Bill C-10, Canada’s internet censorship bill, passes in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT !!!!!!

Steven Guilbeault

Bill C-10 passed last night, 196 to 112 in the House, and has yet to pass in the Senate.

by Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

The Post Millennial

June 22, 2021

Bill C-10 passed last night, 196 to 112.
The vote passed at just after 1:30 am.
As for what’s next, the bill will now go to Senate. Senators have said that there is no chance that the bill gets approved the week before Parliament goes on summer break, according to law professor Michael Geist.


  1. Where’s the MSM standing up for our freedoms?

    Anyone in Canadian MSM that wants to stand up for what’s right.
    Contact Project Veritas.

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  2. This illegal and unconstitutional bill will not stand. It won’t pass in the Senate.

    As for its sponsor, Steven Guilbeault – isn’t there a law in Canada that prohibits convicted criminals (which Guilbeault is) from holding public office?

  3. Communist tyrants…. The saying goes, “the only good Communist is a dead Communist.”

    To re-tell a Vietnam soldier story.

    The Vietnam vet comes home from the war, he is confronted by a woman who asks, “How could you have killed all those innocent people?”

    The soldier stands back and looks perplexed then replies, “Ma am, did not kill any innocent people but I only killed Communists.”

    Trudeau’s dad was a Communist, regardless of which one you may think to be his actual dad. Trudeau I say your daddy was just a low brow Commie thug and a deviant minded twit, much like you are. You are without a doubt the worst and most disgusting PM this country ever has had and the bar is low for we do a good job electing generally crappy PM’s.

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