New Day, New Look!


Puget Sound Radio has not only done an upgrade, but added a New Theme. Gone, is the Red Box, but the added bonus Features, Plus! Let us know your thoughts as to our new look.







  1. Having personally revamped a large website myself, I completely understand the amount of work and the hours spent to produce this new look. That said I found your new look confusing as my first impression. I don’t enjoy teaser headlines where you have to click the headline to read further to only discover the article isn’t for me and have to use the back button to get back to the main page. Your old format- I could skim and scroll and read what I wanted. Easy peazy. If the article was too long- you click on the link to read more. I do like the new crisp fonts and colours. The menu at the top does help in navigating, however I never had any problems navigating on the old site. Why fix something that isn’t broken? In radio I really dislike when a format I enjoyed gets changed. I’m with Mr. Easton- I will give it some time for my old ways to be swayed, but my vote right now is thumbs down. I’m sorry because I know the work you put into this.

  2. Hey michael great job on the site ! Love the new look and easy to maneuvre. Hope your safe and well cheers wayne


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