KJR 95 Seattle – KJR’s 60th Anniversary: The 1960s – 1981 – Radio Aircheck


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KJR 95 Seattle – KJR’s 60th Anniversary:
The 1960s – 1981 Courtesy: Norm Gregory Seattle’s 95 KJR is one go the oldest radio stations in the country. KJR’s first formal broadcasting license was issued on March 9, 1922. However, the station’s origin dates back to earlier experimental broadcasts in early 1920! KJR was a very popular station through the years. It even had some legendary owners at one point. In the 1950s & 60s, the station was owned by entertainers Danny Kaye & Frank Sinatra. And during it’s Rock & Roll years, some legendary names graced the KJR microphones.
Names like Larry Lujack, Scotty Brink, Norm Gregory, Ichabod Cane, Pat O’Day, “Emperor” Lee Smith, Charlie Brown, Bwana Johnny, Gary Lockwood, and many others. This station was a Top 40 powerhouse. In 1981, KJR celebrated it’s 60th anniversary, with special broadcasts covering different decades from KJR’s storied past.
This aircheck features one of those decades from that special, the 1950s. Feel free to check out some of the many other videos on the Ellis B Feaster’s Radio Channel! Established in 2008! One of You Tube’s oldest RADIO AIRCHECK MUSEUM with a NEW VIDEO posted daily at 3PM EST.
After over 40 years working on the radio, I have recorded lots of radio airchecks, and many from my friends as well. You’ll find audio of many radio personalities who have passed away. Lots radio recordings from the 1940s, through the 2010. We also talk about radio broadcasting. If you happen to have classic airchecks, maybe even of yourself on the air, we’d love to share it here! We also share videos about Travel & Cruising. I share tips on how I travel cheaply, so you can do it also! Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EllisAirchecks/





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