Nice to see the CBC being truthful for once! by Keean Bexte


by Keean Bexte

October 14, 2021

After we published a story about the CBC using a test dummy as a prop to fake a crowded ICU room, the story exploded, getting international attention.

Under pressure, the CBC just caved and admitted that it was a giant lie and an “error in judgment” on their part. 

I’d say that the error in judgement is giving these buffoons $1.2 billion every year to fund that garbage. With only 27 million taxpayers in Canada, every one of us gives the CBC almost $50 a year to spew this shameless propaganda. 

“Using those images outside the context of the training facilities was inappropriate and we apologize for the error in judgement. The story has been corrected,” their apology read.

But it was an empty apology because the damage was done and CBC will lie again whenever Trudeau needs them to.

This is what we are fighting against, manufactured fear.

Thanks for tuning in,

Keean Bexte


  1. Thanks for exposing this. I’ve spent an hour every other day collecting articles of all sorts to understand this plandemic, but it’s a real effort for someone who doesn’t do research for a living. The regular working person only getting their news from the mainstream has little hope of deflecting the propaganda. We end up with a majority believing the lies and asking for more government to rule over the minority. Hopefully as time passes more information like this will come to the front and ensure we have more informed people to heal our dysfunctional Democracy.


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