Update: Mike McCardell Released from Hospital and is now home…


Our friend Gord Lansdell’s updated report on Mike McCardell

9/25/21 – Encouraging news as Mike McCardellCTV Vancouver host of The Last Word news segment, has returned home after being discharged from Vancouver General Hospital. He suffered a heart attack earlier this month.


Mike McCardell Suffers Massive Heart attack

Courtesy of Gord Lansdell of NW Broadcasters

September 22, 2021

Mike McCardiell


CTV Vancouver The Last Word host Mike McCardell is currently in Vancouver General Hospital after suffering a massive heart attack. Two doctors from UBC Hospital treated him and sent him to VGH, where he was in a coma until last Saturday. He is expected to be in hospital for some time undergoing tests.  Twitter Info


  1. So happy to hear Mike is going home and is feeling better. We have followed him over the years, not only with his reporting but as a novelist too. Wishing him nothing but good health in the future.

  2. So glad to hear you are on the way to going home! Wishing you a very speedy recovery and hoping for more of your wonderful books! Your books have been a godsend for my husband. You will never know how much you have made our journey a little easier. Keeping you in our prayers Mike for a full recovery.🙏🏼


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