Jody Vance has a new gig with Al Jazeera covering the Canadian Election


Anther news tip for you from twitter:

Courtesy of Gavin Bamber

September 8, 2021

Jody Vance

CKNW’s Jody Vance has landed a job as the new Canadian correspondent for Al Jazeera English TV.

Her first assignment will be to cover the Canadian federal election on Sept. 20th from Ottawa.

She will still occasionally fill in as a host on CKNW, but not as often as usual.

More info to follow Thursday Sept. 9 on her Unspun podcast.



  1. BAHAHA!! The puget sounds crazies are gonna become UNHINGED after reading this!! Grab the popcorn and make yourself comfortable, this movie is about to get good! BAHH!

  2. What a relief she’s gone. I guess NW gets desperate sometimes. Johal seems a good replacement. Now if they would just get someone with gristle toughness of a true broadcast journalist to fit Simi Sara’s spot. That’s a real downer since McComb and other great ones left that almost sacred time slot. Sure miss that tough dude.

  3. Ethan:

    Your Vance-supporting post comes off as unhinged itself. As for Vance, if she wants to throw in with an Islamic terror-supporting propaganda mouthpiece, that’s entirely on her own dhimmi head.


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