CBC faces backlash after turning off comments on Facebook



CBC has made the decision to turn off Facebook comments for their news posts for a month.

by Amir Ali

DH News

June 15, 2021

In a blog post, Brodie Fenlon, editor in chief and executive director of daily news for CBC, suggested that attacks on journalists and negative comments related to stories were the primary reasons for this change.

The backlash came quick and fierce, and as of this post, #DefundCBC is trending on Twitter.

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  1. I am glad they turned them off! I hope they keep it that way so people stop hiding behind the computer screen and constantly putting everyone down that doesn’t agree with them. Maybe that should be done on this page also.

  2. What I would really like to see, is to nationally turn off the CBC. Sell it off in whole or break it up into tiny pieces. It’s a government propaganda network of leftist, anti-Canadian, anti-American, anti- western values that serves no purpose to properly inform the public anymore. One day long ago when it was hard to get info to especially the hinterland it may have served some purpose. But over the last 15-20 years or so it’s just a big black hole of Marxist driven propaganda.

    It should have been sold off under Harper’s term. It only divides and builds real resentment by many Canadians towards itself and each other.

    OBTW any HATERZ to me on my post here. Back in the 1990’s through till the early 2000’s I was a CBC Radio One junkie. I listened to a lot of it, especially when I lived for a while in small town rural Canada where we only had 2 radio stations. So I know the CBC especially its radio and t.v. news network well enough to know I was so brainwashed by it all.

    Saving myself from it now I see it and yes other MSM’s as just bullshit lies, hate towards country and our 153+ years values, hate towards the USA and anything Christian, western world and yes Caucasian. The CBC is poster boy of all of the MSM’s in Canada to self loathing, self-righteous, Marxist driven hate and is like the other MSM’s in Canada a threat to Canada and Canadians including our once grand culture and values.


  3. Here’s a thought…..defund the CBC and redirect some of the billions it gets into supplying drinkable water to northern Indigenous communities instead of French-language radio and TV.


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