Global TV network owner Corus Entertainment posts $40.7-million quarterly profit

Global News B.C. anchors Chris Gailus and Sophie Lui deliver high ratings, which helps parent company Corus Entertainment’s bottom line. GLOBAL B.C.

by Charlie Smith

June 29, 2021

One of Canada’s largest private broadcasters is in the black in this quarter, marking a stark turnaround from the $752-million loss posted in the same quarter of 2020.

Corus Entertainment owns 39 radio stations, 15 conventional television stations, 33 specialty TV services, and the Global TV network.

For the three months ending on May 31, Corusosted a $40.7-million profit on revenues of $403 million.

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  1. However much it was, it was enough for GQ Trudeau to buy Global’s loyalty, just like he did with CTV and Citytv (and locally, CHEK). With CBC, it wasn’t necessary because they’re already the propaganda unit/cheerleading squad of the Liberals (while also cheerleading for the NDP, the Greens and the BQ/PQ).

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