Health News: Mainstream Media Exposes Vaxx Deaths


The death count of those from the Covid Vaxx is growing, and growing… BEWARE





  1. Since the FDA and each Covid 19 injections companies state that DEATH is one of the possible side effects of these shots, only reinforces the point of not mandating of anyone unwilling to take these jabs. THESE ARROGANT JERKS KNOW THE SHOTS ARE KILLING AND SEVERELY MAIMING PEOPLE! To make an unwilling person take these jabs is a crime and is totally immoral.

    Here is the point a heroin dealer is not likely going to push a needle filled with that shite into an unwilling person’s arm. But OUR governments, bureaucrats and even sick in the head corporations want to do to you and me with their toxic shite something that a drug dealer is no likely to do to a person who does not want their shite! In other words the scummiest of drug pushers have more morals than many of our governments, bureaucrats, media and some idiot corporations. THINK ABOUT THAT!


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