“Bill C-10 is a national embarrassment:” former vice-chair of the CRTC

May 8, 2021

A former vice chair of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) called the Liberal government’s internet regulation bill, C-10, a “national embarrassment” in a Financial Post op-ed published on Wednesday.

“Last week, Canadians finally realized that Guilbeault, the cable companies, film-makers and musicians were prepared to regulate individuals’ online expression if that meant getting what they wanted. It’s unlikely that’s the outcome Canada’s creative core was looking for when all this began,” wrote Peter Menzies.

“Guibeault could have taxed the web giants without regulating the internet but he got greedy. His reach having exceeded his grasp, Bill C-10 is still — despite his promises of a death bed conversion — a national embarrassment and Canada’s cultural sector needs to do the right thing and step away from it.”

Bill C-10 has recently sparked public outrage after Liberal MPs voted to strip an amendment from the bill which protected user-generated content from CRTC regulation.

Critics of the decision have argued that without protections for user-generated content, the bill effectively threatens the fundamental right to freedom of expression of Canadians.

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  1. Is this right out of the Nazi playbook?

    Bye bye freedom. Hello tyranny.
    Where are all the media outlets on this one?

  2. This is my take on what Trudeau is about, and what he is. It’s simple. Even though it was about seven years ago, Trudeau has been PM for roughly five and a half years. So he said these things shortly before he was elected. More people should be highly concerned one would think. Maybe lot’s of Canadians just don’t know. Or don’t care. Or both. I don’t get it. It’s all been there to see for years. I believe his intentions for this country over time sums it up by these despicable treacherous statements by him and some of his peoples actions. How can one see it any other way. How ??

    These are just two of many news reporting sites that have it

    Justin Trudeau’s foolish China remarks spark anger. https://www.cbc.ca

    Trudeau under fire for expressing admiration for China’s ‘basic dictatorship. https://www.ctvnews.ca

  3. Everything that Justin Trudeau’s government is, has been a disgrace. Canada often elects LAMO PM’s, very few have shown any level of greatness. We Canadians tend to elect dullards, halfwit egotists, and simply enemies of the nation into Prime Minister and even Premiers positions. IT’S JUST WHAT ALL TOO MANY OF US SEEM TO DO!

    Justin Trudeau is the worst PM this country has ever had and to think somewhere between 30-40% of my fellow Canadians [ cough cough mostly wahmen and weak males] will still want to vote for this disgrace of a PM and more so hi disgrace of being a Canadian is bewildering.

    But given his mother has been a screwy nutjob and a loose woman her whole life, is one reason, but the fact his dad was a Communist only adds to Justin’s low brow, immoral, anti Canadian anti liberty ideals. BTW, either one you may think of, Pierre or Fidel, I tend to think it’s Fidel with how much Justin looks like him especially with his hobo, I just fell out of a Smithrite garbage bin type beard he has now. Look at Sasha and look at Justin, Sasha looks much like Pierre, Justin not so much (???)

    Any Canadians who vote for Justin and the Liberals, are fools, ignorant, selfish and wants the destruction of Canada (and her once punching above her weight ideals) with her 153+ year history. This would be a tragedy, preventable at that though. 🙁

  4. A definition of treachery. Betrayal of trust, deceptive action or nature. Trudeau and his cabal suit this fine. Hopefully a lot more Citizens wake up. Sad. Really sad.


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