Fully Vaxxed Former CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill Suffers Heart Attack and is Hospitalized with Blood Clots – Blasts NBA Player Critical of Covid Vax

Marc Lamont Hill hospitalized: screen image: Instagram

by Cristina Laila

The Gateway Pundit

October 1, 2021

Former CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill had a heart attack and was hospitalized with deep vein thrombosis and blood clots in his lungs.

Marc Lamont Hill is only 42 years old

On Wednesday, Hill criticized Orlando Magic player Jonathan Isaac for being outspoken about his decision not to take the Covid jab.

“This sounds smart to people who don’t know things,” Hill said blasting Isaac.

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  1. When one becomes apart of a cult they rarely know or understand that they are apart of a cult.

    Branch Covidians are the new cult where their God is the Vaccine, those who preach the vaccine are the high priests of said cult and those who believe without question, in fact the cult leaders and foot soldiers now demand the flock NOT question anything to do with the cult of Branch Covidians are the flock.

    Breaking those afflicted by the cult of the Branch Covidians must be handled the way we try to help others who fell pray to the multitude of other man made cults in society.

    I’m not cult deprogrammer, but I suggest those who are mental health professionals who have knowledge of what we can do as a society to help deprogram the sad situation of the many who are all in as Branch Covidians, PLEASE share with us info that we can as citizens tactfully and respectfully use to help deprogram these victims (wilful or coerced they may be) of Covid 19 and Covid 19 vaccine cult, we can all now call the Branch Covidians.

  2. It’s ok Les just stay in your basement. More room for the rest of us. It’s been pretty quiet in here since you’re buddy Maxie lost and Canada voted for Trudeau again! Chin up!

  3. Daniel, as I said one usually does not know that they are in a cult, your reply verifies such to me. You are though as much a victim as you are a cultish oppressor. Your god is ‘The Vaccine’ but it’s a false god and will not save you. Your personal High Priest looks to be is Trudeau and he will only exploit you like all good cult members with power do to their cult flock.

    However just the other day out of New South Wales, Australia their health rep. noted that NSW saw 7 deaths with Covid in the report, she noted 6/7 deaths were Covid 19 vaxxed…. Sure looks like those Covid jabs are working! Odd thing is over and over the world more and more Covid deaths are pilling up as DOUBLE JABBED! Hmmm go figure!

  4. FAKE NEWS: yup back after voting, just like I hope you exercised your right! Sorry for your loss! Apparently most of our wonderful country doesn’t agree with you either or we wouldn’t be celebrating your loss! Vaccine is working out great for me thanks for asking! I am able to do everything you are not, which right there makes it SO worth it!

    LES: if you say because I got the vax I’m in a “cult” then I guess I am. This cult has so many members though it’s fantastic! Almost 90% of the country and growing daily! Wow I’m a member of the biggest “cult” that’s pretty awesome! Les do they give out cookies at the cult meetings? You would know!

    Well I’m off to my reservation for steak and lobster din din. Then I’ll stop at the pub for a pint on my way home with my group of friends and relax. Enjoy Saturday night TV boys! Byeeeee love you.

  5. You wanna to see a cult? Just look at every single “nominated” and “award” post in the HermanCainAward Reddit. Every single one of them examples of people posting the same memes online and expressing the same beliefs, begging for the same prayers and donations to gofundmes only to end up on a ventilator and most end up dead.

    It’s an anti-vax death cult. It’s quite sad and completely avoidable.

  6. FAKE NEWS no need to read. I believe what I do and I am out enjoying life as I’m not stuck at home locked in the basement. 90% of the rest of Canada also seems to agree more with me then you so I’m good!! Byeeeee love you!


    Odds are nobody here told you to NOT take the Covid 19 injections. Nobody is telling others to NOT take the jabs either. Your cult leaders have screwed up your mind to not have you understand this.

    You can take the injections, take 5-50-500-5000 Covid 19 boosters for all and likely we care. We argue with morals and laws/human rights laws on our side that it’s a FREE CHOICE to take the jabs or not. But you are either too stupid or drunk with your cult to see this.

    Facts show us, being jabbed with these notavaccines do not stop you from getting Covid 19 nor spreading Covid 19. In fact evidence shows you have more virons to spread than an unvaccinated person does. Evidence globally is rolling in that more and more Covid 19 hospitalized persons are DOUBLE JABBED and more and more are DYING! Ie: the other day in New South Wales Australia their health ministry noted that they had 7 deaths in one day with Covid 19. They said 6/7 were VACCINATED!

    So Daniel what is it going to be? Follow the science? Which is showing to not be on your side. Or is it follow the Cult and DO AS YOU ARE TOLD BY DADDY GOVERNMENT!?!

    Do you like not being a free person Daniel? Because you seem to support no freedoms but to be just another blind sheep.

  8. LES:

    I’m sorry you feel the way you do. I don’t agree with you that 90% of the country is a cult and 10% isn’t. I think it’s the other way around. I don’t need to get into this massive rant like you do on all your posts here, but I’d say I am a free person, as I can go out and do everything unlike yourself. I’m not sure if you noticed but it’s always just a handful of people that comment here anymore. It’s always the same! Also now know who FAKE NEWS is, and fake news got the jab. Not sure why we have to be someone we are not behind a computer screen. Anyways Les I don’t agree with you and never will, which is ok. I believe one of your posts before the election said Trudeau won’t get back in and you were sure of it. Hmm unfortunately for you he got in with even more seats then he had before! So if you want some good restaurant food so you can switch it up a little just let me know and I’ll deliver it to you since you can’t go in. Cheers Les my buddy ol pal. I love you too!

  9. Daniel:

    Congratulations, you just proved Les right. Let’s see if you still feel the same way about the CCP flu “vaccines” when you end up suffering side effects from them at some point (and one more thing about that, if the liberal media is claiming that “90% of the public got the CCP flu ‘vaccines'”, given how the liberal media is known to lie and push fake news, odds are that number is a lie and the real number of people who got the fake “vaccines” is far lower than claimed).

    BTW, the only reason GQ Trudeau is still occupying the office he was first installed into in 2015, despite all the scandals against him and his increasingly declining popularity (as seen from his campaign stops), can be summed up in two reasons – foreign election interference (he was endorsed by Obama and Hillary Clinton and probably got campaign help from their camps too, like he did from the Obama camp in 2015) and vote fraud (via mail-in voting, which has been proven to be vulnerable to tampering and fraud as last year’s US elections proved).

  10. VancouverTVGuy

    You are to funny! Its interesting how you can try to turn things around. So the election didn’t go the way you wanted it so you use the excuse “outside interference? Now that is funny but not shocking! I believe I commented on a post when the election was called BEFORE this “outside interference” as you say, was even mentioned, and I said he will win again and the haters here will say it was a “rigged election” but people here said no no that won’t happen! Guess what Mr. tvguy?? You proved my point! Face it you lost and the majority of Canadians spoke. Welcome to democracy something you seem to struggle with. Haters are gonna hate, and they hate more when they don’t get their way! It is what it is and I can assure you 100%, what just a handful of the SAME people here think of me, is not even remotely bothersome. I must admit though it has Quieted down in here a lot since the election. Tongue in cheek maybe? this becomes just the fun part of the day, to find out who I can get riled up in here and watch the response. I love it and hey VancouverTVGuy….. I love you too? Cheerio mate.

  11. Daniel:

    Accusing me of being “too funny” is just your way of brushing off the truth because you don’t like it, and I haven’t “proven” your so-called “point” because you had no point to make to begin with, only lies, denials and brushoffs.

  12. LES

    I’m at a loss. You stated that “We argue with morals and laws/human rights laws on our side that it’s a FREE CHOICE to take the jabs or not.” So if someone ‘chooses” to get the jab, why do you degrade them? Why would insist they’re part of a cult. Why would you say they’re brainwashed?
    Is it because they didn’t choose your choice? And you insist your choice is the right choice.
    Isn’t that bordering on a Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

  13. T TREE

    You are 100%! The thing is that’s how the handful of them think in here. It’s free choice free choice but if you don’t “choose” what they want then you are this “cult” or this “sheep” whatever else they have called people that don’t agree with the handful of them. VancouverTVGuy it’s not a brush off at all, it’s a “you keep going around in circles every time you post in here and you are like clockwork” response. All of you say we all should have a choice but when someone makes a choice and it’s not what you agree with the name calling comes out. Literally you are like clockwork! I knew from the beginning if Trudeau won the same people here will then do what they did and claim voter fraud. Again it doesn’t go “your way” out comes the excuses. It now becomes a fun way to entertain one’s self by commenting on something completely opposite, then watching the fireworks. Just like your buddy fake news that I now know who is and did get the jab, been pretty quiet after that was mentioned. Once again everyone else in this world is wrong except the handful of you in here! Awesome! Keep up the great work and the entertainment! Love you!

  14. Daniel:

    Claiming that what you said is “not a brushoff” and claiming that those of us who don’t agree with you are “making excuses” does not make what you say so – and what you said of me really applies to you, and there are more people in this world who are actually right (and they’re not liberals) than you care to admit. All your posts do is reveal you for the liberal troll that you are.


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