Trudeau’s Trucking Awful Week In Hiding


by Bruce Dowbiggin


February 3, 2022

“You like roses and kisses and pretty men to tell you/ All those pretty lies, pretty lies/ When you gonna realize they’re only pretty lies? — Joni Mitchell

Anyone born after the turn of the century was likely unsurprised by the news that Joni Mitchell and Neil Young (“who ‘dey?”) want Spotify to ban podcaster Joe Rogan for sins against the climate catechism. Cancel culture IS the culture to many brought up in the safe spaces of the 21st century.

But for those who grew up with Young singing “Rockin’ In The Free World” while Mitchell sang the virtues of a “Free Man In Paris” the concept of these iconic artists arguing for censorship is bracing. What happened to artistic freedom from the Laurel Canyon crowd?

Joni Mitchell & Neil Young

Well, the Canadian (surprised?) pair are simply responding to the safe-space zeitgeist. For Neil— who fell into Darryl Hannah’s lunatic orbit— that means eliminating anyone with a differing view on the Climate Cult. As for Joni, she wrote her own epitaph. “All romantics meet the same fate someday/ Cynical and drunk and boring someone in some dark café.” The Safe Space Café.

Safe-space reality was spawned in the education system. Radicals used the schools to enforce their Woke dogma, shutting down opposing opinion under the guise of providing the indulged a place where they could escape the noise of debate or just have a good cry . In a room with only one voice singing you can quickly come to believe that everyone agrees with you.

Which brings us to Canada’s petrified PM, Justin Trudeau bunkered in his own safe space as the truckers eat his lunch on Parliament Hill. Like so many of the media he’s bribed, Trudeau was hoping for a January 6 replay when the truckers hit Ottawa. You know… rioters pushing their way into the Parliament buildings, chaos, fires and some deaths. Yes, lots of deaths.

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  1. Does everyone see it now? BLM can burn cities. Antifa can destroy private and public property. Tear down statues. But when freedom loving patriots peacefully gather as per our charter, which is supposed to support our inalienable rights, we are demonized, vilified, and denounced.


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