Stop Saying “Sorry” When Vaccine Refusers Fall Sick or Die, Agree or Disagree, please leave your comments…


Agree or Disagree with Harvey Oberfeld. Let’s hear from you in our comment section – It’s about Covid. Stop Saying “Sorry” When Vaccine Refusers Fall Sick or Die

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  1. Just the other day in Sydney Australia the health official reported 141 Covid 19 cases in the hospitals (said to be Delta variant) and 33 in ICU. He broke down the cases per age range BUT! he noted in an almost off hand way that of the 141 cases in Sydney hospitals, 140 were vaxxed, only 1 person was un-vaxxed. YEP YOU READ THIS RIGHT!

    So tell me these EXPERIMENTAL non vaccine vaccines are doing anything positive?

    Yet everyday deaths due to these jabs RISE and RISE and RISE globally. Serious illnesses from these jabs are now into the millions globally.

    So H.O. may be a notable journalist and even a nice man but his opinions on these experimental mRNA injections looks to be quite wrong.

    I predict by year’s end we all will know of at least one person who has died from these injections and likely a few who have serious and chronic health issues from these injections.

    There is a bit of a gory video online of a dead persons’ brain being dissected in the lab by an M.E. The brain was cut all the way front to back in two and taken apart inside was a fist sized blood clot, this was said to be from a Covid 19 vaxxed person’s brain. Now could it be an erroneous video? Sure, but given blood clots are one of the biggest issues WITH ALL THE VACCINES and not just Astrazeneca, one gives pause the video presented.

  2. LES you are seriously saying the vaccines are NOT working?? Really?!? Come on you are not THAT stupid! Don’t look at the case numbers but look at the death numbers since the vaccines have come out! How about you provide actual PROOF of what you are saying, and this proof not be from a church or religious organization. Sorry LES you’ve lost all confidence (what little I actually had of you) to your stupid comment. Have a good one and enjoy not being able to go anywhere and leave the basement. Good luck!

  3. Marcus,

    I only provided you some facts. You are choosing not to accept them. These are not vaccines but are mRNA therapy injections and facts are more and more people contracting covid 19 are vaxxed. This tells us the non vaccines vaccine are failing. You are free not to see evidence presented before you but that could leave you willfully ignorant then.

    Adding the facts that adverse reactions are spiking many fold as the days and weeks pass by is a bigger concern.

    In 1976 The FDA put out a vaccine for what was to be a swine flu epidemic that never really was. The vaccine wound up killing 500 Americans and the FDA pulled the vaccine from the market. Today (July 27) VAERS is reporting 11,000 dead Americans from these experimental injections. VAERS on its website admits only being confident that 1% of potential deaths are being reported. This means that POSSIBLY 1 million Americans may have died due to these injections adverse reactions. It is only possibly for the reporting of adverse reactions is again no more confident than 1% of the potential totals.

    Marcus, YOU can believe what you want. I neither tell you to fall to the alter of Jabbo and get your injections nor do I tell you not to, if you haven’t already done so. I merely point out some facts and other info. You, I assume are over age 18 and can make your decisions for yourself. You and anyone else have no damned business to ever try to force other citizens what to inject in their bodies, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?

    If you feel these mRNA therapies work for you then so be it, you should have nothing to fear from others, RIGHT!?

  4. OBTW. According to British Health Ministry, some info.

    Based on assed contraction numbers the Delta variant is now currently the most prevalent as the original strain has all but went through the world and is now essentially gone. The world has likely reached herd immunity from the original Wuhan strain by now.

    Look at B.C. it is reported that about 150,000 cases have happened over the last 16 months. That is 2.9% of the population. If you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you. I would bet over 3.5 million B.C.ers have contracted the Kungflu, but as experts note between between 80-90% are asymptomatic and had no or little illness. Maybe another 10-15% had mild symptoms akin to a cold or flu but never reported such. Maybe up to 5% got sick bad enough needing the hospital care.

    There are many other recognized strains all much lower in contraction numbers. But right now in the UK the Delta variant is the prevalent of the strains.

    But here is some interesting and good info. The original strain in the UK had a case fatality rate of 1.9. BTW annual seasonal Flu has a case fatality rate range of between 1.0 and 1.6, so even the original, Wuhan variant was in the UK (and likely most other nations) only marginally higher than what seasonal flu is for case fatality rate deaths.

    The Delta variant in the UK has a case fatality rate of only 0.2. This is 10 times less virulent than the original strain. NO SH*T SHERLOCK, THIS IS WHAT RESPIRATORY VIRUSES DO! They generally weaken with each mutation, but may be more contagious.

    So more people may contract the Delta variant but fewer people are likely to get very sick from it, or need hospitalization let alone die from it.

    The pandemic is officially over the WHO claimed this months ago. Sars-Cov-2 is going to be apart of our world in perpetuity. It’s endemic now. To continue on with the B.S. fear mongering and abuse governments have done to try to eradicate it is FUTILE and has likely killed way more people and devastated more lives than the Kungflu ever has.

  5. See, Les, this is how you people generate your own set of “facts”, and then preach about them.

    Of the 141 cases you reference in NSW, Australia, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported: “There are currently 141 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 43 people in intensive care, 18 of whom require ventilation. Of the 43 people in intensive care, 42 have not been vaccinated.”

    But ABC is MSM so you probably don’t believe them. After all, some guy named Les in a different hemisphere is bound to know better than Australia’s national broadcaster.

  6. The Left is the first to name-call and give an off-handed remark such as “fuck him” when someone they disagree with croaks. Heartless, steadfast in their stupidity.
    Marcus was quick to call Les STUPID as he began his rebuttal.
    I am tired of their BS. So, to use their language, Fuck The Liberals, their politics and the China Virus Vaccines.
    Marcus, your comment to Les, “How about you provide actual PROOF of what you are saying, and this proof not be from a church or religious organization.” Says volumes about you. Lefties make these reveals so easily.
    Mask up, Lefties. Your government commands you.
    And if I ever see you, I hope you are in a car, on fire, in a ditch.

  7. Maybe we should also be posting “Sorry” for all those who have contracted this plague despite being immunized.
    The fact this is being down played and the “you’re immune” propaganda clearly illustrates an agenda.
    Wish Trudeau and Comrade Doctor Tam could get the Chinese to cover ALL of the costs they’ve caused us

  8. Maybe we should also be posting “Sorry” for all those who have contracted this plague despite being immunized not to mention all the other complications…
    The fact this is being down played and the “you’re immune” propaganda clearly illustrates an agenda.
    Wish Trudeau and Comrade Doctor Tam could get the Chinese to cover ALL of the costs they’ve caused us

  9. RE: Fernando

    I’m sorry you feel the way you do. You seem to have lots of anger within you. Maybe because you have been locked in your basement too long. I assure you I am not even close to being a lefty, but that’s ok if you so choose to think. I would never wish a horrible death on anyone including you, but I guess that also makes me a better person. For you though I would suggest maybe some strong antidepressants or anti anger medication loooong before the covid shot! Also threatening people saying you hope you don’t meet me outside isn’t a good look for you. If you meet me outside what are you going to do, beat me up? Seriously get a grip! We don’t have to agree with each other and that is perfectly fine, but to throw hate and threats is just a whole different level. Michael Easton I’m disappointed you even published that kind of behaviour and language, but also not surprised as of lately.

  10. Robb,

    I got the info from the NSW Health Minister press conference. Call him a liar then.

    Israeli government recently (a few days ago) stats. 63% of current Covid 19 deaths were from vaxxed persons, 47% of current Covid 19 infections are from vaxxed persons. The Phizer vax is the sole purposed vax Israel chose and looks not to be working so good in reality.

    But here is again some good news out of the UK. The Delta variant is now supposedly the most prominent of the many variants the UK is seeing now, but it has a case fatality rate of only 0.2. The original Wuhan variant in the UK had a case fatality rate of 1.9 but has run its course trough the UK (and likely most of the world by now). For comparison the typical seasonal flu has a case fatality rate ranging from 1.0 to 1.6. this is a bit below the Wuhan Covid 19 strain but much higher than the Delta strain.

    This said the CDC has now moved to begin abandoning (by Dec. 2021) the FLAWED and USLESS PCR test, for and most people who cared to know realized it was incapable of detecting SARS-cov-2 from SARS-cov-1 or even the damned seasonal flu. Upwards of 95% false positives only created a fake true pandemic. Add the fact that the CDC claims 96% of al US Covid 19 deaths were NOT from Covid 19 but with Covid 19 for those that died averaged 3.8 co-morbidities.

    More info for anyone under the age of 85 now 16 months into this crap the survival rate is 99% or higher, if you are under age 30 it’s like 99.9995%. Even an 80 y.o. can expect a survival rate of something like 98.9%. Covid 19 was never the DEATH MACHINE the government, health bureaucrats and fake new media claimed it to be.

    THAT SAID!!! Even if the Covid 19 fear mongers are correct. A person’s health regardless of how good or bad it may be is UP TO THE PERSON! Not the government, health bureaucracy, media, nor some ahole Karens or Dennis types. God gives each of us autonomy over our bodies and minds, not the state or any other persons.

    The mRNA injections are said to be effective, then nobody is stopping any of you from getting your jabs. You all take em and then piss off! You are said to be protected and have no business pressuring or impeding the life of others, GOT IT?!

  11. So much to unpack in HO article but suffice to say this. We were told from the beginning there was a 99+% chance of survival if you caught covid. Protect those with underlying conditions and the elderly. What changed? They were concerned about plugging hospitals. Fair enough. What happened to vaccines taking years and years to produce but not this one? Like many I have been vaxxed but why is it that I don’t need booster shots for those vaccines I have taken? Simple those were vaccines weren’t created overnight and went through the normal trials. When the creator of the mRNA is signaling danger. When the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis tells you it was never meant to detect infectious diseases what does that tell you. There are so many effective treatments with big success and doctors are being censored to even mention HCQ, Ivermectin etc. And now the variants. Well if Mullis said the PCR test wasn’t event meant to detect infectious diseases how is it they know of all these variants? So to those who keep yelling at the unvaccinated, my question is this. IF you are so worried being double vaxxed that you are going to catch covid from the unvaccinated, why would you have bothered to take the jab? You are never going to vaccinate 100% of the world. For now there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight to covid. No lockdowns, masks, social distancing helped. We aren’t going to know for months if not years the problems with the jabs. Which brings me to the question of the “vaccines.” If the goal of the vaccine is to eradicate covid, why are there different types of vaccines? And who determines which one I get? Never mind covid, we have a bigger problem with vax vs unvaxed and the huge divisiveness to family, friends and businesses. Don’t let the media, hollywood et al tell you what to do. Great saying worth heading. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Do your own homework and don’t get bullied into something. You can’t unjab yourself!

  12. Man, I dunno guys. I’ve gotten both shots and have had absolutely no side effects either time. I had no side effects to my last flu shot. No side effects to my last MMR shot. No side effects with my last tetanus shot (rusty nail into my foot). I don’t have polio. It’s amazing. It’s almost like scientists know what they’re doing, and vaccines are effective. Crazy.

  13. RE: Phil

    I can’t agree with you more. The now anti vax is just people that want something to complain about. Unfortunately when they are unable to travel to any other country, or attend any events, because that WILL BE THE CASE, then we will really see them run to the nearest vaccine centre or they will have a lonely life. This is the new reality and nothing they can do about it.

  14. Marcus, phil.
    Gentlemen, you are both sounding pretty smug. And it amazes me because, you guys are (I am assuming) fully vaccinated and protected whilst FN has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel because he has exercized his ability to survey the information and make an informed choice.
    Do enjoy the show gents, because it’s not “those other guys” you are watching and snickering at. These experimental mRNA therapeutics have turned YOU into the treatment group and Fake News and others are the control. It’s not so much you watching them that is the entertainment. It’s US watching YOU because YOU are the ones with the synthetic genetics in your system doing who knows what and not working as advertised.
    And Boys. It permanent. You cannot get rid of it. You have been altered from the inside and it is with you for the rest of your life. You have made changes to your immune system that you cannot get back.
    If anyone has an excuse to be smug it is those that are waiting until they see what happens to you. That is the smart play. It is the rational thing to do.
    It’s called “Not getting played”. And the new reality that you are talking about. Good luck with that.

  15. RE LANCE,

    When people non vax want to travel or go to a show/game or anything else for that matter and told no sorry, which has already started and only going to get worse moving forward. We will see what these people choose in the end. Every singles one of them will get the shot mark my words. Even 87% of the public in the country they live in want vaccine proof and a passport, and people not vaccinated not aloud in are 1% you will see what group wins. They go off on people here, calling them down for getting the shut, well guess what it’s here and won’t go ANYWHERE because 87% of the population want it. You don’t get the shot you will live a sad lonely life. Don’t say we can fight it. No, no you can’t it’s already here and supported by 87% of the people. So bitch, complain, cry but if you want to leave the house you may have to reconsider. If not enjoy life from looking about the window. Maybe the church will deliver you food weekly. I’m fully vaxxed, very happy I did it with no issues back in early February, not a worry at all. Cheers to the normal, at least for the vaccinated. 🥂

  16. Phil,

    I’m happy for you to not have had any issues with these experimental mRNA injections. I hope you do not get any issues as days, weeks, months pass. But to make a point to your point of how you are ok and you seem to not have any reactions to these jabs let me paint it this way.

    I was out and about today driving in my car on city streets and low and behold I not only did not have any car problems, I did not get any traffic tickets and I did not get into any crashes with another vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian. So it must seem that the world was free today of any and all of these things I noted, because, HEY! I did all this stuff driving today and I’M OK!

    Now Phil, certainly you know some people even within say 50km. radius of my city today had car troubles, some got traffic tickets, and some got into some form of car crashes today.

    So Phil just because you seem to be A’Ok from these unapproved, experimental mRNA non vaccine vaccines, does not mean others have been as fortunate as you.

    Just in the USA alone according to VAERS, more deaths due solely to these mRNA jabs have happened in 7 months than all vaccine deaths reported to VAERS since 1990… Stew on that for a while.

    That said, the CDC has come out now and said double vaxxed are spreading the covid 19 as much or more than unvaxxed, according to their findings. More double vaxxed are also getting the Covid, many winding up in the hospital as well, so it appears that these mRNA jabs are doing JACK SHIT TO STOP COVID19!

    OBTW one more tidbit, some interesting facts from the US military. Since Covid 19 began 1.5 years ago the US military in all branches have only reported 30 Covid 19 deaths out of a total personnel of 2 million. That is a death rate of 0.0015%. I trust the US military reported numbers more than I trust the CDC’s numbers with the now agreed to by CDC bogus PCR test numbers.

  17. To the gentleman looking reliable sources? How about Vaers.
    Lets talk science? If you have taken vaccines before did you require boosters?
    But more importantly. You want the emergency use jabs, fill your boots. Back to the science for a moment. Vaccines take years to go through clinical trials before they approved not 10 months. I shouldn’t be forced or better yet offered a lottery to take this. My God where are the doctors who took an oath not standing up against being bribed to take the shot. There is a bigger picture here and its further dividing our country. Now there are signs and passports saying “vaxed and unvaxed.” What is next gentlemen? What else is the govt going to force you to disclose. This was about 14 days to flatten the curve for a virus that had a 99.9% chance of survival if you got it and provided you didn’t have underlying conditions or elderly. Wasn’t that the science? Then again you are willing to take a vaccine that doesn’t even list what is in it. You trust that science? If so I have some land in Bend Oregon to sell you.

  18. RE: Lance Boyle

    No problem, you can watch me travel, you can watch me go into clubs, restaurants, you can watch me going to concerts, and I won’t be watching you because you won’t be allowed to do any of it! Enjoy your new life.

    P.S not all covid vaccines are mRNA! I guess you don’t know that though. Anyways enjoy being stuck at home.

    Love always,
    The vax’d

  19. I would say that Marcus is having a bit o’ premature schadenfreude regarding Lance’s plight.

    Come now Marcus, be happy that others are happy in whatever existence they are living. Lance may well be a self-sufficient back-to-the-lander type and what you are describing as your vision of Hell (projection) may be his Heaven.

    If my missus said: “Sorry, dear, you cannot go to the opera with me tonight because you don’t have a vaccine passport”, well, I would look at that as an upside and head into my garage and fire up the milling machine and make sure I got enough 7018 low-hy kicking around.

    I wish all people happiness, regardless of their medical treatments. Experimental or otherwise.

  20. Marcus

    All these covid 19 vaccines do the same thing, be they mRNA or viral vector. Again they all do the same sort of thing and are not actual vaccines. They all appear to suffer the same side effects up to and including DEATH.

    Your cavalier attitude in arguing against those who are not supportive of these experimental jabs especially being forced is very immature. Your smug and certainly filled with general ignorance attitude here is troubling.

    Do not assume that you will be able to do any more than those that don’t get the jab things you want to rub others’ noses in. Thrombosis is one thing that may keep you grounded from long flights. Also as the CDC is finding out the double vaxxed are appearing to be the super spreaders and once the fake news media is not able to keep that quiet to the greater public you may find out of the opposite sides’ fear and paranoia you not welcomed in other businesses, restaurants, concerts or sports events. The thing is who knows how long these experimental jabs may keep you a possible super spreader?

    As to other things possibly keeping you from enjoying a full life are potential severe side effects that may not just come within days of the jabs but months or years later. You and nobody else has any crystal ball revealing if or how bad these experimental jabs may be hurting you.

    You being so dismissive of those who do not want to be apart of a global medical experiment is troubling. Nobody here has told YOU not to take the jabs, so why are you such a prick in being so smug or accepting medical tyranny by governments over who are to free citizens in at least western world nations? You wanting this on experimental injections for a virus with an 99+% survival rate is disturbing. Because tomorrow then medical tyranny of another sort could be forced upon you. So maybe you should do a bit of thinking on all of this before you post more childish and divisive posts here.

  21. Latest from Singapore. Hospitals there are seeing 74% of current Covid 19 patients were double vaxxed. As many doctors and health scientists noted it seems to show these non vaccine vaccines may be doing JACK SHIT! in protecting those jabbed from the Kungflu.

    With all that is now coming out (even with media censorship) over these experimental injections nobody anywhere should be forced or pressured to take part of any of this stuff.

    Again folks in 1976 the FDA authorized a vaccine for the (which never really happened anyways) Swine Flu epidemic. This vaccine was then linked to 500 US deaths. The FDA immediately STOPPED it from being used. FF to today’s non vaccine vaccines, experimental injections. VAERS reports today 11,405 US deaths attributed to the injections. VAERS makes it clear that it is only confident that 1% of all potential adverse effects are being reported. WHY DOES THE FDA NOT HALT THIS EXPERIMENT!?

    The Kungflu has a survival rate if you are under age 80 of 99+% Even those up to age 85 are now at over 98% survival rate. Any doctors who are honest and professional know of various treatments to fight Covid 19 and two most promising and HAVE BEEN TESTED TO WORK! are Ivermectin and Hydroxycloroquine.

    The much discussed Delta variant is appearing to be 10 times less lethal than the original Wuhan strain.

  22. Phil and Marcus,

    “..the CDC is finding out the double vaxxed are appearing to be the super spreaders..”

    Thanks for reminding me to avoid all you vaxxed super spreaders at clubs, concerts, restaurants, on airplanes, buses, and trains.

    On a positive note:
    In the segregated lineups of vaxxed and unvaxxed, the vaxxed line will get shorter and shorter over time.

  23. Enjoy living in your house!! 🙂 Sorry I’m just on a plane, oh now I’m getting off the plane to get ready to go for my delicious dinner at this fancy restaurant, boy that was great tasting food, now I think I’ll go dance the night away! Ahh it’s wonderful that only the vax’ed can do that because you Unvax’ed can’t even board a plane or leave the country. Sorry about that! It’s so funny it’s always the SAME 3 people on this page going off on everyone. LOL!

    P.S Fake the lines to the vaccination centres are shorter because most people have received them! It’s ok don’t get vax’ed, at least I won’t be running into you anywhere!


  24. “Any doctors who are honest and professional know of various treatments to fight Covid 19 and two most promising and HAVE BEEN TESTED TO WORK! are Ivermectin and Hydroxycloroquine”

    Hahahaha! Why don’t you go get vaccinated with those then, Les, given they’ve “BEEN TESTED TO WORK!”

  25. Phil,

    Because they are not vaccinations, they are medicines, both tested many hundreds of times for Covid 19 and demonstrate that they work quite well. They are not unknown medicines and are not experimental.

    Now what we now know of the Covid 19 ‘vaccines’.

    1: They do not prevent one from contracting Covid 19 and any of its variants. This was known last summer 2020 when the first trials were done. The makers surmised that their JABS! did not prevent infection but they hoped would reduce symptoms.

    2: As to those symptoms, well it is looking as if these injections are doing JACK SHIT and more and more hospitals are reporting that most Covid 19 patients are now double vaxxed.

    3: It is now understood by the CDC that the double vaxxed are spreading Covid 19 virons at a higher rate than unvaxxed.

    What can we understand from all of this? Well Covid 19 vaxxed are contracting Covid 19 and many are getting more sick than the corresponding unvaxxed. Plus the vaxxed are the super spreaders infecting each other and the unvaxxed. On top of that the vaxxed are reporting a growing massive list of adverse reactions harming many chronically and killing many.

    The good thing is with each new variant it appears to be a less viral and lethal virus. NO SHIT SHERLOCK THIS IS WHAT RESPIRATORY VIRUSES TEND TO DO!

    Now between government corruption up to the highest levels, cough cough Dr. Fraudci and a boot licking fake news media they are trying to keep this info from the population. BUT THEY ARE AND WILL FAIL IN DONG SO!

    This is all a proverbial train wreck and sadly it’s conned millions and millions and millions of people globally.

    BTW Phizer is now working on a treatment, not a vaccine to help deal with what will be these vaccines failures. Ironically it is said the basis of the treatment they are working on uses HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE! Yep, what a $0.50 pill that has been safely used for what 60+ years, will have a few tiny changes made to it and a new patent to then be sold as a $10.00 or $20.00 pill.

  26. FAKE NEWS if your information is correct then I guess according to you over 80% of the population is gonna die! Just think how much room that is going to give to stretch you legs out! I mean you haven’t left your house in the past 30 years, so I’d want to stretch my legs too! Who you know how to grow you own food, kill you own meat, make and then transport everything m, because EVERY WORKER has had the shot so is going to die according to you. LOL!! Every comment is getting funnier as this moves on! Just think when we all die you all the hate CKNW so much can take it over! Not sure who would be listening but your dreams will finally come true. HAHA!! Now excuse me I have planes to board, concerts and sports to attend, AND beautiful restaurants to eat at before I “die” from my vaccine. At least you apparently have “something” to look forward to, and thanks running the world by yourself after over 80% of us die off. LOL! You 3 are just so fun to get wound up and watch then just go off! That all people do here now! I’ll bring you some of my leftovers after my dinner. At least you will have some idea of the good ol times until we all die off.

  27. Some more thoughts about all of this is clear to me. What we are seeing with the whole Covid 19 and notably the peddling of the Covid 19 injections is what has become another layer of identity politics and virtue signalling.

    Those of you who push the vaxx up to and including coercion and mandating of the injections upon others who appear to want no part of it is not because you care, not because you may or may not believe the efficacy. No, it is because you want to virtue signal your compliance to the authority whom you wish to side with or agree with. The results of efficacy does not truly matter to you, for you are fine with hoping the vaxx jabs will work well enough.

    No, it all about identity politics and the virtue signal. Between egg head politicians bureaucrats and worse the fake news media filling your heads with nonsense, you want see the divide. YOU! all who tend to think those who do not want these injections are idiot pro Trump right wing conservatives or wrank libertarians and that they must be anti vaxxers. ALL OF THIS IS UNTRUE!

    First, as to the nonsense of general anti vaxxers, most who want no part of these jabs are not anti vaccine, in fact most have had vaccines given to them during their lifetime. But that those who do not want these jabs and as an MIT study found out, they are of a general higher knowledge of these experimental injections and they know that there is a lack of safety, trust and efficacy, where as those quick to take the jabs have a lower understanding of it all.

    Next, to assume only right wing conservatives and libertarians are against these jabs is also arrogant on your part. To assume that all liberals/Democrats are rushing to take the jabs is wrongheaded and only verifies that this is all about identity politics on you pro covid 19 vaxx pushers.

    How do I know this? Well for one, how many of you and in the Democrat party spoke of NOT trusting these vaxx jabs when POTUS Trump was in the W.H.? Most of the prominent Democrat leaders and many in the liberal media questioned these vaxx jabs when POTUS Trump was in the W.H.

    How many would not have taken these jabs if Trump was still POTUS? I say many of you. But since you libtards dream came true and Tump was removed from office by a stolen election and it matters not which Democrat got the job as POTUS, just as long as Trump was out. An actual road construction pylon could have become POTUS in your disturbed minds if it meant Trump was gone. So FF to today and to you vaxx pushers, you hardly care if these jabs truly work or are very safe, you care to virtue signal. You trust enough in the jabs to hope they won’t make you sick or you are too ignorant to know of the massive side effects and growing lack of efficacy, lack of these jabs stopping you from catching Covid 19 nor spreading it. You just want to believe you are on the right team and that’s all identity politics and virtue signalling.

    I believe that many of you would still take the jabs even if it was told to you that you might die from them within the next year. THAT IS HOW STRONG THE HOLD OF THE VIRTUE SIGNAL AND IDENTITY POLITICS GAME IS HELD ON YOU!

  28. Marcus,

    Did you read the post above by Les?

    Unvaxxed = “general higher knowledge of these experimental injections”
    Vaxxed = “lower understanding of it all”

    And now even the fake news media is reporting that the vaxxed are super spreaders.
    ROTFLMFAO !!!!!

  29. Marcus,

    “And now even the fake news media is reporting that the vaxxed are super spreaders.”

    Need a link or it didn’t happen


  30. According to all of you on here nothing ever happens that isn’t in YOUR favour. You do know that the start of the vaccine was way back in 2003 with the original SARS outbreak right? Oh I’m sure you do, since you know EVERYTHING and us stupid vax’d don’t know a thing. Oh well you will have nothing to worry about soon! Since over 80% have had the vaccine, and according to you and your conspiracy theories, we all should be dying off soon! Just think of how much free space you are all gonna have!! All that leg room! But until then, enjoy being stuck at home unable to travel or go anywhere, while since all of us vax’d have limited time, I’m going out to enjoy it. Cheers!

  31. Marcus.

    The non vaccine vaccines being used for Covid 19 did not start back in 2003. mRNA type vaccine work may have and from 2003 until 2020 not one trial vaccine designed was EVER APPROVED! To claim these vaccines go back to 2003 one then must ask WHY DO NONE OF THESE HAVE FDA APPROVAL TODAY?! After all it’s been 18 years as you want note.

    Every mRNA tested vaccine from 2003 till 2020 has FAILED approval but now you want to believe ‘Poof’ just like magic they all are just tickity boo safe and effective. Talk about putting your head in the sand. People like you listen to the fraudster Fauci as if words from his lips are golden, you listen to the Potato in the W.H. as if he is a vaccine expert, you listen to every talking head on the MSM’s as if they all have divinity of knowledge over these experimental jabs.

    But the growing number of credible doctors and health scientists who are sounding alarm bells, YOU GO DEAF TO!

    For one of many doctors, Dr. Robert Malone is considered the father of mRNA technology and he is calling for the COMPLETE STOPPAGE OF THESE VACCINES! But you would not know that or as I said earlier you don’t care for it is all about VIRTUE SIGNALLING for you. You and many more like you are blind sheep who feel good when in the meat
    packing plant’s restrainer chute because you see a bunch of sheep still ahead of you before you get killed.

    That said Marcus and to be totally clear again, I and I doubt anyone here has told you to NOT take the jabs… IT’S YOUR EFFING BUSINESS EVEN IF I/WE THINK YOU ARE STUPID FOR DOING SO! Just MYOB otherwise.

  32. Ah. Yes, Fake News

    So that article suggests the delta variant is very strong, and we should continue to be careful and wear masks. So I do that in public, still, even after both jabs. And, we should note, symptoms are very small if one does test positive after the jab. Much like how sometimes you still get the flu after having a flu shot – but it’s not as bad as it would be if you hadn’t gotten the shot. But you know all that, of course

    This “fake news” article explains it.

    But your thoughts on this, Fake?
    I mean, we all know Associated Press is fake news, of course. But these numbers are a bit concerning, a rational human would think

  33. Phil,

    The Delta variant is not strong, but looks to be a bit more contagious and more so among the vaxxed than the non vaxxed. British Health has rated the case fatality rate of the Delta variant to be 0.2 where as the original strain was 1.9. BTW using seasonal flu as a benchmark the seasonal flu ranges from 1.0 to 1.6. So the original kungflu strain has been a tad higher case fatality rate than the seasonal flu but the Delta variant is much lower.

    OBTW, FYI as of May 27 2021 the CDC stopped counting breakout infections of the vaxxed who still came down with Covid 19. This dereliction of duty skews any reports from the CDC or the W.H. of this being a pandemic of the unvaxxed. IF YOU ONLY COUNT UNVAXXED CONTRACTIONS YOU WILL GET BULLSHIT NUMBERS!!!

    Thankfully other international health bodies are being more accurate and it’s looking as if the Delta variant is 50/50 vaxxed vs unvaxxed in contractions or worse up to 75% vaxxed. getting it.

  34. Glad to see my Blog piece got a really good discussion going. Although I don’t think either side has changed some minds … I’m relieved to see the fast rising numbers of Delta variant infections has resulted in an increase of young adults (20 to 39) getting their vaccines. Terrific! There is not a medicine in the world that does not cause a rare negative reaction on very, very small numbers of recipients: but the benefits to the millions of others has been proven and has improved and even saved millions of lives. The statistics right across North America (probably Europe too?) are now showing the OVERWHELMING NUMBERS of people falling sick with Covid and requiring hospitalization and dying are NON-VAXXED! By FAR!! Get vaxxed … before it gets you.

  35. Harv,

    Sounds like you are fearful of the Rona:
    “Get vaxxed … before it gets you.”
    Do you get your news from the lying MSM, or somewhere else?

    Great to see you posting on this thread!

  36. Harvey,

    12,000 reported US deaths to VAERS in 7 months (BTW VAERS says it’s only confident in catching 1% of of possible adverse reactions) is not a trifle number. Hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions in the USA alone, many of them serious Harvey is not a small number. These deaths and reactions globally will be many times larger than the US numbers alone.

    All for a virus that has a case fatality rate inline with seasonal flu. The Delta variant is weak in lethality Harvey. In at it’s also not much more of a case numbers speed bump Harvey. Look up the Covid 19 tracking sites and you will see this as so. Cases (upwards of 90% are likely false positives) are a minor uptick, but hospitalizations and deaths from Covid 19 are not rising at a similar rate. BUT! deaths from the jabs are rising at a significant rate and so to are other serious reactions.

    Myocarditis and Pericarditis from the injections are hitting especially young males at an alarming rate. These reactions on the heart leave PERMANENT DAMAGE! The heart can’t repair itself. A say 16-25 y.o. male with such permanent heart damage from these injections will never again enjoy a full capacity physical life Harvey. So you can try to gloss over the adverse reactions as minor, UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU OR OTHERS YOU KNOW OR LOVE!

    All this fear and paranoia which you contribute to over a virus which now has a general survival rate of 99% or higher for anyone under age 80. For anyone under age 20 it’s like 99.9995% Even between 80-85 it’s like 98.9%

    Harvey I’m going to guess you watch a lot of CNN, MSNBC, CBC, BBC don’t you? You parrot their talking points well. You were a seasoned and very professional as well as questioning journalist through your active career, what has happened to you? Do you just mindlessly believe the narrative from the MSM’s, from liars like Dr. Fauci, from big pharma, from big government politicians?

  37. OBTW Harvey, AS OF MAY 27 2021 the CDC stopped counting break through Covid 19 infections on the vaxxed. Therefore the pandemic of the unvaxxed is BULL SHIT! for the CDC ignores tens or hundreds of thousands of vaxxed who are catching the Kungflu. Thankfully other sources are still tracking this and are showing the vaccines are doing jack shit. Israel a perfect test tube for it has a high vaccine take up is reporting as much as 74% of new cases are from the jabbed. I can back that up with Malta, about 84% of Maltese are said to be vaxxed and it is said too have 74% of new cases are from the vaxxed

    The vaccines are not working, that is why they want a 3rd. jab and likely to KEEP JABBING YOU IN HOPES THEY MAY WORK! All the while big pharma rakes in the $$$$ and have NO LIABILITIES! As well as power hungry politicians want to limit or steal your civl rights!


  38. This looks interesting.
    Would like Harv’s thoughts on this:

    If you are being forced to vaccinate in order to keep your job, here’s a great way to handle it.

    The secret is NOT to refuse it but rather ask for information and reassurance as follows:
    ‘I write with regard to the matter of requiring a covid vaccine and my desire to be fully informed and appraised of ALL facts before going ahead.
    I’d be most grateful if you could please provide the following information, in accordance with statutory legal requirements:
    1. Can you please advise me of the approved legal status of any vaccine and if it is experimental?
    2. Can you please provide details and assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against control groups and the subsequent outcomes of those tests?
    3. Can you please advise of the full list of contents of the vaccine I am to receive and if any are toxic to the body?
    4. Can you please fully advise of all the adverse reactions associated with this vaccine since it’s introduction?
    5. Can you please confirm that the vaccine you are advocating is NOT ‘experimental mRNA gene altering therapy’?
    6. Can you please confirm that I will not be under any duress from yourselves as my employers, in compliance with the Nuremberg Code?
    7. Can you please advise me of the likely risk of fatality, should I be unfortunate to contract Covid 19 and the likelihood of recovery?
    Once I have received the above information in full and I am satisfied that there is NO threat to my health, I will be happy to accept your offer to receive the treatment, but with certain conditions – namely that:
    1. You confirm that I will suffer no harm.
    2. Following acceptance of this, the offer must be signed by a fully qualified doctor who will take full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries occurring to myself, and/or from any interactions by authorized personnel regarding these procedures.
    3. In the event that I should have to decline the offer of vaccination, please confirm that it will not compromise my position and that I will not suffer prejudice and discrimination as a result?
    I would also advise that my inalienable rights are reserved.’
    The point is, that they CANNOT provide that information but you’ve NOT refused

  39. Honestly, I love coming by this site every day or two. The unhinged ranting of Les and Fake News, among others, it’s always good for a giggle.

    Thanks guys

  40. Phil,

    Do you think you lucked out and got placebos?
    Are you lining up to get the booster (3rd shot)?
    BTW, what are the ingredients in these injections you are willingly taking?

    Knowing what I know now, if I had stupidly taken these injections, I wouldn’t just be unhinged, I’d be shitting bricks….enough to finish building Trump’s border wall.

    Enjoy your giggles!

  41. Come on, Fake News. You don’t know anything. You’re just regurgitating a bunch of junk you’ve read online, convinced yourself it’s true, then convinced yourself that you know more than any scientist and medical professional in the world, and proudly go on chat sites and spew a bunch of garbage about all that you think you know. It’s hilarious. And I secretly enjoy reading it, while also thanking whatever is out there that my 77-year-old father isn’t going down the same crazy path as so many of you are

  42. Phil,

    Why do you attack the messenger, instead of responding to the message?
    You wouldn’t be one of those “Snowflakes”, would you?
    There is a price to pay for stupidity!

    Giggle, Giggle!

  43. RE: PHIL

    You sir hit the nail in the head with that one. Fake News why don’t you publish who you ACTUALLY are! Scared to? Trump supporter? You support a man that sexy grabs any women in the p**sy. Wow you are intelligent. Even your buddy trump said he got both shots! If you don’t want to get the shots then don’t. But stop treating people like shit here I that do. Phil is right, it is funny to come back and read the select few, always the same that are flipping there lids. I grin from ear to ear! Les and Fake News you can see them spitting fire! It’s now beyond funny! Harvey thanks for the read, I enjoyed it.

  44. Fake News.

    I took your post and made it into a form that can be printed out used by any employee and employer requesting those to take the experimental not fully authorized but only set to be used under Emergency Use Authorization for use SARS-coV-2 ‘Vaccines’.

    I will attach as PDF and WORD Documents for anyone to download and use. They should load here I assume.

    Cov 19 vaccine form.pdf

    Cov 19 vaccine form.doc

    Here is the form template if the attachments above don’t take.


    Forms for the requesting of and accepting of once all completed and signed as per requested, any inoculations, ‘vaccine’, therapies or similar procedures concerning SARS-coV-2 (Covid 19).

    I write with regard to the matter of requiring a SARS-coV-2 Covid19 vaccine and my desire to be fully informed and appraised of ALL facts before going ahead.

    I’d be most grateful if you could please provide the following information, in accordance with statutory legal requirements:

    Can you please advise me of the approved legal status of any vaccine and if it is experimental?1.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Can you please provide details and assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against control groups and the subsequent outcomes of those tests?2.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Can you please advise of the full list of contents of the vaccine I am to receive and if any are toxic to the body?3.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Page Two To Follow.

    Can you please fully advise of all the adverse reactions associated with this vaccine since it’s introduction?4.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Can you please confirm that the vaccine you are advocating is NOT ‘experimental mRNA gene altering therapy’?5.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Can you please confirm that I will not be under any duress from yourselves as my employers, in compliance with the Nuremberg Code?6.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Can you please advise me of the likely risk of fatality, should I be unfortunate to contract SARS-coV-2, Covid 19 and the likelihood of recovery?7.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Page Three to Follow.

    Once I have received the above information in full and I am satisfied that there is NO threat to my health, I will be happy to accept your offer to receive the treatment, but with certain conditions – namely that:

    You confirm that I will suffer no harm.

    Following acceptance of this, the offer must be signed by a fully qualified doctor who will take full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries occurring to myself, and/or from any interactions by authorized personnel regarding these procedures.
    In the event that I should have to decline the offer of vaccination, please confirm that it will not compromise my position and that I will not suffer prejudice and discrimination as a result?3.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    I would also advise that my inalienable rights are reserved.’
    The point is, that they CANNOT provide that information but you’ve NOT refused.

    Page Four To Follow

    Signed by Employer (representative):_________________

    Signed by Qualified Doctor:_________________________

    Signed by Employee being requested to take the treatment, therapy or inoculation:____________________________


  45. Vax pushers,

    Source CNN.

    CNN reports that if you take the injections that you will reduce your chance of death from SARS-coV-2, Delta variant by 99.999% Sounds impressive doesn’t it?

    CNN reports that the unvaxxed have a 25 times higher death rate from SAS-coV-2, Delta variant than the vaxxed. That sounds terrifying!


    Lets unpack this info a little bit. If you take the injections, CNN experts said your chances of death from SARS-coV-2 is only 0.001%. And if you do not take the injections, your chances of death rises by 25 times.

    0.001% x 25 = 0.025%

    In other words the unvaxxed according to CNN experts have a survival rate of 99.974%

    That added risk is taken knowing that you not taking the jabs keeps you from potential adverse reactions upto and including death, severe side effects, many that could be chronic and life changing.

    So according to CNN the vaxxed have a survival rate of 99.999% over the SARS-coV-2, Delta variant. The unvaxxed have a survival rate of 99.974% over the SARS-coV-2, Delta variant.

    Does anyone here see how CNN pervades FEAR AND PARANOIA in how it spun the numbers?

    Also FYI,

    Surveys (done by CNN) of public worried over contracting SARS-coV-2, Delta variant are:

    54% of the double vaxxed have worry over SARS-coV-2, Delta variant and 25% of the unvaxxed do. Now ask yourselves, why are the vaxxed more than twice the amount scared of the Delta variant than the unvaxxed? YOU TOOK THE DAMN INJECTIONS!!! I suggest that the jabbed are watching CNN (and similar networks ) like a religious service.

    Next CNN survey on FACE MASKS:

    34% of the double vaxxed say they still wear face masks when out in public. 16% of the unvaxxed say they wear face masks when out in public. It is amazing that the vaxxed are twice as likely in numbers to still wear face masks over the unvaxxed. FFS! YOU TOOK THE DAMN JABS!!!

    This is sadly now a government/bureaucracy and media driven a mental illness by the vaxxed. It is also massive virtue signalling displayed by the vaxxed.

    A vaxxed person may likely say, “I’m a good citizen for doing what the government and media tells me to do here over Covid 19.” “And you are bad citizen [for your critical thinking and questioning the government and media motives] for not doing as you are told.”

    The vaxxed and Covid 19 fear pushers are the same types of people that would have reported the Jews to Nazi German soldiers/SS back in WWII. They are the same types who would have reported fellow citizens to the Stazi or other Communist police in the USSR or Communist Europe post WWII for having expressed the wrong opinions and/or listening to western/US radio stations. It’s quite sad and pathetic at some people would undermine their own living qualities to subvert other citizens.

  46. Hahaha! So now it’s “virtue signalling” to get vaccinated.

    Amazing, Les. So good.

    And terrific work on that PDF for employers. I’m sure that will get lots of use 👍👍

  47. From Action4Canada:

    Are you being coerced or pressured to take the experimental injection to keep your job or obtain employment?
    Randall Burgess shares his experience at his place of employment and what he did in response to their coercion.
    Serve your employer with a Notice of Liability and notify them that you will hold them personally liable for any financial injury and/or loss of your personal income and ability to provide food and shelter for your family if they choose to use coercion or discrimination against you based on your decision not to participate in the experimental treatments.
    – Print the Notice of Liability…/Notice-of-Liability…
    – Fill in the name of the person you are sending it to, owner and/or management (one notice per person)
    – Keep a photocopy of the Notice for your records
    – Record the event when providing the signed copy to the recipient in person.
    – If sending by mail we recommend you send it by registered mail

    Link to form:

  48. Phil,

    Yes, many or most of the vaxxers are doing it for social/political reasons, virtue signalling being most notable. How do we know this? Because before the 2020 POTUS election most of the Democrats, liberal left were untrusting of any vax being developed under POTUS TRUMP So YES, had Trump still been in the W.H. many lefties would likely not be taking the vax.

    The facts are growing clear, these experimental injections do not prevent you from catching Covid 19. This is straight from big pharma’s own mouths. They do not stop you from spreading Covid 19, that is from the CDC and backed by Dr. Fraudci for one. It was hoped that these injections would reduce symptoms but it’s looking like that is not happening either as more and more vaxxed vs unvaxxed appear to need hospital care.

    So why then take the risk of experimental injections? Well for some they do so out of being duped to believe these jabs work and as such they are generally more ignorant on the subject. But for others/many it’s all identity politics and virtue signalling, because they choose to ignore growing evidence that these injections do not work as advertised yet many still take the jabs. They do so to think they are better people, to virtue signal because IT SEEMS AS IF EVERY VAXXER IS QUICK TO TELL EVERYONE THEY GOT THE JABS!

    How do you know if a person has gotten their Covid 19 injections? Oh you do not have to ask, they will tell you even if you don’t give a damn…. Phil that is called virtue signalling.

  49. Or, just maybe, it’s because vaccines work and are there to keep society safe. And our partners and kids and families safe.

    Just a thought, Les. Sometimes it’s a simple as that.

    You seem like an older guy. Did you have polio as a kid? Measles? Chickenpox? You every get the mumps, or take a nail in your hand and get a tetanus shot?

    I mean, you were probably way too smart to fall for the BS that those vaccines are safe. But maybe your parents snuck a vaccine into you without you realizing?

    When did you start thinking you were smarter than people who’ve studied this all their lives?

  50. Phil,
    Please provide evidence these injections are safe.
    Too many people are dying or maimed after getting these injections.
    I’ll wait for your proof……

    BTW, your belief is not proof.

  51. Phil
    Vaccines like polio, measles etc weren’t created in 8 months. Are you getting booster shots from any of these vaccines you took? Moderna just announced a booster 6 months after your last shot.

    Vaccines go through rigorous clinical trials and usually take many years to come to market.
    And if more than 50 people die as a result of the vaccine it is automatically pulled from market. Vaers reports well over the 50 threshold.

    According to Dr. Byram Bridle from the University of Guelph the difference with this vaccine is that it doesn’t stay at the injection site like normal vaccines. When injecting in the arm, the vaccine stays there it doesn’t travel throughout the body like this one does and getting into organs and blood stream.

    Pregnant woman should never be injected with any vaccine and neither should kids.

    Phil what changed from last March? 99.9% of the population would survive provided they didn’t have underlying conditions. They knew from then that elderly people needed to be protected. If you had underlying conditions you needed to be careful. But the recovery rate was still very good but you would rather have a vaccine injected that you have no idea what is in it.

    Other doctors like Peter McCullough and scientist Geert Vanden Bossche warned to not vaccinate and stop vaccinating during a pandemic.

    Now as a double vaxxer you can still catch covid and they are saying yes but it won’t be as severe. Well w/o vaccination, healthy and should you contract it there are many therapeutics that are proven to work. Remember when Fauci and the MSM was poo-pooing Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin? Well MSM just said Pfizer is talking about producing an oral pill with you guessed it, with these safe meds that have been on the market for over 40 years.

    We have been locked down for a year and half and at this point I will wait another 6 months to see the effects of these vaccines and at the same time wait for the results of clinical trials for Novavax vaccine which is showing great results so far.

    And the news is coming out about a rise in cases. Gibraltar which is 100% vaccinated had a 2500% spike in covid cases. And the spikes are happening in Israel and Great Britain which has vaccinated very close to all their population.

    Phil if you are okay with taking vaccine that is your choice. I should have the same choice. I am following the science but I am also following the money. And that should scare the sh*t out of everyone. A couple of cheap off label meds that are proven to work or an experimental emergency use “vaccine” that is costing billions and billions and billions. Follow the money Phil, follow the money.

  52. Fellas, please provide your proof of people being maimed and dying from the COVID vaccine

    By the way, some random doctor or Facebook video isn’t proof.

  53. Thank you, thank you, thank you Fake News and Les for “proving” the dangers of being jabbed. Thank God I bought Silver Solution from the Televangelist Jim Bakker.
    If only I could find a prevention to brain cancer caused by cell phones……..

  54. Phil,

    I am not sure if I am one of the fellas you refer to. The vaers website is a good start and all one has to do is see the spikes in deaths since the beginning of the vaccine.

    Here is Dr. Peter McCullough with an impressive CV.

    There is a great vid with Bret Weinstein and Geert Vanden Bossche.

    Dr Bryam Bridle no slouch. Viral Immunologist at the University of Guelph


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