Radio Mans fave with Ray Charles


Georgia on my mind

Ray Charles Robinson Sr.[note 1] (September 23, 1930 – June 10, 2004) was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer. Among friends and fellow musicians he preferred being called “Brother Ray”. He was often referred to as “the Genius”.[3][4] Charles was blinded during childhood, possibly due to glaucoma.[2]

Charles pioneered the soul music genre during the 1950s by combining bluesjazzrhythm and blues, and gospel styles into the music he recorded for Atlantic.[2][5][6] He contributed to the integration of country music, rhythm and blues, and pop music during the 1960s with his crossover success on ABC Records, notably with his two Modern Sounds albums.[7][8][9] While he was with ABC, Charles became one of the first black musicians to be granted artistic control by a mainstream record company.[5]

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