Zero jobs created for Canadian media from Trudeau’s $595 million bailout: report


In recent years, 41 daily newspapers have disappeared, and 10,000 jobs have been lost, indicating a “crisis” for the struggling industry.

by Alex Anas Ahmed

The Post Millennial 

Calgary, AB

The Canadian Heritage Ministry admits that a half-billion dollar bailout to mainstream media and other newspapers did not create jobs as promised.

Despite the massive subsidy, staff counted a continued net loss of thousands of jobs. The findings contradict what publishers said, who claimed increased readership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Blacklocks.
“The decrease in advertising revenues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic led to service reductions and newspaper closures resulting in the loss of more than 2500 jobs,” said a briefing note Improving Federal Support For Journalism. The department said it knew of “the hiring of 342 journalists” but only because wages were subsidized 100 percent under a $50 million Local Journalism Initiative.
Parliament in 2019 passed amendments to the Income Tax Act awarding a total of $595 million to cabinet-approved media on a promise of job creation.

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  1. It was never about keeping or creating jobs. Once a private ‘news’ broadcaster/publisher takes government welfare the private ‘news’ broadcaster/publisher is no longer credible, but is simply a prostitute and to an abusive ‘Trick’ who will use the private ‘news’ broadcaster/publisher like a cheap whore and then spit on it as the ‘Trick’ tosses a few filthy dollars the private ‘news’ broadcasters/publishers way.

    CBC ‘aka Izvestia Canada’ is bad enough at being a shill for the government. But each and every private ‘news’ broadcaster/publisher taking filthy government welfare in all credibility offed themselves. They will not likely gain back any time soon any respect they had from any informed citizens. it’s too bad and it’s our loss as citizens wanting to be informed. The good thing for us is we are no longer are beholden to these private ‘news’ broadcasters/publishers. There are many ways to get and share information today.


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