Chris Wallace to Join CNN Plus After Fox News Channel Departure

Courtesy of Fox News Channel

by Brian Steinberg

December 12, 2021

Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News Channel, he announced on his program Sunday morning, and will join the CNN Plus streaming-video outlet, a move that abruptly sunders the cable-news outlet’s connection with one of its most recognized and independent journalists.

Wallace delivered the news himself, in the last minutes of his “Fox News Sunday,” which he has anchored for nearly two decades on the Fox Corporation-owned outlet.  “I want to try something new, to go beyond politics to all the things I’m interested in. I’m ready for a new adventure. And I hope you’ll check it out,” said Wallace. The words will be the last he utters on the program.

CNN confirmed Wallace’s jump less than two hours after Wallace announced his departure, and said he would lead a daily show during which he would interview newsmakers from the worlds of politics, business, sports and culture. Spokespersons for CNN could not be recached for immediate comment. Fox News last announced a contract extension for Wallace in 2017, and his current agreement with Fox News is believed to have come to an end.

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  1. What a Great Day! with this hypocritical clown making it final and official, he really is a ‘Snow Flake’, Now, One can only hope and pray, Vaughn Williams will be joining Chris, the sooner, the better.


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