The future of broadcasting in Canada is at stake


A regulatory regime with one set of rules for Canadian companies, and another for foreign players is unsustainable.

Toronto Star

February 22, 2022

Canadians today receive content in dramatically different ways, and have more programming options than they could have imagined a decade ago. Global digital platforms have flooded the Canadian market, and more are coming. They have profoundly changed our nation’s broadcasting system, and there is no going back. While this may sound obvious to anyone with a Netflix or Spotify subscription, it’s worth mentioning because Canada’s broadcasting rules remain mired in a VHS-era.

Canada’s broadcasters might no longer have the market to ourselves, but we continue to entertain, inform, and serve Canadians and their communities. We continue to employ thousands of highly skilled and creative Canadians. We continue to report fact-based news in an era of misinformation. We continue to export Canadian stories abroad. And we want to continue to do these things for years to come.

But we urgently need 21st century laws and regulations to replace ones that place us at an untenable disadvantage with our vastly larger foreign digital competitors.

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