Neil Young Tried to Silence Joe Rogan and Criticism of Covid Shots. Young Is Linked to Blackstone and Pfizer.


February 4, 2022

Neil Young demanded that Spotify cancel Joe Rogan’s podcast or remove his music. Young sold half the rights to his music to a company that merged with Blackstone which had the former CEO of Pfizer as a senior advisor. Many other leftists, the media, and even the Biden administration are seeking to silence Rogan for having discussions about Covid-19 vaccines that do not follow the official narrative

Summary by JW Williams

Neil Young gave Spotify an ultimatum to either remove his music or cancel Joe Rogan’s very popular podcast that has criticized Covid vaccines and has also allowed discussions about alternative treatments. Young denied he was trying to censor Rogan. Spotify paid $100m in 2020 for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Joni Mitchell joined Young in boycotting Spotify and their music has been removed from the platform. Both Young and Mitchell suffered from polio as children.

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