are not real news items but public service announcements [PSA’s] for the military.

The public may not be fully aware of the scam. That’s understandable, given the lack of transparency.

Imagine what that does for credibility and trust.

Image courtesy of Children’s Health Defense.

Not only did these ’embedded’ reporters keep quiet about who was footing the bill, they put out what the military wanted. They became propagandists. It’s as though they were in training for a government communications job, and perhaps some were.

Here are some tough questions MSM reporters might want to consider. Inquisitive minds want to know.

Have government policies killed more people than COVID? How is ‘due process’ working for Canadians whose bank accounts were frozen because they donated money to help protesting truckers? Was COVID germ warfare? Are COVID ‘vaccines’ in fact bio weapons? Can a government make up laws that contradict a Constitution? Why is there a long list of vaccine injuries and deaths … if the vaccines are safe and effective? And what’s all this talk about ‘digital passports’ and a New World Order and a One-World Government

Oh so many critical questions. If the mainstream media doesn’t tackle these issues head on, it’s not doing its job.

Its responsibility is to see through the fog, not create more smoke.



What was the Canadian truckers ‘freedom’ convoy all about? I’ve heard so many different accounts that my head is spinning. Who to believe? What to believe?

I ‘get’ the annoyance over the honking. But mainstream reporters labelling the truckers and their supporters as “anti-vaxers”? Are you kidding? Those are hit jobs. Very few people are against SAFE, proven vaccinations. However, they are against experimental injections that — according to hard, indisputable data — are maiming and killing tens of thousands of people.

So far, they’re doing a good job of avoiding that story.

The so-called ‘anti-vaxers’ believe unproven, possibly toxic drugs should not be on the market until they’ve been fully tested. And who in their right mind would not agree with that?

Here’s one of the more interesting texts that has been circulating … notice the point made.

It is the constitutional right of any Canadian to refuse to be injected with an experimental drug. Where there’s a risk there should be informed consent. That … ahem … is a no-brainer.

If one freely agrees with taking an experimental injection, that’s their choice. Good luck. I hope you live to be 105. Those who don’t want to take an experimental injection should not be hounded or disciplined … because, after all, it’s the “law.” It’s called freedom of choice.

That brings up an interesting point. Many companies across Canada coerced and forced employees to take the jab under threat of a job loss. Is that legal, given what the Constitution says? I would bet none of these companies have the Canadian Rights and Freedoms proudly displayed on their walls.

It would be as rare as finding a Code of Ethics in a newsroom.

@coppolafilmsSo Trudeau is a Terrorist too then since he said Protesters in Ottawa were Terrorists and you can hear people honking #foryoupage #fyp #fypシ #trudeau♬ original sound – Coppola Films


[Clip courtesy of Coppola Films.]

The name of the game here is selective prosecution. Play the clip again, keeping in mind how Justin Trudeau blocked criminal charges against a Montreal engineering firm — and how he fired two cabinet ministers who wanted to follow the law.

This is what hypocrisy looks like.

Always keep an eye on the mounting vaccine injury and death stats [VAERS] from the U.S. and Canada. Don’t forget, these are government figures. The numbers have moved from ‘interesting’ to downright scary. There’s a never-seen-before rise in cancer rates [up 35%], exploding hearts of young children and gruesome reports of messed-up blood vessels in bodies at funeral homes — plus, now, booming health insurance claims from those who’ve taken the jab.

“Safe and effective”, huh?

There are so many red flags about the COVID vaccines it’s beginning to look like May Day celebrations in Red Square.

And now there’s news that these rapid COVID tests could get you in trouble. According to the Western Standard, there have been at least 50 calls to Poison Control Centres in Canada related to the exposure of materials contained in the test kits. Way to go Health Canada.

Things are going to hell, and there’s no hand basket.

Because no long-term studies have been completed on the COVID vaccines, no one knows what the future holds. It’s a complete mystery. Proper tests would have taken care of that. Some say we’re going to be okay. Others warn the horror show has already begun.

At this point, it’s all rhetoric — but let’s see how these numbers are looking in a couple of years. Will things be back to normal, or will undertakers be putting in a lot of overtime?

One final thing on the trucker protest story. Much has been made about one of the leaders who, I’m told, went over the top with his views on white supremacy, etc. Did this man represent the views of a vast majority of the truckers? Let’s see some perspective and balance. You know, journalism.

Put it this way: it would be like a trucker saying he didn’t want to negotiate with a politician who was kicked out of his teaching job after having oral sex with his students — and the hard evidence is in a sealed court document [a payout settlement].

Let’s see the document and see how much of that is true. What were the students paid to make it all ‘go away’? Point is: it would be wrong for protestors to paint the entire political party with the same brush because of the behaviour of one of its members.


Planet Earth has been transformed into a huge medical experiment where people themselves are the lab rats.

Image courtesy of Dr. Robert Malone


Once upon a time, Canadians had some faith in politicians. They can now kiss that day good bye.

I just watched a clip of a debate in Parliament where a Conservative member wanted to know what was up with Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum [WEF], who shared he had Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in the bag, along with some of his cabinet. Really?? Was Schwab pissed on German beer or what?

The WEF is a New World Order [one world government] think tank. It believes vaccine passports, total banking control and a one-world government where you will have nothing yet be happy. I don’t know about that … I don’t see many happy people living on skid row.

On Schwab’s bookcase is a bust of former USSR leader Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin. I’m not making this up.

Have another drink, Klaus.

Schwab is also a proponent of the ‘great reset’ — and population control [reduction].

The Conservative MP wanted to get to the bottom of this, and so he raised the issue in Parliament. The MP got shut down — but not before the ‘speaker’ claimed to have “audio problems.” The gong show culminated with a Liberal MP half-standing and shouting “misinformation!” then promptly sitting down. And we wonder why Canadians have so little faith in their political system.

It doesn’t help that Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, a former journalist, is a full-fledged member of the World Economic Forum. She’s also huge fan of Klaus Schwab; has written a thumbs-up book about him. I wonder what her Nazi grandfather — one of Joseph Goebbels’ buds — would say about that.

Back to Justin. He is one of these ‘woke’ people. The Canadian Prime Minister can be had, not unlike his mother. Oh, and Justin, get a DNA test done. People want to know.

So yeah, Canadians have a right to know if their government is being hoodwinked by influential political think-tanks, especially when cabinet ministers are card-carrying members. That’s a cause for concern. Wake up Canada!

We now see why people refer to our political system as a swamp.


For this chapter, click on the link to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights … and see if any of these are under threat today.

You can actually order a copy. Suitable for framing.


If we’re not careful about protecting our rights, we could all be screwed — you, me and everyone we know.

SO MANY questions need to be answered and again, this is where the media comes in. How safe are these COVID vaccines … are they lethal bio weapons? Let’s be completely honest about this, because billions of lives are on the line. Why are labs permitted to manufacture germ warfare? Shouldn’t they be outlawed by the UN? And who the hell are these mad scientists working there — the mass murderers they are — and who’s paying them? Don’t tell me it’s the taxpayers! Tell us more about the New World Order and the World Economic Forum — and when do we get to vote on if they should have a say in our lives? Uncalled-for martial law … the seizure of bank accounts and financial ruin for basic, decent people. And a ran on the banks that led to martial law being cancelled. Tell us how these digital passports would work, how much control would ordinary citizens hand over to the world elite? My goodness. Lots of questions. Lots of fog.

The world need answers but the mainstream media isn’t coming through. Reporters are not cutting through the fog, they’re only generating more fog with misinformation and bullshit. The lame-stream media is not part of the solution, it’s part of the problem.

One has to wonder if that’s all an accident, or if it’s by design. Could this have been planned years ago, as some suggest?

The MSM has picked the absolute worst time to go down the tubes. Or … was it the perfect time? You decide.

And if you find all this too uncomfortable, please turn on your TV and go back to sleep. That’s safe and effective.




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