CBC still under ‘immense’ financial pressure despite BILLIONS in taxpayer funding


The CBC has not disclosed a financial statement since December 31.

by Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

The Post Millennial 

July 26, 2021

Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, is under immense financial pressure despite millions in federal funding and massive staff cuts to the tune of 55 percent in some divisions, reports Blacklock’s Reporter.

According to a briefing from the Department of Canadian Heritage, the network has been severely impacted by the ongoing health crisis, along with the challenges that come with covering it.

CBC says that the Tokyo Olympics’ postponement also affected their bottom line.

The broadcaster also received 21 million for operational support, on top of receiving a $1.2 billion annual grant from Ottawa.

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  1. Never forget folks CBC is ‘Izvestia Canada’. There is nary a difference between CBC corp. today and what was the ill fated USSR’s Izvestia radio and tv network. BOTH OFFER ONLY PROPAGANDA and subverted/subvert their societies. I pray for the day the CBC corp. goes the way Izvestia did when the USSR fell.

  2. The reason why I don’t listens to CBC radio anymore is because it seems more like a commercial service. Radio Two has little classical music and the presenters sound like they are working at a university student radio station. Radio One seems to be catering to a left-wing and Americanized audience. “Public Broadcaster” is a misnomer.

    A true “Public Broadcaster” should be offering programming that is NOT on commercial radio. The BBC should be the model.

    As to CBC Television, PBS in the United States should be the model, or even better, the BBC.

  3. I am curious as to WHY CBC is covering the Olympics.
    Did private broadcasters not get a chance to cover this ridiculous event? NBC is reporting that the ratings are not good.
    Did our “private” broadcasters decide that it would not be a money maker?
    Yet, here is CBC with its all female staff reporting on an event that – according to them – appears to be made up of non-white women competing in sports that nobody cares about.
    Since I don’t watch the Olympics, I am only relying on the promos that I see when I am watching Coronation Street.
    Why would I watch coverage of an event that is so heavily biased against white men and women?
    If the Olympics are open to everybody, and Canadians have sent teams that are truly representative of Canada, why is CBC giving me the impression that it is an event that is only open to “females of colour”??

  4. Put out a crap product and actually be surprised when you get crap ratings.
    Gotta wonder how crappy the financials are?
    Gave up on the People’s Network aka “Pravda of the West” years ago when I discovered the “national news” was pro-rated by province…


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