Vote For Me, by Byron Christopher (Updated)

Byron Christopher

by Byron Christopher

Journalist Author

August 17, 2021

On August 15th, 2021, Canadians found themselves at a political crossroads: who to support in the upcoming federal election.

Folk in the Great White North are off to the polls on Monday, September 20th.

Canada is now ruled by a minority government. In the fall of 2019, the Liberals — under Justin Trudeau, son of former PM Pierre Trudeau — ended up with the most seats. However, they didn’t have enough for a clear majority.

Had it not been for the cooperation of key opposition parties, the Liberal government would have collapsed a couple of years ago. But now … because of favourable public opinion polls … the Liberals see a chance of forming a majority government, hence the early election call.

Come next month, which political party will have the greatest sway in Canada? Will it be the Liberals … Conservatives … New Democrats … or the People’s Party? 

Or, will there be another minority government?

And so this post.

I just received an email from an old broadcast friend — a former radio station program director — which dumped all over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

This caught me off guard because I didn’t think my friend had any interest in politics. No matter. It’s worth nothing the guy is a straight shooter … and he cares deeply about what’s right and wrong.

As I went through his email, a number of thoughts came to mind … including “Can this really be true?” That’s because so many missteps are attributed to the Prime Minister. So many. I was aware of most because they’d already hit the news. But even so … wow!

I also wondered … are Canadians so naive they’d re-elect someone with a track record like that? They could. Let’s face it … anything could happen in today’s world. These are strange times.

It’s not that people are naive [or stupid] … it’s just that they’ve been blindsided by a paid-off mainstream media which knows more about bottom lines than journalistic integrity. Let’s throw out another explanation: ‘mass hypnosis.’

There you go. I’ve been in the news biz for more than three decades and — hate to say it, but I will — the public is sometimes dealt a lot of bullshit … and it’s getting worse! This is the era of fake news plus. 

I refer to Canadian media companies that have been bought off with massive — and hush-hush — federal handouts. Don’t want to bruise anyone’s feelings here, but much of the mainstream media — when it comes to stories on credibility and corruption — is essentially in a conflict of interest.

The major media outlets we all trusted is not part of the solution, they’re part of the problem.

Back to the email, called ‘Justin Trudeau’s record speaks for itself.’ If only half of the allegations are true, Canadians have been hooped.

Hang on. Here we go …

In the last four years as the Prime Minister of Canada …
  • Justin Trudeau spent more than $1.5 million on a trip to India that did nothing but worsen ties between our countries. He also wore inappropriate costumes during his state visit, becoming a  laughing stock overseas. What were his handlers thinking? … and how did they get their jobs? Don’t tell me this is cronyism.
  • Trudeau’s Minister of Finance engaged in insider trading … and resigned. Nothing else happened to him. Would Joe and Jane Canadian be treated the same way?
  • Justin Trudeau blew the Asia Pacific deal. But don’t worry. Shit happens.
  • But he also blew the helicopter deal with the Philippines …
  • And he blew the pipeline deal.
  • He also blew a trade deal with China …
  • He also blew a trade deal with Europe. All this talk about blowing reminds me of a story of why an instructor suddenly left a teaching job with minors.
  • Justin Trudeau sanctioned ‘irregular’ immigration. Taxpayers are now picking up the tab, and they’ll be for doing that for many years. Someone has to pay the piper.
  • The Prime Minister alienated our largest trading partner, the United States of America. President Donald Trump described Trudeau as “two-faced” after Trudeau said one thing to him, but a few months later — thanks to a ‘hot mike’ — uttered something completely different. The need to be accepted can be strong.
  • While at the G7 meeting, Trudeau pledged $400 million to education around the world, along with another $180 million to the ‘Global Partnership for Education in Europe.’ This is all about trying to look good on the world stage, which is important to Justin Trudeau. This is all about ego. You have no idea what this would mean on the resume of a yoga instructor. No similar amount of money was set aside to fix damaged school systems in Canada.
  • The Prime Minister also pledged $241 million to Family Planning around the world. This  included a $20 million donation to the Clinton Foundation. My Lord. Who in their right mind regards the Clinton Foundation as reputable? This all happened while Trudeau was telling Canadian vets they were asking for too much.
  • At the Commonwealth Leaders Summit, Trudeau pledged $2.65 billion to climate change. He’s now trying to bully the provinces into introducing new taxes to pay for it.
  • Trudeau pledged $300 million to the Rohingya [Myanmar] refugee crisis at a time when Quebec had its own refugee crisis to deal with. Tens of thousands of illegals streamed across the Vermont border once Trump got into power.
  • Trudeau pledged $125 million to Caribbean Reconstruction at a time when infrastructure in some parts of Canada is falling apart.
  • Justin Trudeau also pledged $650 million to Sexual and Reproductive Health in Haiti and around the globe when many women in Canada are without a family doctor.
  • The Prime Minister then gave $50 million to Palestinians for flood relief when New Brunswick, a small Eastern province, endured some of the worst flooding in living memory.
  • Trudeau pledged $840 million to Syria for Humanitarian Assistance. Nice. Let’s not forget that many of Canada’s aboriginal people still don’t have clean drinking water. Like that makes sense.
  • Trudeau gave $10.5 million to a convicted terrorist in a deal that led to a further $30.8 million being paid to three others who claim that they, too, were wrongfully detained. These former jailbirds are now multi-millionaires — and guess which party will get their votes?
  • Trudeau spent $4.5 billion on a 65-year-old pipeline — but the courts ruled its expansion shut down. Now … it’s back on — at a delay cost of $250 million. What kind of investment was that?
  • There’s more: The energy company involved in that fiasco not only laughed all the way to the bank, it then used the cash to help build a pipeline in Texas! Nice move, Einstein.
  • Justin Trudeau pressured Justice Minister / Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould repeatedly and INAPPROPRIATELY [with several high-ranking officials on hand as witnesses] to offer the Quebec engineering firm of SNC Lavalin a sweetheart deal — instead of going after the company for sustained corruption. Mind, you, this was after Jody Wilson-Raybould determined the Quebec company was not eligible for such a deal. The PM then lied about the above having ever taken place. When politicians treat the Minister of Justice with contempt and get away with it, you know our political system is rotten to the core.
  • Justin Trudeau is the only PM convicted of multiple ethics violations.
  • Trudeau replaced Canada’s old F-18s jet fighters with Australia’s old F-18s.
  • Justin Trudeau seems to love all things Fidel Castro. Ask his mommy — a former dope head — why that could be so. See if poor Margaret can string three sentences together.
  • Wait. She’s not poor. Margaret Trudeau and other family members — including Justin’s wife — who, for their pep talks, benefited financially from the WE Foundation which received funding from Ottawa. Jesus, talk about bad optics. Even a junior high student can work out that’s not right. It was time to throw someone under the bus for that screw-up — but it wasn’t the PM.
  • Trudeau imposed tough regulations and taxes on oil from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland — but not on oil from SaudiArabia, a dictatorship and notorious abuser of human rights.
  • Trudeau required that every new project must undergo strict environmental assessments [except for cement plants in Quebec].
  • Trudeau also required that a proposed pipeline must consider “the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors” (whatever that means). And this is the leader of a country talking.
  • Trudeau chased foreign companies (and their investment capital) out of Canada as though they were infected with a deadly virus.
  • Trudeau also chased our WW1 soldiers out of Canada’s national anthem … “lest we forget.” Thanks, suckers.
  • Trudeau continuously uses identity politics, then complains about identity politics.
  • Justin Trudeau ‘forgot’ that Alberta was a province. Duh. Hey, you who rides on his Dad’s coattails, for the past third-century or more, money from Alberta has saved Quebec’s bacon. Trudeau’s home province has received billions of dollars from Alberta, far more than any other province.
  • Trudeau described small business owners as “tax cheats.” Hey stupid, perhaps they’re taking advantage of legal tax breaks … which create jobs.
  • Trudeau called people who voice concern over millions of dollars spent on illegal immigration “intolerant racists.”
  • Trudeau gave half of the equalization program to one province. Guess which one?
  • Trudeau spent $8 million on a new skating rink — when the largest skating rink in the country was only 500 meters away from the Parliament buildings.
  • Trudeau added tens of Billions of dollars to Canada’s national debt while lying to its citizens about it.
  • Some of that money went to his friends … ie Frank Baylis, the former Liberal MP who now runs Baylis Medical. Canada’s lobbying laws prohibit former MPS from lobbying the government for five years — but that didn’t stop the Trudeau administration from awarding a 237 million dollar contract for Covid 19 ventilators. And it didn’t matter that the ventilators were over-priced by $10,000 each. I mean, what’s 100 million dollars spread out among taxpayers?
  • Justin Trudeau claims he didn’t know anything about the insider deal. He’s either stupid or lying. Emails from his own office tell a different story.
  • Trudeau gave Canadian taxpayers’ money to Hamas — but nothing to the terror group’s target, Israel.
  • Trudeau voiced outrage over fake racist attacks … but said little or nothing about real terrorist attacks.
  • Trudeau groped a female reporter but when caught, he laughed about it (MacLean’s Magazine interview), then said the reporter experienced it ‘differently.’ I bet she did. Justin Trudeau and Sleepy Joe have something in common. They might not have ethics, but they do have power.
  • Trudeau elbowed a female MP while dragging another MP by the arm in a petulant huff.
  • Trudeau renamed fishermen “Fisher-folk.”
  • “Peoplekind?” That was another international embarrassment … more out-of-control political correctness.
  • Let’s not forget the infamous ‘blackface’ incident, which was first brought to light by media outlets in the United States, not Canada. The American media outlets weren’t getting handouts from Ottawa, otherwise the incident might never have seen the light of day.
  • .Justin Trudeau got India to invest $250 million in Canada. However, Canadian taxpayers first had to invest $750 million in India.
  • Trudeau compared returning ISIS fighters to hard-working Italian immigrants, claiming the terrorists would be an extraordinarily powerful voice for Canada. He got that right. Watched any ISIS execution videos lately?
  • Were these the same suicide bombers who murdered dozens of innocent people at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan in August 2021? Here’s a photo of ISIS ”fighters’ executing captured prisoners of war. An extraordinary voice for Canada all right. Justin, get your head checked.

  • Do you think these ‘militants’ had anything to do with the massacre of dozens of civilians [and more than a dozen US soldiers] at the International Airport in Kabul in August 2021?
  • Keep in mind the Taliban are our ‘brothers’ — according to Canadian Liberal politician Maryam Monsef, born in Iran, now Minister of Canadian Women and Gender Equality. Brothers??? See what happens when one plays the politically-correct game? Ms. Monsef, those weren’t our ‘brothers’ — they’re the enemy! The Taliban sent more than 150 Canadians to their graves. How many Canadians will vote Liberal in Monsef’s Ontario riding of Peterborough-Kawartha?
  • Speaking of Afghanistan, did the Trudeau government leave any translators/informants and their families behind so they could deal with the Taliban on their own? Didn’t our ‘friends’ put their lives on the line to help Canadian troops and Canadian media companies whose reporters were ’embedded’ with our military? Some of these Afghans were looked after — thank goodness — but how about the thousand or so who were left behind? Are they on death’s row? Do Canadian politicians even give a rat’s ass?
  • Assured of their votes, Justin Trudeau let ISIS terrorists keep their Canadian citizenship. I’m not making that up. Do you think that’s happening in the US — even under the Biden Administration?
  • Trudeau spent $212,234 on ARTWORK for the cover of the 2017 budget report.
  • Trudeau thought Canada was 100 years old — instead of 150. Can you imagine taking on this guy in a game of chess?
  • Trudeau spent $348,000 on food and alcohol in five flights on a government plane. On his G20 trip to Argentina, he spent $103,000 on food and booze alone.
  • Trudeau took ten [10] vacations in a single year.
  • He also paid more than $17,000 to bring an Indian chef to India to cook Indian cuisine.
  • To top it off, Justin Trudeau invited a convicted attempted assassin to dinner — then posed for pictures with him.
  • Trudeau destroyed the career of one of Canada’s finest military leaders to cover up massive corruption in shipbuilding contracts.
  • Trudeau invited Joshua Boyle — perpetrator of a sexual assault and unlawful confinement — for a photo shoot in the Office of the Prime Minister. And you thought his mother had head issues?
  • Trudeau threatened to sue the leader of the opposition — then chickened out when he realized his crimes would be exposed for all to see in a court of law.
  • The Prime Minister doesn’t want Canadians to know why he suddenly left his teaching job at a private school in British Columbia. That’s why the out-of-court settlement is sealed. The truth might ‘blow’ Canadians away … and yes, that’s a hint.

  • Trudeau offered $600 million in subsidies to failing mainstream media outlets — provided they were ‘trustworthy.’ It’s impossible for news organizations to be objective when they’re on the take. The real losers here are Canadians because they’re no longer getting information from credible news companies. No media organization should be bought and paid for. Trudeau has even bragged about this, saying the media treats him better now that he’s paying them. Well, we have to give him credit for being honest about that. Not a dime went to Rebel, which seems to nail more scoops than all traditional news outlets combined.
  • Trudeau gave $200 million to Loblaws for newrefrigerators. Loblaws of course is a western-based company. Just kidding.
  • Trudeau made public statements of deep admiration for Chinese communism. Mr. PM, some Canadians actually think communism is a failure. Been to Venezuela or North Korea lately?


EVERY Canadian who has access to the Internet is automatically monitored … and for that, we can thank our country’s top spy agency, the Communication Security Establishment [CSE]. Read that again. I’m talking about YOU.

I know first-hand. In March 2011, I busted a spy house that was monitoring my residence in Edmonton, Alberta. The surveillance house was immediately shut down after it was identified in an email to Mike Frost, a retired senior CSE agent now living at a secret location in New Brunswick.
The extraordinary behaviour of spying on a law-abiding Canadian citizen was more than a case of security gone wrong … it was top-level, government-funded sleaze.
And to think this is where our tax money ends up …

I did this blog story on the surveillance house:
Since issuing this blog piece — by ‘coincidence’ — nearly all emails sent to the author from close friends [including retired peace officers and media folk] end up in his ‘spam’ folder.
The explanation from Yahoo is that it’s for my own security. We’re talking scores of emails here.
Here we go again. Someone is following orders.

For mainstream media outlets that get secret government bailouts, here’s something to consider: With every publication or broadcast, why not make public the amount of tax-payer money that’s gone into keeping your company afloat?
And why on earth are these numbers a state secret? The answer: SHAME.
I’m sure Canadians would love to know who’s on the take. Put it all out there, as if you were doing a legitimate news story; full disclosure and all that.
This is especially important when reporters cover political events. Like now. If their news companies are on the take, these journalists are anything but neutral.




  1. I’d like to know why King Justin of Brownface gave Unifor the power to decide which news organisations would be receiving funding?

  2. Any Canadian who believes in Canada, its culture, its grand history and its base values, who still votes for the silver spooned manchild Trudeau is a self loathing Canadian who is subverting by ignorance or by intent his/her own future and that of any offspring they may already have or will have.


  3. My investigative reporting professor at BCIT in Burnaby, B.C. (one of the greatest reporters of all time, John L. Daly) once told us to “beware” of those who have axes to grind against either a newsmaker or simply against another person.

    Byron, it seems that you have built yourself one big, bloody axe against Trudeau, junior !

    Have you considered burning some sandalwood incense to chill out, a bit.

    After all:

    “The Sandal Tree, as if to prove,

    How sweet to conquer Hate, love,

    Perfumes the axe that lays it low.”

    – Rabindranath Tagore

  4. Nope burning sandalwood incense won’t help a bit. The sleaze and corruption I’ve pointed out with Trudeau Junior is all legit, same with a corrupt mainstream media.

    Smelling incense or using dope or booze, etc won’t help a bit.

  5. Professors, reporters, and media outlets in the US seem to be the ones with agendas, biases, vendettas, and intolerance to opposing opinions and ideals. I suspect much is the same (or worse) in Canada.

  6. If Trudeau wins again, the Conservatives must ask themselves why they let it happen. Surely, a prime minister this bad would be easy to unseat.

  7. Lying comes natural with Trudeau and his clique of elites. Their not about the defense of Canadians or the countries interests. He portrays himself as such but you can see through that thin veil of that hides treachery.


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