CBC ad revenues continue to plunge


Management had no explanation for the drop in an Annual Report tabled in Parliament.


December 15, 2021

CBC says more Canadians then ever are watching TV — but that didn’t stop advertising revenues for the corporation dropping 10%, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

Management had no explanation for the drop in an annual report tabled in Parliament.

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  1. The CBC is nothing but a marxist propaganda machine, full of hate to what made Canada a once proud and traditional western values nation. KILL IT! BREAK IT UP! SELL IT OFF IN PARTS AND BE DONE WITH IT!

    BTW back in the 1990’s as a libtard, I supported the CBC especially Radio 1. But as time passed and I took my liberal rose coloured glasses off over the last oh 7-10 years I saw that the CBC is pure poison and is a Canadian culture notably our once proud traditional Canadian values killer.


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