Is Mainstream Media Dying?- Featuring Danielle Smith (Video)


MSM should embrace Alternative Media – Danielle Smith

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Danielle Smith is a Canadian Journalist and former Politician. She was the leader of the Wildrose Party from October 2009 to December 17, 2014 when she resigned to cross the floor and join the governing Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta caucus. She was also a radio host for Global News but recently decided to exit her role due to cancel culture.
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  1. It’s not that mainstream media is dying per se, but that more and more people see it as irrelevant and nothing but a propaganda tool to our elected officials and the anti western world, anti-Caucasian, anti-Christian, anti-Traditional values folks, who between their own self-loathing they hate Canada and the western world anyways.

    The good thing is that like physics, for every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction, but that in humanity the reaction is often a delayed reaction. But the rise of alternatives to the once high and mighty mainstream media, is out there for any and all too see if they choose and more and more people are choosing such.

    Mainstream media is not necessarily dying but it’s being ignored (accept for the Koolaid drinkers), ridiculed and shoved off to the side by alternative media and news/social sharing platforms

  2. The education system and training grounds are pumping out a new Woke age model of Politically Correct robots that are filling the media ranks.


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