Taxpayer watchdog launches petition to defund CBC and end media funding


by Jonathan Bradley

True North News

February  25, 2022

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) has launched a petition calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to scrap the more than $1 billion in funding per year for the CBC and to stop giving $600 million of taxpayers’ money to other media outlets.

“We launched this petition because Canadians should decide which news outlets they prefer and to support them financially if they choose to do so,” said CTF B.C. director Kris Sims in a statement emailed to True North on Thursday. “They should not be forced to pay for it through the government.”

Sims said that she has been in newsrooms most of her life and that if the government is padding journalists’ paycheques, it “gives the perception of bias.” She added that government funding for journalism is “not fair to the taxpayer and it’s not good for the journalist.”

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  1. It’s not just the $600 million in direct payments it’s also the ad revenues for the at least hourly Covid 19 vaccines ads messaging listeners to get the “shot” and all “the Canadian Government is making Canada safer by strengthening guns laws and eliminating some types of guy ownership ads. You can guarantee the only media outlets getting these government buys have agreed to tow the governments messaging in their news and editorial policies. Not to mention what unsaid message the on air talent is expected to follow to remain employed. It’s much more than $600 million folks.

  2. Chris,

    You are 100% correct.

    It’s all disgusting propaganda and sadly all too many Canadians seem to fall for it. COVID COVID COVID, VACCINE VACCINE VACCINE, BOOSTER BOOSTER BOOSTER, BULLSH*T!

    Then those silly anti gun ads… FFS criminals don’t give a crap about gun laws but these pinko, vile Liberal hacks just punish lawful gun owners.

    I should have the lawful right to buy any lawfully produced and sold firearm I want, hand gun, semi auto rifle, shot gun what have you and as many of them as I want. IT’S NONE OF ANYBODY’S BUSINESS INCLUDING OUR INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENTS BUSINESS!!!

    As for using firearms for self, family or home defence. It’s my God given right to defend my body, my family, my property.

    The idiot liberal says, “But you have nothing you own that is worth taking a life over.”

    The sensible free thinker replies, “SCREW YOU!”, “I will tell a potential criminal who may want to break into my home or other property to steal or worse that there is nothing inside that you should want so bad that is worth you possibly losing your life over.”

    In other words folks, stop making victims into criminals and criminals into victims. This woke leftist shite has gone on too long. OBTW I use to be one of those anti gun, bleeding heart liberals and I now see that I was an IDIOT! So you libtards can’t tell me anything I already do not know of what you libtards are still thinking. IT WAS IN MY SCREWED UP MIND FOR TOO DAMN LONG! My red pilling cured my liberalism disorder!

    As to the CBC. Sell it off in whole or in pieces for it’s a part of the illness of propagandistic liberalism and wokism in Canada. It has no place in 21st. century media!

  3. We could demand a say next election. CBC needs to fund itself with no more taxpayer $. Savings go to giving military veterans and the elderly a raise.


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