Tucker: Justin Trudeau is attacking human rights


Fox News host gives his take on the Freedom Convoy protests on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight



  1. Lessons to be learned here.

    1: Never forget the politicians on the Federal, Provincial/state and municipal levels who chose to abuse rights, ignore laws and treaties and abused power in order to power over the general public. The rights of free people, many who live in nations with written and accepted civil and human rights must never be violated, not even for a medical or health issues. These elected politicians must be held accountable, first choice by indictments, but at minimum by voting them all out of office and replacing them with politicians who are more clear to UPHOLD our liberties and civil/human rights.

    Even with the role backs and ending of these abusive, USELESS and illegal mandates and restrictions NEVER FORGET AND VOTE THEM OUT ANYWAYS! They want us to forget their abuse and crimes.

    2: As to health and law enforcement bureaucrats NEVER FORGET THEM EITHER! They must be held to account and likely indicted as well. But at minimum removed from their jobs.

    The law enforcement agencies be they local, provincial/state and federal must be seen as untrustworthy and now be viewed with suspicion by the public. They have lost trust that will take many years to repair if at all.

    “I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS!” is not good enough. It did not work for the Nazis including camp guards, doctors, police, nurses and media at Nuremberg in 1946, IT SHOULD NOT WORK NOW!

    If you have a personal relationship with any law enforcement/police personnel who even tacitly acted within these abuses of power and against rights my advice is to now distance your relationship with them if you can and even shun them would be better. THEY DO NOT DESEVE YOUR/OUR FRIENDSHIP OR RESPECT AS SUCH! Sorry to you law enforcement officers who chose to break your oaths, you PICKED the wrong side. Many of you oath breakers may not be held accountable under the law, though you all should be indicted or at minimum fired, but we the public do not have to be in any type of cordial relationship with you oath breakers.

    3: The mainstream media and big social media, must never be forgiven nor forgotten for their violation of journalistic standards and prejudices of those who stood for liberty and freedom, stood against the corrupted or ignorant governments, bureaucrats and stood now falsehoods given and seen as useless for public health narratives.

    In Canada every Canadian must begin a grassroots demand for the selling off or break up of the corrupted CBC radio and tv network. But all private media must by held to account and made note that they have lost public trust likely for many years or longer.

    Big social media should be punished by any and all of us leaving their platforms and supporting others who still try to support freedom of speech, association, civi right and justice.

    4: To the voting public who cast their votes for these corrupted politicians, be they federal, provincial/state and municipal, take a look a yourselves in the mirror and tell yourselves that you are ashamed for voting for such abusive, lying, arrogant, ignorant politicians. THEN VOW TO NEVER SUPPORT THESE SAME ONES AGAIN! They will hope that you, me all of us will soon forget. BUT WE MUST NEVER FORGET!

    5: The lost trust in many government, public health, big pharma and media organizations through all of this over hyped and drawn out Covid 19 stuff will be long to forget and forgive.


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