LARRY ELDER RISING: Liberal Media Now Openly Begging People Of California Not To Recall Newsom


by Mike LaChance

The Gateway Pundit

August 15, 2021

Larry Elder

Conservative Larry Elder is rising in California and Democrats are terrified.

Gavin Newsom and his supporters, including the liberal media are now taking this very seriously because they believe Elder could actually pull this off.

The liberal Los Angeles Times newspaper has resorted to begging their readers not to recall Gavin Newsom.

Hot Air reports:

If Elder wins this race, it will send a nuclear shockwave through American politics.

And he just might do it.

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  1. The liberal media and their Democrat puppetmasters don’t want Emperor Gavin the Gullible recalled because, like the racists they are, they fear a black conservative in a position of power, no doubts about it.

  2. When Elder is Governor of California, where will the snowflakes go?
    New York – too cold
    Florida – snowflakes would melt


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