Follow up! CBC Turns Off Facebook Comments As Verbal Attacks On Journalists Skyrocket, by Brad Saltzberg


by Brad Saltzberg

June 16, 2021

The CBC has announced it will turn off Facebook comments due to verbal attacks on their journalists. According to Post Millennial News, CBC Editor-in-chief Brodie Felton claims the reasoning is based on the fact that mental health of journalists is now “too fragile to allow public commentary.”

Cultural Action Party will expand upon the information delivered by Post Millennial News. Why is it that present-day society finds itself with such extreme divisiveness between media and the public? Interesting to note how a similar chasm exists between government and the Canadian people.

A sense of public frustration has seeped into society as never before. Cultural Action Party has not a shred of regret in stating that the development kicked into overdrive the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada.

Are there specific reasons for a “Government/Media versus The People” social dynamic? The answer is found in the ever-widening gulf between the will of controlling institutions, and the will of the public.

The farther government moves away from administering public will, the greater the resentment among the population–particularly in a society accustomed to democratic governance.

It is within non-democratic societies that a dichotomy of this nature is standard. Communist, totalitarian and theocratic governments make all decisions independent of public will.

Therefore, it makes sense that the more our ruling government employ authoritarian decision-making, the greater the degree of divergence between government and the people.

No media organization works the will of government in Canada more than the CBC. Billion-dollar funding attests to this. The CBC is a state-funded media organization. They are not in a position to defy the will of government.

In 2021, CBC are at the point where their writers just cannot take it anymore:

“The president of CBC/Radio-Canada, Catherine Tait, has also written about the increased abuse of journalists on social media, especially women and journalists of colour, and the threat such attacks pose to free speech and democracy.”

Let’s take a moment to consider this statement: Of course, Ms. Tait could not get through it without branding Canada racist, or at the very least, using the “race card” to justify cancellation of social media public commentary.

Beyond this, what we find is a standard of “globalist inversion process.” Ms. Tait accuses CBC readers of an attack on free speech, when in reality it is the comment cancellation that represents a diminishment of freedom of speech.

How boss-man Justin Trudeau this is. “For journalists,” Tait continued, “there is no more important issue than the ability to report without fear of reprisal.”

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To what can we attribute the extremity of the reprisal?  Is it possible that flexibility or adaptation from CBC would lessen the vitriol? It makes good sense–but it will not happen.

Justin Trudeau and his party are the same– all responsibility rests on the shoulders of the public. It is not Trudeau’s immigration policy that exacerbates racism– it is the racist beliefs of the public. The same dynamic exists within government and media, because in truth, these entities have become fused at the core.

Editor-in-chief for CBC, Brodie Felton, “blames readers who comment for a decline in public discourse, saying that the conversation on social media suggests we have a problem.”

No– it is you who has a problem– because it is your viewership and click rates that are tanking as a result of CBC working for the Liberal government. Audiences are believing less and less in the idea that CBC is in the business of objective news reporting.

Public trust will continue to erode for as long as the Liberal-CBC partnership exists. Justin Trudeau wouldn’t alter his Great Reset agenda if the rock of Gibraltar fell on his head, and neither will the CBC.

It is this cast-in-stone methodology which keeps the anti-government/media ball rolling toward some form of breaking point. CBC journalists say “they do not feel supported by newsroom leaders; that they do not have the tools they need to handle the trauma they are absorbing.”

“Some said they are still finding themselves sobbing after meetings, between meetings, on calls during work, or when the day ends.”

Place responsibility where it belongs. Whatever form of “silent revolution” that PM Trudeau is hiding from the people of Canada is the fundamental reason for social discord in Canada.

With files from Post Millennial News.

Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est.2016)



  1. Social discord and division is only created by a government such as we have with the Trudeau government for a prime example and when media gives people the perception they are following in lockstep collaborating with the government against the them, especially when it is led by such overly politically correct leaders, thinking and carrying out policies they think are what Canadians want or thinking. When a fairly proud Canadian like myself hears a leader such as Trudeau state that he admires the basic dictatorship of China” among other betrayals, then we have a serious problem. He even had the indecency to say basic.
    Of course there are great journalists around but they are the ones that have that independent courage and will not sell themselves and the public out for a pay cheque. That’s real courage. But one can see though how any state funded media such as CBC will be easily manipulated by the hand that feeds them. CBC money is the citizens money and when they see or think it is used against them, then you don’t have too have a major in rocket science to figure it out.
    As far as an investigation into Trudeau China relations. Good idea. I believe him and his idiots have betrayed, is betraying and will continue to betray our strong allies that we have been partners with and fought side by side with through the dark times of history. So yes I believe he should be taken with a good heaping amount of seriousness. A Clear and Present Danger. You bet. Trudeau and his backstabbing ideologically warped idiots are undermining and trying too tear down our democracy for their own ends with their political and social correct everything. This betraying of the people is even at the provincial level. Municipal too. It’s like a disease or diseased minds at work. There in lies many reasons for the divisions in society we are seeing. From my perspective and observations. It’s created. We could say it is the will of the people to make change to protect our democratic rights and /or constitutions, but if the people have been purposefully manipulated so much for so long then it does create dilemmas.
    Anyhow as far as voting in the next federal election. I don’t vote for a traitor who states he has an admiration for the dictatorship of China. Why on gods earth would anyone vote for that. Maybe. Possibly too many people don’t know he has those beliefs. Crazy.


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