Local Vancouver radio show announces they will soon only play music by vaccinated artists



September 11, 2021

As of September 13, the Vancouver Co-Op Radio show Unsigned BC will only be playing music by those who have received the COVID vaccine.

The Vancouver Co-op Radio show “Unsigned BC” has announced that it will no longer play music by unvaccinated musicians on the show. The move, while unprecedented, is part of the ongoing effort to persuade more people to take the COVID-19 vaccination.

As of September 13, the show, which bills itself as a “weekly program that plays 100% locally created music,” will be cutting off support of any musicians in British Columbia who have refused or have yet to take the vaccine.

The show is hosted by Sean Christie and Brandon Krupa.

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  1. FFS what is wrong with people? It’s this jump on the bandwagon crap that is driving unnecessary wedges between our citizens. Why can’t both sides of the vaccine debate just let each other live their lives. At least it’s just some Co-op radio station whose listeners will probably love this move and not a mainstream broadcaster but the way most Canadian media is leaning, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the CBC or even a Corus or Bell make a similar move more as a publicity stunt at some point the way things are going. At almost 2 years into this thing, I think most reasonable people are just ready to get on with life, live with this virus thing and just move on. Our world has gone completely freaking nuts.

  2. And with idiot nonsense like this you can see how so many Germans from 1933-45 could have just stood around to let the Nazis intimidate, lie about, persecute, round up and send to concentration camps and to kill 6 million Jews, plus millions of others such as homosexuals, mentally ill, labour activist, political dissidents and anti government news journalists.

    It’s an insane set of principles that drive people who would be otherwise seen as normal to do of and allow such dystopian and evil things. BE WARY OF SUCH CRAZY THINGS TODAY!

  3. Well, if nothing else, Rebel News and now Puget Sound Radio have given this show more exposure than they could likely ever pay for. Well done on their part.

  4. @ Fake News:

    Given that the Nuremberg Code also covers the media, what the liberal SJWs running the show at CFRO might well be.

  5. If it’s the same person, I found a video on youtube where a Brandon Krupa is interviewed. He graduated in law and says his wife is a nurse. It’s unfortunate he can’t separate the good from the bad, but intellectual knowledge isn’t the be all and end all. It could be he’s trying to distance himself from everything un-vax just to play it safe, whether he think it will affect him financially and/or like most married men, their wives have a lot of influence. Oddly, in the interview he says “indoctrinate people with my social ideals” “masculine ideals”. Where else have you heard these terms, social justice warriors? I think he believes the un-vaxxed movement is all about white privilege. Listen for yourself.

  6. Who cares what a tiny show on a co-op station does? It’s their show, they can do whatever the hell they want. If I don’t agree, I will not listen. Funny to see a co-op show has triggered people into talking about Nazi’s…..seems like a stretch. Also funny how the Rebel interviews a Rebel News video journalist for this story. Lazy reporting, wonder if they even reached out to the hosts of the show for a comment? You know……like a real journalist would.

  7. Bobby E:

    And just how is what Rebel News did “lazy reporting”? Also, comparing what the Nazis did during WWII with what liberal elitists want to do now is not “a stretch” by any means because what both groups are doing is all too similar, as well as an attempted repeat of history.

  8. VancouverTVGuy:

    How is it lazy? In the article, it does not say they reached out to these hosts for any kind of comment. A good reported would have. Also lazy because they interviewed a member of their own staff, that seems very lazy. I also said seeing a co-op show triggering people into talking about nazi’s seems like a stretch, maybe I should have said overreaction? Also, one co-op radio show doesn’t represent all “Liberal elitists”. They represent a couple people on a co-op radio show.


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