Vancouver radio host Kid Carson shares pro-trucker, anti-mandate stance on air + Come to Ottawa, You Know You Want To

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February 9, 2022

A longtime Vancouver radio host is causing some waves online after speaking out about the trucker protests, vaccine mandates, and the media in Canada.

Kid Carson, who hosts a morning radio show on Z95.3, spent time on Wednesday morning explaining how often when he walks into the studio he has to think of things to talk about that won’t get him in trouble.

“What silly, stupid thing that doesn’t really matter can I talk about today? It weighs heavy on me not to share my honest feelings and commentary about what’s happening around us.”

Carson says he used to mention little things about politics, but it ended up wearing down the relationship he had with his bosses.

This morning, he went on air to say the media landscape “sucks” without another point of view.

“I feel like I’m trying to stay on my best behaviour so I can be liked again, so that I can keep my job. Instead of doing what we are all supposed to be doing, which is having passionate discussions about the insanity that is happening around us,” he told listeners.

“If you think the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa is a racist movement, you have been tricked. You have been fooled. Ya know? What we need to realize is that it takes real eyes to recognize real lies. This isn’t about race, or health, or Nazi flag, or masks. It’s about trying to keep our children off a digital ID that will control every aspect of their lives. That can be switched off at anytime.”

He goes on to say he will be mocked for his views and asks why the news is not telling the truth.

Update: After a controversial on-air speech on Wednesday morning, Kid Carson and Z95.3 have now agreed to part ways. Read the full story HERE.

Come to Ottawa. You know You Want to

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  1. Kid, well done sir. Exposing the reality, delivering something beyond fake excitement about the half time show coming up on Sunday and talking about something that people are actually talking about.

    No doubt there will be meetigs with management and air staff across the country the next few days, explaining that “we can’t take a stand”. Media, is afraid of media. That’s sad.

    Now excuse me. I gotta tune in KVOS because Adam 12 is on. No way I’m watching “the news”

  2. Huge respect for Kid Carson!

    Now it’s looking like radio is also the #EnemyOfThePeople

    Once you listen to satellite radio, you’ll find it difficult to listen to terrestrial radio again!

  3. Amazing! Much respect. This is a guy who works in a public setting that actually was willing to say what the public thinks! The majority of us are sick of this, and all of us who use logic and reason the come to conclusions are sick of this.

    Thank you Kid. The people are behind you.

  4. Did anyone commenting actually listen to what he said? If you actually think they are putting digital trackers in the kids vaccines it’s time to take off the tinfoil hats. Having a different opinion is very much welcomed, needed and expected in society but spouting nonsense is just irresponsible. If you’re anti vax, anti mask etcetera please make your case based on actually scientific facts not just crap you read on the internet and guess what the magnets don’t stick to my arm either. Everyone would love to hear a differing opinion that was well researched, well presented and most importantly proven to be factual.

    • What are the ingredients in the experimental injections?
      Looking forward to your answer that is ” well researched, well presented and most importantly proven to be factual.”

      • Right, so FN, you *know* for sure what’s in these… digital chips, maybe some dip, a few olives on top. KC is another of those who have “done their own research”. Uh huh. And you all are convinced you’re right. With ZERO to support it other than some wing nut research. Don’t get the shot, but stop whining about the societal consequences. It’s you and your lot that are putting the “fake” in Fake News.

  5. So he speaks the truth, and gets fired. Stingray like all the others are hiding the truth from its listeners. Shame on them. I can’t wait until Nuremberg 2, so these bastards will burn. All the media in Canada is complicit in covering up the truth and will pay a hefty price. As for their employees, I was only doing my job, won’t cut it. Do your research on the Nuremberg Trials

  6. reply to Steve.
    First off, I am NOT Anti-Vaxx. You have absolutely no idea what is in these EXPERIMENTAL jabs and the boosters. First off, the jabs break down the immune system. We’ve already had reports of hundreds of thousands who have died from these poisons. You will never find msm exposing these Crimes Against Humanity. Trudeau, Tam, many of his cabinet, Jason Kenny, Doug Ford, John Horgan, Adrian Dix, Mike Farnsworth and not to ever forget the witch, Bonnie Henry will be Executed for Crimes against Humanity. That’s just Canada, and lets not forget the media. Mark my words.

    • Let’s try something different here….logic and common sense.
      I would have thought by now, someone or group opposed to the vaccines would have had them independently analyzed in a lab to prove(?) they are full of microchips or whatever they think Bill Gates is using to control our kids. I would suggest social media is already doing that. But we don’t have any problems with kids committing suicide because of social media bullying or whatever.
      And wouldn’t the lab results show the ‘poisons’ that are killing hundreds of thousands of people? BTW can you direct me to the factual, reliable source of info you use that reported the deaths?
      I also think Kid Carson wanted to commit radio career suicide because his ratings are low and he was going to get canned. And he has something else lined up outside of msm.

        • mRNA vaccine that has been studied for close to 30 years.
          Seems to me more unvaccinated people have died from Covid than from the vaccine.
          So right back at ya…”Looking forward to your answer that is ” well researched, well presented and most importantly proven to be factual” that the vaccine is posion and killing people. BTW…Bill Gates told me how to respond. And now I’m off to buy Windows 11.

          • Come on FN, you didn’t answer. Tell us where you get your information. the dark web? And I did get my booster and no, not the TV. From several creditable University based research studies.

    • It was all hype to get the groups he supports to $ubscribe to his podcast. I am sure he won’t be missed at stingray, but will certainly be welcomed by the far right….

      • “will certainly be welcomed by the far right….”
        Are you referring to people who believe in their constitutional rights and freedoms?
        I’m guessing you are far left – a proponent of authoritarian/totalitarian governments.
        Don’t forget to get your boosters.

  7. Drugs over the years have been put on the market only to be taken off years later and subjects of billion dollar lawsuits. These drugs had years of testing.

    Contrast this to the rush to market of a vaccine that skipped all normal protocols and animal testing. Despite the claim of long term testing (which by the timeline is not possible) it is NOT known of the possible long term effects. In fact data has shown both arrhythmia and clot issues with the vaccines.

    Never in our US history has the US Federal Government tried to mandate an injection especially with so little long term data. To millions it is not an anti-vax issue rather than a lack of proper testing especially when it has been rubber stamped in a haste to get it to market.

    Extreme view on both sides leaves out the people wanting solid LONG term data about a vaccine that has already shown some issues.

    Oh and also some of us believe in our right to choose also.

  8. I didn’t get a chance to tune in this morning, was Kid on the air? Reason for asking is he was supposed to get together with Steve Jones for discussion according to the press release?

  9. I have a very different take on this.

    Yes, I admire his comments, however, his contract was winding down, and his relationship with management was strained (which he admitted in this “goodbye” moment). So he already knew, he wasn’t getting renewed. That makes the comments a little less brave, and much more “strategic”.

    He has obviously created a HUGE buzz over this. He even said in his comments that he would like to start a podcast and have “his tribe” there with him. He’s probably seen the Rogan success, and thought the time might be right to take ownership of his brand as Canada doesn’t really have that kind of personality.

    So, although I appreciate his comments…let’s take a wider view. Kid is clever. He knows the game…and he’s played it very well here, exiting on his terms, with big publicity to fuel his next enterprise. F


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