My Last Business Comment on Corus, by Michael Campbell


Long time NW Business reporter Michael Campbell announces he is leaving CKNW. In his last report, he addresses a comment made by PM Justin Trudeau who said, ““forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy.” So who the heck wants to hear a business comment about interest rates, inflation or record deficits.” Clearly he doesn’t.

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  1. from MC:

    Starting next Saturday Aug. 28th MoneyTalks Uncensored with Michael Campbell will be offered exclusively on, and via podcast, facebook, twitter and instagram at the usual time of 8:30am pacific. Tune in for our Election 2021 special episode!

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  2. Did Corus get taxpayer’s money from the Trudeau government?

    Charles Adler also canned.

    Reading online that the original Nuremberg Trials and executions included the media.

  3. Michael Campbell was one of the only sane and caring for Canada’s future hosts on CKNW. Good thing he is going into the podcasting world, we really no longer need much of regular media today. Mainstream media in most of the world is nothing more than leftist shills and hacks for government propaganda.

    BTW the fact that our PM talks of no care for monetary policy SHOULD EXCLUDE HIM FROM WINNING ANY ELECTIONS! He is just a spoiled manboy. Any voter who votes for Trudeau and the most corrupt of political parties the Liberals is a voter of low intelligence and of not understanding how this PM will negatively affect their future.

    You can choose to be as uncaring or nonchalant on monetary policy as our dufus PM but trust me monetary policy will affect you and yours regardless of your ignorance.

  4. The show was sounding tired and for me, I can only listen to sleazy-sounding stock market guys for so long. Campbell had a better run then most.

  5. Michael Campbell has always been a (Edited) person and a right wing hack. This last comment of his is no different.

    Whatever one thinks of the Prime Minister or the Liberal spending plans, monetary policy is the purview of the Bank of Canada, which is independent from the political government of the day. Justin Trudeau was asked about the upcoming review of the Bank of Canada and, more specifically, whether he thinks the federal government should assert more control over it. While Trudeau’s answer was flippant, the comments from Michael Campbell and other right wing hacks like him was nothing more than grandstanding.

  6. It was the Bore-Us network that called it quits with him. I figured it was just a matter of time before he got cancelled; he’s too politically incorrect and controversial.

    They don’t have enough programming now to fill in 24 hours a day, but they continue to carry the drivel of the increasingly senile, blubbering, returning-to-his-Trudeau-roots neocon Charles Adler three hours a night every weeknight. As if that isn’t enough, they’re so lacking in content that they rerun him overnight on weekends.

    They’d be better to just run the old radio shows 24 hours a day; at least that way there would be something worth listening to.

  7. I was not surprised to hear that Corus had cancelled Michael Campbell’s program. After Bruce Allen had been dismissed, I felt that it would not be long before Campbell would be gone as well.

    The big surprise, however is the dropping of Charles Adler. He was mawkish and a little self-righteous at times; however, he did have some knowledgeable guests on his program.

    • I know people that know him personally and say he is a nice guy an not as hard nosed neo – con as he has presented himself for years to who knows how many suggestible listeners . eg , 40% of th US and 23,55 of canadians believe that the world was created 6 to 10,00years ago and the never ending right wing propaganda .There is lots more but I will stop here . this comment may be dropped by the porers that be.

  8. Bruce Allen, Michael Campbell, Charles Adler…….All older ‘white guys’. Apparently, that’s taboo at Corus. Watch out Chris Gailus

  9. @ Adam Tondowsky

    “Michael Campbell has always been a sleazy person and a right wing hack.”

    Such an unfortunate, extremely ignorant, “grandstanding” characterization.

  10. @Adam Tondowsky,

    Certainly the Bank of Canada, is a separate entity from the elected government. But to think its monetary policy is to be devoid of what the economic direction any sitting government has planned is simply choosing for the Federal government to be subservient to BoC Head and directors.

    So obviously the BoC and the Government, must have a copacetic relationship if government fiscal and economic policies are to be planned.

    The BoC on paper has (had) a policy of controlling money supply in the vision of keeping official inflation stats at around 2% annually. But the BoC has and is becoming political for this will happen when government especially social and fiscal policies affect the economy and as such inflation.

    The Prime Minister, any PM must have a cognitive understanding of the BoC monetary ideals, for not doing so means political actions a government may institute upon the nation could be deleterious. This will likely have impact on the BoC and its future monetary ideals.

    By having a PM not care about monetary policy from the BoC or in other nations any central bank is akin to a spouse, not having any care or understanding of the household budget and put the household economy in potential peril. One spouse has his/her eye on the monetary policy of said household but the other spouse he/she by design or ignorance damages the household economy affecting its monetary system is a train wreak to happen. This household will soon fall if not corrected.

    PM Trudeau not having a care over the BoC monetary policy is him not having any care of Federal fiscal and economic policies. It is untrue that the PM (any PM) and the Head of the BoC must not have some shared vision for the monetary policies of the BoC and the Federal government fiscal and economic policies.

    Certainly neither should have direct power or other unaccountable influence over each other. But to think the BoC needs not any input or knowledge of the Federal government fiscal and economic ideals, nor to think the PM needs not any input or knowledge of the BoC monetary policies is only going to end badly for any and all including the public of the nation.

    This type of lunacy is what gives nations PM’s like Justin Trudeau and “The budget will balance itself.” kind of bullshit!

  11. @Adam Tondowsky…Campbell has donated thousands of hours and raised tens of thousands of $$$ for Special Olympics.
    Tell us about your fundraising efforts before calling Campbell a ‘sleazy person’….

    • Hey bangoverheadguy , that doesn’ft say much , you knoe or ought to know that underhanded organization launder their ill received income , some believe that the Shriners , mason’s , mafia etc. donate to charity’s .

  12. Michael was a pretty straight shooter in my opinion. Of course he looked out for his bottom line. The nature of his business. But he also did try to speak up for ordinary folks and spoke against politicians and government leaders and their malfeasance incompetence and bad policies and tried steer people to better places financially. He made well for himself. It wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter. He worked for it, and he gave back with his knowledge. A kind of Robin Hood in a way. But as far as NW and Global goes, they are overloaded now with too many little government suckholes and chicken shits.

  13. I usually wake up around the time the show is on, decided to drive to the supermarket and listen to the show in the car. I noticed the show wasn’t on and asked myself whether cknw cancelled the show as we’ve seen other people get “cancelled” for being too vocal about their objections to our current situation. Just a funny note, I think Mike Smyth took the spot, anyhow, just the other day Keith Baldrey even called Mike a conspiracist for bringing up the potential for vaccine card data being misused or distributed too widely.

  14. If a person thinks that the answer to bad government is more government, then you have lost the plot. Michael Campbell was more correct than not on the often failed modern liberal minded government ideals. He saw it mostly through the prism of money in society, both good and bad of it and one’s own ability to earn it and gain wealth through it.

    The prism of seeing government actions through money and what it can and does do is maybe the best prism to use. For even the most knoble at heart in human compassion and such values are moot without money being the driving principle for it all. A man or a woman can have all the best ideas, ideals and values for the greater good of society, but if they lack the financial resources or ways to raise such money lawfully and morally, their ideas, ideals and values remain effectively stopped.

    If people who see my post here want to start getting a new perspective on money, wealth, growth, intertwined with ethics and morality, I suggest that you look into any pod catcher that you use the personality Dave Ramsey out if the USA and begin listening to his podcasts with his team of other educated and well minded personalities. It could very well change the way look at money, its good and bad aspects, wealth creation and life.

  15. I thought Mr. Campbell did an excellent job when he stuck to finances, markets and the economy. He also often made very insightful comments at times regarding the mainstream media’s and governments’ shortcomings. However, I found his focus in these areas almost entirely on “left wing” entities, ignoring equally weak or corrupt behavior on the right. Examples would be:
    1. His downplaying the significance of the Jan 6 riot at the USA government buildings on multiple occasions.
    2. Not once have I heard him criticize Mr. Trump’s or the GOP’s actions, in particular:
    a. Continuing to assert that the 2020 presidential election result was fraud
    b. The Jan 6 riot was a minor incident
    c. Voter suppression
    He spent considerable time on the potential negative impact on free speech that new legislation designed to police damaging content on social media but spent no time on how to achieve what the legislation is designed for – to minimze the fraudulent, predatory and otherwise socially damaging information that is regularly posted on social media platforms. I am all in favor of minimizing government’s ability to control free speech but I think most people agree that something must be done to minimize the truly damaging info that appears on the net.

  16. I was very disappointed when Bruce Allen was dismissed from CKNW, followed by Michael Campbell – I made a point of listening to them both in the morning and enjoyed them. They were the only two commentators who didn’t follow the ‘political correctness’ mantra of mainstream media ! Gone are the days when CKNW presented any kind of balanced views-and now they have another ‘left-wing’ hack – Jas Johal. Sad – isn’t it ?!

  17. I was so disappointed and angry that Money Talks with Michael Campbell was cancelled. It was the one program that I set my phone chime to remind me when it started so I would not miss it. I am a solid centrist but it seems to me that you must now lean much closer to the Left if you want your voice heard. I thought that CHQR radio station was a little more inclusive of all views but it seems my understanding of the word ‘inclusive’ is no longer what I thought it was.

  18. As unfortunate as it is, that Money Talks was taken “off the air” at CKNW, as unsurprising it should be. I listen to CKNW on my way to work and, the names and voices of the moderators and hosts aside, it’s become like listening to the CBC… they have completely stopped trying to be a balanced and nuanced news organization… it’s all the same propaganda and politically correct junk now like the CBC, with the exception of the annoying commercial breaks at ever shortening intervals. Time to erase AM 980 from my vehicles radio-dial memory.

  19. Money talks was the only show on that station worth listening to. The rest is just a milk toast version of the CBC. I’ll take my propaganda strait up from the CBC if I lose my mind.

  20. I used to listen to Michael Campbell’s “Money Talk” for the real estate and business information. Initially, he managed to sneak in back handed slaps towards any politician on issues that had nothing to do with money. This raised an eyebrow, but I was fine with it.

    What propelled Michael in the beginning was his TV spots during the news. He spoke on financial issues and investment options and how the markets were doing. Some accused him of benefiting from having his brother as Premier of BC. But he held his own and stuck to business matters.

    Once he got on radio, then he tried his hand sneaking in political comments. And CKNW allowed it.

    Where it turned me off was the point when “Money Talk” became “Political Talk”. Not only that, but it was tiring listening to the same opinion time and time again, without any diverse ideas or the counterbalance of any discussion. He literally stopped reporting on financial matters and became a one-man man with a political agenda.

    The slant led the show down the slope to its own death. If Michael had focused on actual “Money Talk”, it would still be in existence as a valuable resource for investors both professional and personal.

    The final nail in the coffin for me which made me switch off the show was an open defense of the rioters in Washington, DC. And an outright embrace of Donald Trump and his behaviour and extremist rioting supporters. The show got pretty bad to the point of turning people off. It wasn’t as advertised, and there is more than enough of his opinions out there on social media.

    By changing from Money Talk to Politics Talk— he was the author of his own demise.

  21. Karl, you hit the nail on the head. Mr. Campbell provides high quality financial discussion with excellent guests. I, too, was disgusted with his take on the Jan 6 riot. I think the revelations coming out from the Congressional investigation (particularly the texts included the documents provided by Mark Meadows) only goes to further prove how serious the Jan 6 event was. Still not a word from Mr. Campbell.
    Mr. Campbell recently stated that he commented on politics because he thought it affects financial decsions. He is correct. He used lack of confidence in government as something that could affect inflation. Just prior to that comment he lamented on some policies put forward by President Biden (I agreed with his criticism by the way). However the weakness in President Biden’s policies and their impact on confidence in government significantly pales in comparison to the impact that Mr. Trump and GOP followers are having on confidence in government by way of their spreading the fraudulent election lie (75% of Republicans believe that Biden won the election fraudently). Not once has Mr. Campbell commented on this. In fact in the 2 years I have been listening to him, I cannot recall one time when Mr. Campbell has ever criticized a right wing American politican or organization. This does a dis-service to the listeners and does not follow his objective of commenting on political items that affect finance. If he truly wanted to achieve that objective then provide comment on right wing misbehaviours, bad policy etc. (i.e. a balanced commentary truly desiged to cover all issues of import to investing, not just those associated with the lef).

  22. Michael Campbell is gone from Corus. The reason’s are obvious.

    I believe another Corus person will be riding into the sunset shortly.

    His name is Roy Green.

    Anyone notice how desperate Mister Green’s interviews have become when he deal’s with anything conservative compared to previous year’s? A paycheck is a paycheck.

    As for Adler. Rebel News has an excellent segment on him. May I suggest Adler take over Jeff Kuhner’s job at WRKO in Boston. Apparently Alder was a great Boston talk show host.

    Corus radio. Shaye Ganum. I do not have to say another word.


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