Vandals take Cache Creek’s local radio station off the air

Photo- Heidi Roy

by Barbara Roden

The Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal

December 17, 2021

Radio listeners in the Cache Creek/Ashcroft area might have noticed that local radio station CFMA — operated by volunteers with the Ash-Creek TV Society — has been off the air for several weeks.

On or about Nov. 13, some person or persons unknown broke in the door to the radio station’s tower on the hill above Cache Creek and smashed all the equipment inside it, which has left the station unable to transmit for the forseeable future.

Heidi Roy, president of the Ash-Creek TV Society, says she noticed on Nov. 14 that the station was off the air, and went to investigate,

“I went to the studio in Cache Creek to check, because sometimes the computer there will reboot and cause the station to go off the air. It was fine, so I went up to the tower. That’s when we found the damage.”

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