Semi From KNUC/Seattle’s ‘Meat Fleet’ Involved In Multi-Vehicle Interstate Crash



courtesy of All Access

May 9, 2021

HUBBARD RADIO Country KNUC (98.9 THE BULL)/SEATTLE was ensnared in some unfortunate headlines TODAY (5/7) when one of the semi-trailers it had wrapped with its logo was demolished in an early morning, multi-vehicle pileup.

The crash, which blocked all the Northbound lanes of on the I-5, tragically included one pedestrian fatality, according to local news reports. In the backup from the initial accident, three semis also crashed, including one carrying milk and cream that had to be cleaned from the roadway. Another truck was carrying 300,000 pounds of fish that had to be offloaded on site. Diesel fuel also spilled at the scene. Photos from accident (see below) show THE BULL-wrapped truck with its contents spilled out the back and the station slogan, “Mess with The Bull, Get the Horns,” visible on the side of the trailer.

That truck was one of the station’s “Meat Fleet” of wrapped semis, which it launched as promotional vehicles in 2020. Video from the initial rollout is here.

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