Is the legacy media providing cover for Justin Trudeau?



True North

July 20, 2021

On Wednesday, multiple media outlets reported on how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was “deeply disappointed” by the Montreal Canadiens’ decision to draft Logan Mailloux.
The Canadiens’ controversial decision to draft Mailloux after he was charged for taking a photo of a woman during a consensual sexual encounter in Sweden and sending it to his teammates without her consent has drawn strong criticism from victim’s rights groups.
What the legacy media failed to mention were the multiple instances where Trudeau and others in the Liberal government have been accused of inappropriate behaviour, sexual harassment or other predatory acts towards women.
Conservative MP Candice Bergen took to Twitter and accused the media of providing cover for Trudeau.
“[It’s] unbelievable to watch the media in Canada. Both women and men in the media continue to provide cover for Trudeau on his treatment of women by refusing to ask him about how he’s groped women,” the Manitoba MP tweeted.
Bergen brings up a very valid point.
Why didn’t the media acknowledge the prime minister’s past transgressions with women?
Trudeau has been accused of groping a female reporter.
Further, a number of Liberal MPs and staff have been accused of inappropriate behaviour towards women.
Don’t you think this is all relevant information if Trudeau is lecturing others about inappropriate sexual behaviour?
The reality is Canadians can’t depend on the legacy media to report the truth.
So many media outlets in Canada are dependent on the Trudeau government for their entire existence. They can’t risk upsetting the government or else their funding could get cut.
This is why we started an Election Coverage Fund – a budget of $75,000 specifically for coverage of the next federal election.
Canadians deserve to know the truth – especially when the mainstream media conveniently decides to omit the facts.
We want to make sure our team can be on the ground wherever the story is.
When the election is called, we want to be ready. Will you help us?
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  1. Well Poly, True North isn’t surprising the groping, or brown face, or why a teacher at a school in BC would need a NDA (non disclosure agreement).
    Nor does True North receive Unifor approved federal government grants in return for “what” exactly?
    Of course we could refer to WHY the same legacy media groups on the government test really rolled over for the Internet censorship bill.
    Think of how proud Papa Pierre and his friends Mao, Fidel, Pol Pot, and his masters in the USSR (and don’t forget that workers wonderland of North Korea) must be
    Sigh, What we could have been if pretty boy had bad hair…

  2. It’s sad that so many people still vote for Trudeau after all his treachery against the interest of Canadians and possibly against our allies like the United States. He reminds me of a traitorous kind of bastard. Too many voters look at the surface instead of beneath the surface of this fella. I guess they do fall for the lies and treachery of the soft face with nice hair and sweet talk.


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