Media Begin Branding Convoy Truckers As Right-Wing Racists, by Brad Salzberg


by Brad Salzberg


January 26, 2022

It just had to happen. It has to happen because it always happens. Each time opposition to the woke Liberal agenda grows to a substantial level, media play the “race card.”

It occured against ex-Conservative PM Stephen Harper during the 2015 election. Ditto for Andrew Scheer in 2019. The tactic was back in place during Justin Trudeau’s disaster of an in-person promotional campaign during the 2021 election.

Over and over, media play the “white Canadians as racist” angle. Thus far, it has been a success. Will the same occur regarding the Freedom Convoy of 2022?

In reality, the choice is ours. Old Stock citizens have the power to overcome the calculated sting of the Liberal’s bigotry business. In this industry, establishment media serve as the conduit:

“Peter Smith, a journalist working with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, said he’s seeing a lot of similarities between this latest convoy and a similar truck convoy from 2019 that was meant to protest federal pipeline policies.”

They are beginning to sling the usual click-bait. Expect more as the convoy nears Ottawa. The message is clear: under the surface of the truck convoy organization is a collective of right-wing racists.

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