Trudeau bans me from the Leaders’ Debate, by Keean Bexte


Former Rebel News reporter, Now independent journalist Keean Bexte has been banned by Justin Trudeau from partaking in the leaders debate. Could it be Keean asks the hard questions that JT has no answer to, in fact its downright embarrassing to say the least for the PM…

Trudeau has had me banned me from the Leaders’ Debate

by Keean Bexte

August 31, 2021

David Johnston, the commissioner that Trudeau hired to oversee the debates, wrote me a letter just a moment ago to tell me that I have a conflict of interest because of my lawsuit with the federal government over COVID hotels and cannot report at the debates.

Isn’t just trampling my freedom of expression – it is crushing your ability to hear real questions be asked of your Prime Minister and other political leaders.

Johnston says that me being there would undermine “the Process.”

You bet it would. See, unlike Rosemary Barton, who literally sued one of the debating parties, I would ask every leader on the stage critical questions.

Barton and the rest of the legacy media have no interest in asking tough questions, just questions that help put their chequewriter (Trudeau) in a good light.
Help me hire a lawyer
I am the first journalist to be officially banned by Trudeau because of how stinging my questions were at the last debate. During the 43rd General Election debate, I asked more leaders more than any other journalist in the room.

Trudeau didn’t like that. First, he cringed when I asked him about his blackface scandals and talks with African leaders in the UN. Then, he dodged when I asked him about his time at West Point Grey Academy.

Millions of people saw him for who he was in those moments – and he wants to avoid that from happening again.

I am not letting him stop me here. I am reaching out to our lawyers now to see if we have any legal recourse. So please stand with me if you can.
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

P.S. Retaining legal counsel is extraordinarily expensive. Right now I do not know if I have the same legal case that I did in 2019 when a judge ruled in our favour – but I need to find out. If you can help me do this – please support our Election Coverage Fund so that we are equipped to take a stand against Trudeau and the media cabal.





  1. This should be a final proof about what a lowlife Trudeau is. He has zero disrespect for fundamental Canadian values
    and transparency for open democratic government to Canadians. I feel it necessary sometimes too have to repeat that Trudeau has stated quite clearly that he respects the dictatorship of China and has openly stated that Canada has no core values or identity. I just wish more people knew this and/or talked about this dangerous morons remarks to Canadians. Just look at him and his dirty circles complete disrespect for the law with regards too his criminality against former Attorney General Jody Wilson Raybould regarding the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal. He has pounded us into powder with way too much unessecary debt. This Backstabber gives out gobs of our tax dollars to so much foreign interests and self pleasing interests, while Canadians and businesses suffer. Especially the little mom and pop family businesses. I think this dirtbag has an agenda to ruin Canada and Canadian lives so much that it may make them dependent on his governing lowlifes. God I hope the message about this guy’s wrong doing too Canada beats him on voting day. I also think that Jagmeet Singh is just another liar and clever devil.

  2. Ooh, boy, if the reporter groping king justin of brownface gets his majority you’ll probably be residing in a re-education centre of the type he so admires of his Chinese masters… hope to hell you’re not on the irgab donors list my friend

  3. May 13, 2021 per CBC: “Both Barton and Tasker had appeared in the clips used in the advertisement. Days later, however, the CBC said in a statement that it would remove their names from the lawsuit and that “CBC/Radio Canada was the driver of this process, not the journalists.” ”

    So in this Bexte story he is incorrect, Barton did NOT sue a candidate:” See, unlike Rosemary Barton, who literally sued one of the debating parties”.
    Public knowledge for 90 days and Bexte still misleads us. Gee, thanks.


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