Busted on camera, such a goof


Rumble — Say what Mr.primeinster.u bought them out


Hypocrisy adds Fuel to the Fire

Yesterday in the Netherlands – Trudeau Maskless at G20 Meeting


  1. Like to hear what you people working in the MSM have to say for yourselves on this one…..
    Betting all we hear is crickets from people who need to be held legally accountable for their actions against the people.

    Waiting for your responses…….

  2. Joke,
    Is the $595,000,000 bought off MSM fake news?
    The video was stating the obvious.
    Paid for propaganda media.
    Is that $595,000,000 of taxpayers money keeping you employed?

  3. Hi Fake News.

    I am 70 years old and long retired from a job that had nothing to do with the media, so no none of that money is keeping me employed.

    I will repeat myself: You can criticize Trudeau. You can criticize the money given to the media. I am not here to defend Trudeau nor the payout to the media.

    But this is a manipulated video purposely clipped to make Trudeau look like he was saying something that he wasn’t. He was joking about the criticism, said “you can’t get headlines like these without greasing the wheels” and then showed a bunch of headlines that were critical of him and his government. The video conveniently left out those images, completely changing the narrative.

    Seriously, whether I agree or not I can listen to someone list Trudeau’s faults. I can listen to someone explain why the $600M is bad policy. But if people are relying on manipulated videos thinking they are winning some kind of argument, I’ll stop listening to anything they have to say. If you are defending this video, discussion is hopeless.

  4. FAKE NEWS loves fake news! Like a child trying to get attention. I agree with you James, people are just not paying attention to fake anymore, which is a good thing!

  5. Joke,
    The clipped video is a technicality.
    Paying the media with taxpayer’s money to propagandize those same taxpayers is the issue.

    Do you agree with Trudeau giving the MSM $595,000,000 to propagandize you?

  6. Andrew,
    Try to focus on the topic.
    Propagandizing you with your own money.
    Are you here in defense of your guy Trudeau or the fake news media?

    Maybe I should have written this in crayon for you!


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