Pat Burns The Hotline broadcast on CJOR Dec 86


“Burns on line, go ahead” was a familiar phrase to listeners of the now defunct CKO News Network show The Hot Line with Pat Burns. He began his career in Vancouver, covered the Salem Riots, was in Montreal just in time for the FLQ crisis, ran for politics and hosted a very controversial yet entertaining radio show. A man with a great voice and a lazer sharp wit, gravel-voiced Pat was a true radio demagogue, and a funny one at that, at a time when AM talk shows were the most influential of all media.



  1. Another great talk radio host, the legendary Pat Burns. He too was a talkshow host I found in the early 80’s on the then CJOR AM600. A classic Canadian Conservative and a voice made 100% for radio. That male’s smokers voice.

    I found Pat on the radio while I was still an adolescent centre right conservative. His opinions were clear and he could defend them, unlike most talk radio host of today’s era.

    Anyone who knows Par Burns will know this saying, “Good night Dolls.”

  2. I loved listening to Pat as a little radio nerd kid. I can still recite his show opening by heart.

    Always found it hilarious that he was such a fan of the horse racing/betting scene, that he’d stop his show every night to call the track and place his bet live on the air. “Yeah, doll, gimme the #7, the #2, and the #8 to win.” Then he’d read out his account number to her (which they beeped out) — THEN, and only then, could the show continue.

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