Radio man Jon McComb Returns


Courtesy of Gord Lansdell of NW

September 1, 2021

Jon McComb

Veteran Vancouver broadcaster Jon McComb, who retired as morning host at CKNW AM 980 Vancouver in December 2019 after 36 years with the station, is back. Starting this weekend he will host The Announcers on stations across Canada. Each week he will sit down with two of Canada’s brightest and most opinionated talk radio hosts to discuss the major stories of the week.  Twitter Announcement


  1. I agree. Stopped listening too Simi Sara within a very short time though. Waste of a 3 hour time slot. No juice at all like McComb. It really is too bad.

  2. Just listened to the first show. I’m forced to listen to Mike Smyth everyday since I use a real radio, and that’s what I get in my area; I ain’t gonna waste my bandwidth on CKNW. Mike is still in sync with the narrative, although I think he can sway a bit, a bit. His Baldrey’s Beat segment is pure poison IMO. Baldrey even called Mike conspiracist just by mentioning information privacy. I’m not familiar with Alex Pierson, but since she interviewed Dr Byram Bridle, I figure she’s willing to look outside the box. I’ll be looking into her work shortly. I think the show was balanced and looking forward to the next. An aside, I remember hearing Jon was familiar with mental health subjects, maybe he can investigate whether we’ve had a sharp uptake into ER’s due to the stressors of the pandemic and how they are categorized within the present health system.

  3. KC Piersons show is on at 4 PT on CFMJ. Use Alexa or google speaker. Probably better show that NW’s 24/7 fear programming.

    They might be trying to increase their female numbers by scaring the S out of them with the virus or climate change.

  4. CKNW is the new dumpster fire!
    Whether you liked them or not, dumping Allen, Campbell & Adler sends a message that white folks over 60 who have brains and are dialled in are not welcome @ CKNW….


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