Liberals sneak in amendment allowing media to double-dip into taxpayer funds


True North

May 27, 2021

Changes by the Liberal government mean that government-approved media companies that have already received millions in government funding can double dip into taxpayer coffers and receive more grants than ever before.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the new amendment was snuck by the Department of Finance into a 336-page budget bill.

Under the original agreement, news companies which already received grants from Canadian Heritage’s Aid to Publishers program were disqualified from accessing the bailout.

However, the Liberals have removed the requirement claiming that allowing approved media to double-dip into government coffers fulfilled “policy objectives.”

The disqualification was repealed in the Budget Implementation Act or Bill C-30, which is currently being passed through the legislative process.

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  1. The disgusting Liberals under Castro’s son get away with this because they are effectively now a broad coalition of Liberals, NDP, Bloc and Greens too. All these parties are effectively socialists/communists and equally hate Canada as we know it and western society by extension. They have no ethics, no morals and will do only what is perceived as good to their Luciferan bread Marxist values.

    By buying off the mainstream news media they get wilful compliance. Add the fact that leftism has been a plague in Canada and the western world for decades now has indoctrinated large portions of our society to vote for and accept this vile garbage of socialistic ideals 21st. century style.

  2. Les,

    You left out ‘The Tool’s’ conservatives.
    The Red Tories are a good fit with the Liberals, NDP, Bloc and Greens.

    Can’t wait for B’Mad Cow’Q to chime in…….

  3. Fake,

    Though I’m not impressed by O’Toole’s Conservatives, for the moment I keep them as fence sitters. Yep, way too red Tory or Liberal lite but they are not the true sellouts the LIB-NDP-BLOC-GREEN’s are. Are they still like Captain E.J. Smith of the Titanic? Yep, but still before the ship hit the proverbial iceberg. The LIB-NDP-BLOC-GREEN’s have not only hit the iceberg, but sped the ship up before steering into it and hitting it.

    Sadly way too many Canadians are just fine putting Canada on the sinking ship all to virtue signal to the world of their grand sacrifice. 🙁

  4. Les

    Personally I do not care who Leads the conservative Party as long as PM Justin and his Minions in the Libeal Party are defeated this coming October .

    Scheer was a “Not Ready for Prime Time Player” and I am not sure if O’Toole is ready or electable but the die is cast, there is no going back at this point . Ambrose may have been better than either of them but she is gone, it matters not whether she might be a so called “Red Tory”, Canada needs to rid itself of the Liberals and unfortunately Max could not get elected even in his own riding, FACTS DO MATTER .

    Apparently O’Toole is doing better in Polls, perhaps there is hope .

    Personally I would have liked to see Pierre Poilievre become Conservative Leader, he would destroy the current PM in Question Period .

    The Media do not play this very often, you might find it of interest .

    Then there is this, please take close notice how the Chair attempts to take time away from Poilievre !


    Please give my Best Regards to the Wizard of Oz, you must be enjoying yourself hiding behind the Curtain with him !

  5. BMCQ

    Having been a conservative most of my adult life, having voted for Reform in the 90’s, then voted for Stephen Harper in 2006 and supported him until I started to wake up to the reality of what is really going on. Most today call that being red-pilled. Was it my illusion or did Harper sign the Agenda 21 platform back in 2008 or the fact, and it is a fact he also attended Bohemian Grove? He did, on both accounts and a whole lot more. I hate to admit it, but instead of voting for Harper in 2015, I promised my dying mother who was unable to personally cast her vote, for the NDP candidate in this riding and sorry to say, but he actually won. In 2017, my eyes, as I’m sure all Canadian conservatives eyes were on the Conservative convention, which saw Maxime Bernier cheated by the CPC Elite. Since that day, I cut my ties with the CPC. Then a miracle of miracles happened, Maxime Bernier announced he was leaving the CPC and forming his new party the Peoples Party of Canada. This intrigued me, to the point I was one of the founding members on supporting him and the PPC. Once one reads the party platform, it would be a sorry state of mind if the reader was not impressed and in agreement with the party line. I felt the first time in life, that I could actually vote for a party that agreed with me and the majority of Canadians. And now we see this sorry red shoed man name O’Toole doing nothing but making a fool of himself. I ask, how could any sane conservative ever would cast a vote for this Gobalist, and that is exactly what he is. BCMQ, can you honestly vote for a party that now supports the corrupt Paris Climate Change accord. You know, why Trump pulled the US out.
    I just read a recent poll that said Trudeau 38%, Jagmeet 28% and the Fool at 21%… those figures are only going to get worse, believe me. What would you say if Sloan crosses the floor to PPC, then how about Pierre, who has been booted down the slot by the fool. What say Pierre, and others all decided to cross the floor and join Bernier in the PPC camp, and that is before the next election, which will no doubt happen this fall. You may call my words Foolish all you like, but what if? it happens, will you reconsider?


  6. BMCQ.

    As to the Tories I agree about Pierre Poilievre. He has proven quite capable in debates and seems well informed. Why he has not become the Tory Leader is beyond me.

    O’Toole has been rather flat, but I guess we will see what is to come of him.

    It seems the Parliament voted and passed a Bill blocking any call to Federal Election during this overblown pandemic. What comes from such remains to be seen.

    Castro’s son is by far the worst PM and most destructive PM this sadly falling nation has ever had. I’ve made it clear before, Canada has not had many inspiring or truly capable PM’s in our past and especially post WWII. So it’s a low bar for Trudope to have to navigate over and he has failed. But all too many Canadians in their self-loathing and self-righteousness will still vote for that fruitcake Commie son of the putrid, YIPPIE DEAD COMMIE! Fidel Castro. 🙁

  7. Trudeau gives me the clear perception of being a traitorous kind of bastard who would completely betray his fellow countrymen and women for his own warped vision and plans for Canada.


    You really need to get a hobby, but on the other side, every time you make a nasty comment you discredit yourself more and more. I truly think you need help and I hope you get it.

  9. Warren

    As I have stated on many occasions, my politics more than likely align more with Max than many in the Conservative Party . The problem is and it is a Big Problem, Max could not get elected in his own riding if that riding was a phone booth filled with his immediate family, he has absolutely NO snow bslls chance in hell of winjing any kind pf plurality whatsoever in the next federal Election .

    I like to believe that because of the nature of my business ventures I deal with facts, physics, math, and chemistry, therefore I do my best to take emotion oit lf most things I make decisions on .

    Max CANNOT WIN !

    As I also have pointed out to Les, it matters not what we wish and hope for when it comes to elections and winning those elections we must be pragmatic nd do everything we can to accomplish the best and most important for Canada and Canadians, WE need to rid ourselves of PM Justin and his Minions, bottom line, nothing less .

    At the risk of insulting you and some of your friends we must all recognize that Max has NO chance, we must align ourselves with the party that has the best chance of uh defeating the uh Federal liberals and their uh inept, eh imbecilic, uh, impotent, ah incapable uh Leader PM Justin .

    As someone once said to me, “FACTS DO MATTER” !

    If PM Justin and his Liberals are not defeated sometime this Sept or Oct, it is over, the NDP will lose more seats fin the polarization, then Singh will be offered z Cabinet Post in the PM Justin Gov, probably something like “Minister of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” which means everything for them and nothing for YOU and YOURS !

    We will then see a merge between the Federal Liberals and the NDP which will be called “The Liberal Democratic Pty of Canada ” .

    We will then see the end of AnY chance to defeat that newly formed party and PM Justin will be KING for another generation while people like you and that poor pathetic “Fake” sing “Praises of Jossana” for Max and his replacement, they will still only be able to attract less than 2% of the popular vote but……………
    Yes, yes, i know what you are saying, “Please do not confuse me with facts I have already made up my mind”, but please listen to me, we have only one more chance and that happens to be the Conservative party and a less than perfect O’Toole, who cares, let’s defeat the libs first .


    I know enough about you by reading and enjoying much of what you say, I also know that you get this, Canada is being frittered away by a Prime Minister who cares nothing about hard working tax paying law abiding Canadians, he appeals to government workers, special interest groups, poverty pimps, and PC SJ Warrior groups who want Special Status for some but nothing for Tax Payers and seniors who built this country .

    You are a critical thinker and you grasp and understand this, it i up to people like you to get the message out, it is the last chance we have .

    Interestingly enough the Conservatives are gaining ground in the polls and PM Justin is regretting the fact that he DID NOT call a Spring Election, just watch the Polls, he could vry well be in uh trouble .


    Trying to talk to some people is of no use, they live in a dream world in the dark, the best advice you could provide your friend is to suggest he take in huge quantities of Vitamin D, open the curtains to get more sunlight and turn off the X Box for a few days . Withdrawal could be difficult for him but the Vitamin D and more sunlight might help bring him back to sanity .

    At least part way back, he has quite the journey ahead of him so I would not expect immediate results .

  10. One thing of note being it is Memorial Day weekend in the USA, is that the Covid 19 bull crap narrative of fear, paranoia and abusive control is being pushed aside, at least starting too in the USA.

    The Indianapolis 500 raced in front of over 150,000 fans in the stands, most acting like normal human beings. The Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte, N.C. raced in front of essentially a full house of fans most acting rather normal. Social media shows Florida beaches and clubs are back to normal. Hell even RETARDSVILLE CALIFORNIA is showing signs of normalcy. I’m certain other parts of the USA and notably in the red states are looking at getting back to normal. We shall see if and will it be permanent.

    Sadly in my pathetic increasing joke of a nation, Canada, all too many provinces are still all fear and paranoia with arrogant governments and bureaucracies still beating society down, Ontario, Quebec an Alberta are leading this stupid and unlawful turtle derby.

    After 5 pathetic months Quebec’s dictator lifted his 3 week curfew, just barely mind you as he still has abusive controls. Toronto is vaxxing 12 y.o. without parental consent and by offering free ice cream ALL VIOLATES NUREMBERG. My jerk face Premiere is enacting the same for children in B.C. WTF!?!?!

    Ottawa is still using the Kungflu to push a CCP style governance over us. AND TO THINK MANY STUPID CANADIANS WANT ALL THIS SHITE! 🙁

    Reading and watching all too many covid nazis, mask nazis and vaxxholes including our sellout media advocate for outright discrimination ( NONE OF IT BASED EVEN ON ANY SHRED OF SCIENCE!) and other tyranny is putrefying. Florida and Texas are looking better each day.

  11. BMCQ
    Let me tell you here and now, The Conservative Party of Canada will NEVER form government again, PERIOD. As for your opinion on Max not being able to win his own seat. You fail to understand Election Fraud in not only rampant south of the border, but right across Canada, mostly because of the Dominion machines that flip ballots. The evidence will soon be coming to the surface in America where all citizens will see the true facts. I believe cpc used Dominion in the 2017 Conservative convention, stealing votes from Max. It’s time for you to wake up!

  12. Les

    After reading your reply I suddenly feel that there is not any value in the discussion .

    Enjoy Your Day !


    My apologies, I should have known better .

    Enjoy your day !

    Oh. and BTW – please give my best regards to Richard .

  13. Hi BMCQ,

    Just a thought out of curiosity on your last post to me, is it to be taken supportive or critical or something else?

    I thought my points were pretty clear as to things going on around the Kung Flu. Critical in much of the B.S. we have been seeing over the last year.

  14. Les

    Nothing critical at all, we are all entitled to our own point of view, I was simply stating that I feel you and I will not agree on some of the things we have discussed so it makes no sense to debate something that should not be debated . I know when to quit, it makes no sense for me to push you into something you do not agree with .

    Sometimes peoples opinions are entrenched and no matter what we might think the facts show us minds have been made up .

    We agree on much so we can at least celebrate that .

    Enjoy the day !

  15. Thanks for your added feedback to my question BMCQ.

    I add thoughts here below but out of fairness to you I do not expect you to reply. I do not judge you to if you do or not as well.

    As to the Kungflu and to the mRNA injections, regardless of where one may stand on it, all people if they believe in individual liberty and choice should agree that no person shall be mandated or otherwise threatened or coerced into not just taking these injections but any and all medical procedures or products. This should be a slam dunk in universal agreement.

    I find those most vehement on going against personal autonomy over these mRNA injections are ones who want it forced. This is irrationally nonsensical, for anyone who has chosen to take these injections are to believe that they are protected against SARS-cov-2 and have ZERO reasons to fear others who made their free choice to live life not taking these injections.

    Those injected are protected from those who are not, including those possibly getting sick with Covid 19 and spreading the illness, btw asymptomatic spread of any airborne respiratory virus has NEVER drive a pandemic, those words are directly from the cult God Dr. Fauci. This is based on their beliefs as well as those not taking these injections are protected from those that have.

    The only persons who are technically taking any added risk of the Kungflu are those who chose to not be injected and to live life to their natural God given immune systems. Also the many millions who have contracted the Kungflu and recovered have what all medical professionals if honest will say the best form of immunity, their own God given immune systems building up antibodies and natural T-cel immunity to the Kungflu. They have no reason to ever take these mRNA injections.

    So myself and maybe others here as persons who defend as much freedom in life as possible and of free choice in life including over one’s own body, I say those who want to take these mRNA injections, it’s your free choice, do so and then go about to live life as you may. Just as those who choose not to take these mRNA injections is of their free choice and to do so to live life as they may. It’s really that simple. Nobody needs to argue over this as it’s all logically based and using common sense.

    Peace Out.


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