Muslim, Jewish, Anti-Racism Groups Oppose Trudeau’s Internet Censorship Agenda, by Brad Salzberg


If ethnic Canada do not want the censorship, and general society do want the censorship, then who does?

by Brad Salzberg

October 13, 2021

According to Daphne Keller, Director of the Program on Platform Regulation at Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center, Canada’s proposal “is like a list of the worst ideas around the world.”

“As organizations and individuals with expertise in anti-racism, we are profoundly concerned by the government’s proposed online harms legislation.”

How fascinating this information is– on several levels. First, the fact that 30 non-profit organizations stand in opposition to what will amount to an Internet Censorship Firewall in Canada.

Secondly, the fact that establishment media in Canada have hidden this information from the public. Here we have a situation counter-intuitive to government rhetoric– or should we say– propaganda.

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