BC Television News Anchors and Covid


Courtesy of Gord Lansdell of NWBroadcasters

Two prominent Vancouver TV anchors have publicly announced that they have contracted COVID. Global BC News Hour anchor Chris Gailus says fatigue, congestion and loss of appetite are the only lingering symptoms. CTV Vancouver Morning Live co-anchor Jason Pires is experiencing fever, extreme fatigue, chills and other symptoms.  Chris Gailus Tweet  Jason Pires Tweet
Gailus reported his wife Jane has now received the Booster.
moving over to the Island and CHEK TV, news anchor Joe Perkins and his wife are recovering from testing positive for Covid. Both were double vaxxed and wear masks. Perkins returns to duty on Monday.



  1. Omicron variant=Common Cold Variant.


    Obviously the injections do not work, so why take them and the risk they impose on you. WAKE THE HELL UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES PEOPLE!

  2. What infuriates me is CHEK TV gets $2Million Plus annually from the federal government, and you tell me the tv station doesn’t play favours… What kind of bribery monies does Global, Rogers, get. We already know CBC receives 1.4Billion, if not more. The media in Canada are Not our friends, but our enemies. They are Traitors and will pay the price at Nuremberg 2,, which is well underway.

  3. Trump got COVID-19 too. He also got vaccinated. And he takes credit for the vaccines created under his watch at the White House. Why isn’t that good enough for you?

  4. CJ

    It’s people like you who are so blinded, they believe everything these liars tell them. The MSM are NOT Our friends, but our Enemies… Wake the F up!

  5. I’m confused. I thought PSR is a “beacon of the industry” — so why are its members calling MSM the enemy? You can’t have it both ways.

    • The MSM receives substantial taxpayer’s money from the Trudeau government.
      Does that funding cause the MSM to push propaganda on the people?
      Did you get the jabs because your TV told you to?

      People always want the truth.
      People who are critical thinkers search out the truth.
      People who are sheep absorb the propaganda believing it’s the truth.

      When/if the propaganda ends, PSR and EastonSpectator.com will be the shining lights that were constantly in search of the truth.

  6. Because CJ, the msm, and I refer also to local msm, are lying to us. hook line and sinker. They are guilty of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and will be dealt with harshly during the upcoming Nuremberg Trial 2

    • Dr of Pharmacy is only one voice.
      There are a number of doctors speaking out now.
      I think some of them are posted on EastonSpectator.com.

  7. Driving home in my work truck, one used to service essential business, and listening to Jas Johal and his guest-with-an-agenda Gary Mason spew outdated garbage about the “hold-outs” prolonging the scam. I would like to see these people shut down for mis-information in the same manner they shut down legitimate critics. In short, these paid puppets have no social value, no ethics, and the only ones who hold such an extreme sentiment can’t be quantified; they’re certainly not in the majority they claim. I don’t listen to CKNW for its truthfulness and journalistic ethics; it’s only use is to understand how propaganda works.

    • Then why do you listen to them? Guess for the endless commercials.
      Here’s a thought, why don’t you approach them to be a guest and challenge them, on air, with your irrefutable proof that Covid is a hoax and they’re lying to the public?


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