Canadians will never view the legacy media the same again


by Candice Malcolm

True North

February 18, 2022

By invoking the Emergencies Act and giving his government sweeping powers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accidentally revealed how weak he really is. Meanwhile, the legacy media continues to do Trudeau’s bidding by doxxing and harassing individuals who supported the freedom convoy.

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  1. Legacy media in the western world has destroyed all credibility today. The self inflicted wounds they have done is amazing to watch and yes we can never trust legacy media ever again.

    But also we must PUNISH social media oligarchs who are abusing power by social/political censorship and actions. Leave a these big social media platforms and support others who advocate for liberty and free speech.

  2. The biggest problem with media today,is not their bias but the corporations that own them. The last 20 years has seen too many take overs and conglomeration that strangled and downsized news rooms to the point that they no longer have the resources to investigate anything. They just regurgitate what all levels of government.


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