Trudeau Shifts CBC To Replica Of Media Structure In China, by Brad Salzberg


No longer reliant on advertising dollars, the CBC are working their way toward the Liberal’s personal propaganda outlet.

by Brad Salzberg

Western News Watch 

January 18, 2022

A symbolic sign it is. Step-by-step, Canada’s state-funded CBC Corporation is being transitioned to a replica of media structure within authoritarian nations. A formidable sign is found in the erasure of capitalist structure. PM Justin Trudeau’s latest media decision finds another $400 million dollars being transferred to CBC bank accounts.

“The CBC likes advertising but doesn’t need it,” said the president of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. “They have an ability to skew the advertising market in a way, because it is not as essential as it is for private broadcasters.”

The reason they don’t need the advertising dollars is due to an emulation of media structure in China:

Government funds the media, and the press deliver the news they want the public to consume. Otherwise known as propaganda dissemination, the communist government of China control media messaging for the purpose of promoting their world-view.

According to the National Post, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez’ mandate letter, released just before the House of Commons rose for the holidays, “directs him to modernize CBC/Radio-Canada.” 

Serious students of Canadian politics will recognize the euphemistic nature of the statement. Within the lexicon of Woke Liberalism, “modernize” is akin to “progressive.” Liberal government methodology takes a large bite out the apple of Newspeak— a concept introduced by visionary author George Orwell.

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  1. And what good would (or will) it do GQ Trudeau and his Liberals when the CBC’s viewership and listenership continues to drop because just about nobody wants to listen to their SJW/”woke” propaganda? So few people watch CBC’s TV shows now that CBC has taken to advertising its shows on private network Citytv now, just so GQ can make sure that those shows get the attention he wants them to.


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