Wendy Mesley to retire from CBC

Wendy Mesley

CBC News

July 5, 2021

After 38 years at CBC, Wendy Mesley announced her retirement from the national broadcaster

CBC journalist Wendy Mesley has announced she will retire after 38 years at Canada’s national broadcaster.

Mesley, 64, was born in Montreal and began her CBC career covering the first Quebec referendum on sovereignty in 1980.

“Wendy Mesley is a trailblazer in broadcast journalism,” CBC managers wrote in a staff note issued Monday.

“To capture Wendy’s career highlights in one note is not easy,” read the note.

Mesley’s time at CBC spans different genres and multiple departments over the decades.

Her numerous roles include hosting The Weekly with Wendy Mesley, a Sunday morning talk show about media and politics, Friday and Sunday night host of The National for 25 years, and hosting the consumer investigation series Marketplace.

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  1. Wendy had guts & is a great journalist. Hey Wendy, show the morons @ the CBC they made a big mistake suspending you by showing up @ CTV or Global.
    Tell CBC to shove that non-compete contract where the sun don’t shine..

  2. CTV and Global sold themselves out to GQ Trudeau’s bailout fund, so they now parrot the same liberal lies and puff pieces on him that CBC does – there’d be no change in what Mesley says if she joined either network.

  3. Wendy is the last of the Carnie reporters. Unpredictable and sassy she ruffles the feathers of boardroom Canada. We simply can’t have that – we are a bland nation and by gosh we’re darn good at it.


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