Mainstream media company received $6.2 million in Liberal bailout funds



June 1, 2021

A mainstream media company that once urged the federal government to bailout Canada’s failing news industry received $6.2 million in taxpayer funds from the Liberal government.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, FP Newspapers Inc, which owns Winnipeg Free Press, the Brandon Sun and a number of other publications, received the sum in the form of pandemic wage subsidies and other media rebates.

In total the company received $6,204,000 in taxpayer funding, $5,382,999 of which was in the form of COVID-19 wage subsidies and $822,000 in the form of payroll rebates for newsroom employees.

When taking into account the company’s income, federal grants made up 54% of the business’ earnings.

“Despite the fact the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains unpredictable, we continue to identify and undertake cost reduction initiatives in an effort to address the underlying revenue declines in the legacy print business,” wrote the company in a Financial Statement.


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  1. We have no credible news media anymore in Canada or most of the world for that matter. Anyone who works in mainstream news today is just a useful idiot and a mindless shill. Trained chimps can do any and all of your jobs now as your industry is a sell out propaganda arm to the global cabal and governments with their sordid bureaucracies. 🙁

  2. So while Jody Vance is bragging live on air on CKNW about how her 13 year old son is getting the fake vaccine Gene Editing Drug …..reports keep coming in about how it’s hurting and killing children. For a fake virus that has never been isolated in a clinical study proving it’s real.

  3. Chek gets over 2 million per year.

    Part of this is a small market fund.

    Even though chek is not a small market station they convinced the crtc that victoria is a small market by not taking into account that they are covering the entire island and Vancouver too.
    Plus the “news and wage subsidies.

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