Five Man Electrical Band’s Les Emmerson, writer of rock hit Signs, dead at 77 Social Sharing

Les Emmerson performs in Oshawa, Ont., with the Five Man Electrical Band in 2017. (Facebook/Five Man Electrical Band/Ian MacCready)

Ottawa singer-songwriter contracted COVID-19, died in hospital Friday

by David Friend

The Canadian Press


December 14, 2021

Ottawa singer-songwriter Les Emmerson, whose anti-establishment anthem Signs became a staple of 1970s rock radio, has died at 77.

The leader of Five Man Electrical Band contracted COVID-19 last month and died Friday at a local hospital, said his wife Monik Emmerson.

She said her husband was double vaccinated but had underlying health issues.

“Music was his life up until the very end,” she added. “He lived and breathed music.”

The way Emmerson used his musical talents changed over the years, his friends say. After chasing popularity in his youth, he found greater rewards later in life by using the popularity of Signs to support causes that mattered to him, including children’s hospitals and climate change awareness.

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  1. It mentions above that Emmerson was injected with the phony CCP flu “vaccine”, so in all likelihood, he really died of a negative reaction to the “vaccine”. In other words, he became just another victim of Anthony Fraudci and Geek Boy Gates and their incessant pushing of the population control-intended death jabs masquerading as “vaccines”.


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