BC Imposes Collective Punishment; While Covid Scofflaws Go Free, Uncharged, by Harvey Oberfeld


by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

April 29, 2021

Collective punishment against an entire civilian populations is considered such a heinous , unjustifiable, discriminatory action worldwide, it is banned in international treaties.

But in BC, collective punishment will become LAW this Friday, imposed by a provincial government misusing and abusing the Emergency Program Act.

Under the new restrictions, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth will BAN any BC resident from crossing/travelling from one BC Health region into another, except for “essential” reasons.

Under the Act, it will be illegal for anyone, say, living in Vancouver (Coastal Health Region) to cross Boundary Road and enter Burnaby (Fraser Health Region) … even if they live within a few blocks of the municipal border … to shop, do restaurant take-outs or visit family and friends, under outdoor Covid-safe protocols.

And vice-versa: no one living in Burnaby, for example, will legally be able to cross into Vancouver to frequent their favorite businesses there or get together, even outside, with family and friends.

But ironically, if you live in Vancouver, you will legally be able to drive all the way to Squamish for lunch, because it’s in the same regional health region!

And the same ludicrous rules/controls will be LAW throughout the province … establishing arbitrary “Do Not Cross” lines between communities just feet apart, while allowing hundreds of kilometres travel WITHIN any artificially-established “health” region.

This is a ridiculous, ill thought out, unfair and dictatorial over-reach by politicians … made easier by BC’s mostly complacent, compliant media. … who should be screaming like hell about how the NDP government is now trampling on our citizens’ basic civil rights.

All the while as BC authorities at every level FAIL to enforce existing Public Health Orders against massive public violations/gatherings.

Where were Public Health Officials, Vancouver Police, Park Board Officers when hundreds of partying yahoos gathered in English Bay; when masses of people piled into a Surrey cavalcade of vehicles and gathered downtown to protest farm rules in India; when hundreds gather/crowd in a mass 4/20 smoke-in at Second Beach???

With few or zero tickets/charges laid or handed out at ANY of them, hitting the REAL Covid-rule violators and potential virus spreaders!

Much easier to pick on and punish those who are trying very hard and have been succeeding in following the rules?

The BC government regularly preaches to the converted: admonishing us to follow the rules; expressing exasperation at those ignoring them (and I daresay not watching Horgan or Farnworth rant on tv either).

And has imposed almost incalculable suffering and closures on Covid-careful and law-abiding restaurants, bars and religious gatherings.

But don’t have a backbone to actually go after and DO anything to the large groups who gather and openly flaunt and mock the Public Health Orders.

Yet, in true dictatorial fashion, police will be carrying out border checks, empowered to impose $750 fines for “violators”!

Premier John Horgan called it “random monitoring”, but let’s keep it real: these will be road blockades, manned by armed police, interfering in citizens’ basic rights just to move around from one community to a neighboring one.

For ALL law-abiding citizens, this is totally unacceptable … an abuse of power in any free and democratic state.

Does anybody really believe, there won’t be accusations and possibilities that these traffic stops/enforcements/tickets won’t be administered totally equally: regardless of colour, ethnicity, clothing (hippies, turbans or hijabs)?

And, once stopped, what’s to stop police from searching a vehicle if, in the course of the identification of the driver/passengers, they have “reason to believe” other legal violations “may” be occurring?

This is unacceptable collective punishment … a serious violation of British Columbians’ civil rights … going well beyond any reasonable, defensible health measures.

Harv Oberfeld


  1. I’m sure smoking is still legal in Cannuckistan despite the fact it has killed more people.

    It’s truly the Bizarro world…..

  2. This truly is asinine, it means someone living in Metrotown cannot walk to Joyce Station, 10 minutes away but can drive all the way out to the Langley-Aldergrove border.

  3. Harvey, the international treaty describing “Collective Punishment” is in fact, the Fourth Geneva Convention. However, it describes these acts as taking place during a conflict (Articles 2, 3). Ironically, Harvey, Article 5 (Derogations) allows states to suspend a person’s right for the period of time that the state considers the acts of the person(s) to be prejudicial to the security of the state.

    So, Harvey, Herr Horgan is completely entitled to “collective punish” us as long as he thinks we are being naughty. Most people who are capable of rational though would consider this to be a case of lèse-majesté, as once a thug and enforcer, always a thug and enforcer. So, bad laws by bad premiers is quite expected.

    On the flip side, we people, based on documents and precedents as old as the Magna Carta and British Common Law and including Natural Law are 100 percent intitled to tell Herr Horgan and Bonnie Henry to take these so-called laws and shove them up their a$$es. As you point out Harvey, people will be breaking these laws on a regular basis every single day, making this a Stupid Law, in addition to a Bad Law.

    Which means we are left with a government and supporting beaurocracy that has, for the past year, been governing this province with bad laws and snake oil science, with no end in sight. The only way to get out of bad and stupid laws is not by petitioning the very idiots who crafted these, but by ignoring them. Strongly worded letters really don’t cut it. Actions, however, do. And, don’t get me wrong, strongly worded letters that are a call to action do get it done. A “this is unacceptable” letter does serve the function of informing people, but I am not feeling informed, I am feeling more of a rant from your letter.

    Don’t get me wrong Harvey, many of us here rant all the time. But, at the same token, there are many who say that Journalists are Special Peoples so, I, for one, expect more than a rant. I expect more information on precident, and how to correct these injustices.

    Your indignation of “abuse of law” ticks all the “protected persons” boxes. Yes, Yes, Very nice Harvey. However, where is your defence of people who do not want to wear a mask. People who want to keep their businesses open. People who just want to earn a living and not see their house get forceclosed on. Children who just want to go to school.

    Crickets. Harvey. Crickets. “a serious violation of Britich Columbians’ civil rights…”. For Heaven’s Sake. Did you just Rip Van Winkle the past 14 months? This has been going on since Day 1.

    So, you know who actually recognizes the “Bad and Stupid Laws” and did something about it besides just rant about it.? It’s those “hundreds of partying yahoos” as you call them. They, by their actions, told Horgan and Henry that they are full of $hit. It is they, by their actions who will get the restaurants open, the cruise industry back, the recreation and parks industry back. It is by their actions that infants will see nothing but smiling faces and learn to read people and emotions instead of staring at a black hole below their mothers or fathers or grandparents eyes. So, what makes these beach partying Yahoos so dangerous? Well, they are acting like Floridians. And Covid 19 in Florida is tanking. And people are working and having fun. They are busting the narrative, they are showing us that the Emperor has no clothes and the First Doctor has no clue.

    Harvey, those “Yahoos” as you call them You better thank them because they will be saving our a$$es because they are living life as it should be lived. And by calling them the term that you did, instead of calling them British Columbia citizens, you have set the tone of the article.

    So, Harvey, you have taken to call fellow BCers “Yahoos”. Don’t be surprised if these very folks, and others, may be tempted to call you an “Effing Moron”.

  4. George In Richmond,

    I AGREE!

    Harvey is a well known classic news journalist who yes, has mostly retired from the trade he was adept at for many years. He though has lost the plot on SARS-cov-2 WuHan Flu and comes across as bit paranoid and maybe he fears if he were to contract it, that it will kill him, I don’t know.

    But his inconsistencies especially what appears to be over constitutional rights issues is troubling. His lack of investigative journalism over all the last year of Covid 19 stuff and the troubles as well as what should be honest concerns over the roll out of the experimental mRNA jabs, which he mistakenly calls vaccines, behooves his once quite notable news journalistic career. But then again he also suffers badly from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    I try to give Harvey greater latitude because his career was exceptional as a news journalist , but he is seemingly missing things that should be of concern today.

  5. George,
    Ah, interesting. So the danger began in 2004……… 😉

    Here is the US if they can obtain tax from it the “wink and collect” supersedes any health concern.

  6. First off before I make my point, I hope and I pray that all these things to make SARS-cov-2, WuHan Flu end including the mRNA injections are all above the board and result is positive effects. I do so in hopes that everyone who reads my points made and often similar points by others can end up with you all laughing at us if all we say is to be proven wrong. Proving me and others who speak as I an we do here wrong would mean the collective of humanity escaped a total global catastrophe. SO YES! I hope one day and soon you all who mock or argue my and others’ points being wrong can laugh at me and us.

    This said, the more and more I dig deeper into all this Covid 19 stuff including the non vaccine vaccines, mRNA jabs the more I worry that the world is walking towards and soon off a proverbial cliff…. I see in my own looking at things that the effects of what our governments chose to do wrongly with a year of this Covid 19 stuff and more so the speedy implementation of pushing EXPERIMENTAL mRNA injections into the bodies of now hundreds of millions of people globally is the most dangerous thing humans have possibly done to the future of humanity.

    The fact that the talking heads have convinced now out of a year of fear porn to have hundreds of millions of people agree to be guinea pigs in a global injection experiment is to me maybe short of nuclear war the scariest thing I have ever felt for humanity. All for a virus that based on collected facts has a typical survival rate of 99.7% or higher if you are under age 70. If you are over age 80 it’s still like 93%. The Case Fatality Rate of Covid 19 is now exactly in line with typical seasonal flu. A virus that for example in the USA the CDC admits over 94% of those who died with it and not from it had an average of 3.8 co-morbidities. That 78% of Americans who died with Covid 19 were clinically obese. The disease for them was more obesity than a virus.

    OBTW my fellow Canucks, don’t be too smug for I’m sure our Covid 19 deaths are more due to serious co-morbitities too including obesity. If you are under the age of 30 in Canada only 34 Canadians died with Civid 19, but the EXPERTS! want you to take experimental jabs too.

    Now if you are say in your 70’s-80’s and up and choose to take the jab, certainly side effects and possible chronic issues are not to be wanted, but you have had most of your collective lives behind you. A child, a teenager, a 20 something or a 30 something gets these jabs and quite possibly as result of our experts not seeing the longterm threats of the jabs you could maybe suffer for now a 50-60-70+ years of life of a chronic and maybe debilitating set of health issues! All for a virus that if you are under age 30 is near 100% survivable, most of you do not really even get sick with it!

    So yes, call me paranoid against these injections, but by not taking them I and others do not
    CHOOSE to add the risk of what may be from these experimental mRNA injections. “But but but do you not risk Covid 19?” Sure, ok, but facts show myself has a greater that 99.7% chance of survivability from it. I’ll roll with that chance my friends.

    There are many things we can do to help mitigate the negative health effects of any virus and not just Covid 19. The last year has seen me learn more about immune systems, viruses, health supplements, stress control (BTW with no help from my various governments, bureaucracies and media on that one!) and to try to eat better, exercise a bit more (yeah and those EFFERS shut down gyms and outdoor sports!) and yes my desire to get closer to Jesus, as I do my best to keep this all in check.

  7. I am going to be a bit more stark than Les, as, judging from what I am seeing the citizenry doing at this particular moment and the moments building up to today, I (and many of us) am facing one of two futures.
    Either I will be laughed at or I will be slated for a re-education camp. If it is the former, then quite fine by me as it means we have emerged from this in a manner that has preserved our way of life. Mocking and derision is a small price to pay to enjoy life as we hope it would be and should be. If it is the latter. Well, then we are all screwed as it is very small club and nobody that frequents PSR is a member and no, no matter how much you virtue signal, you will not be eaten last.

    Folks, this movie has been played before. It’s from 1933 and called “Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich”.

  8. So I’m watching some WPIX out of New York and the pushing Covid 19 vaccines commercials is simply incredible. The person voicing the vaccine commercials says things like.

    The vaccines are safe and effective? How the Hell can they be allowed to say this given there is no FDA approval but only Emergency Use Authorization? They do not have conclusive evidence on effectiveness in especially in the longer term.

    How can the FDA and even the FCC allow such unverified information to push the vaccines on t.v. to New Yorkers?

  9. Excellent link to video George. Any persons with a critical thinking process will watch this video and use said process the be more properly informed. Those who do not think but only follow the narrative will not see the points in the video.

    Here are the fundamental differences between Canada and the USA.

    In the US Constitution are the words, LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

    In The Canadian Charter are the words. PEACE, ORDER and GOOD GOVERNMENT.

    Two diametrically opposed sets of values. One, the US one is about freedom, the respect of life and essentially minimal government. The other, the Canadian one is 100% Socialist dogma, no words of freedom, nor respect of individual life. But most Canadians haven’t a clue.

    The US Constitution and attached Bill of Rights, are written on limiting government interference on rights as those rights are inalienable. Yes, yes, I know governments and even courts have and do attack said rights in the USA, but the remedy to protect the rights of Americans is written.

    In Canada and likely most other nations, rights are given or extended to by the will of society, aka: The Government. The remedies to to fix government transgressions of rights are more limited or stunted.

    As to the linked video George asking what will we do? Well most of us do not have the courage to follow let alone lead. It’s not a sin but a fault in human thinking and fear. We may not have an abundance of courage but we can choose not to be quiet in cowardice. To those around us who do have immense courage here is a notable quote:

    “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”

    ― William Shakespeare,

  10. Speaking of COVID. I wish Les would STOP calling covid real when it is not. It has never been isolated. There is even a one million dollar bounty now looking for PROOF of this fake virus.

    In other news. Fraulein Jody WOKE Vance keeps pushing the NON-vaccine vaccine. I would ask that you look at these tweets then watch the video that follows. WARNING….it is very scary.

    Here’s Jody WOKE Vance pushing the NON-vaccine vaccine with her pal FAKE dr Jason Kindrachuck whom I emailed by the way. I asked FAKE dr Jason for PROOF of the fake virus which he could not provide.


    Here is Fraulein Jody WOKE Vance pushing your (non) right to travel freely in our now NAZI’ized society.


    Finally here is Fraulein Jody WOKE Vance pushing CASES CASES CASES which most thinking people know is a fraud because the use the FRAUD PCR test.


    Now……here is the scary video. Clif High has been right about a great many things. I respect him. But don’t take his word for it…..I have seen many more videos like this from actual health professionals. The only cool thing about it is when Clif discusses how Fraulein Jody WOKE Vance’s masters will be taken down. Enjoy !!


  11. Richard,

    I understand your discussion, but my arguments are based on hi-liting lies and distortions by government, bureaucracy and the fake news media that I hope more people will be wiling to see. Though your points are more than worth of discussing, I feel most people (being fed bullshite and lies 24/7) will not quickly accept the argument you make no matter how worthy.

    I feel more pushback is attained if we can logically and with common sense show the errors, lies and even vile evil being pushed on our global society for now over 1 year with the Sars-cov-2 Wuhan flu precedent.

    The ILLEGAL lockdowns, various other mandates and destruction of normal human life is what we need to fight to wake up the sheep as well as hi-lite the ever growing issues and potential catastrophe over the not a vaccine but mRNA injections.

    Certainly your argument over the lack of apparent evidence of genome proof over Covid 19 is a worthy discussion. But Richard I feel the brainwashed sheep with 1 year of CIOVID FEAR PORN are already hard to wake up and to try to have critically think. They will not likely be as easy to accept your arguments even if they are to be true. I hope you see my point? I am just picking battles that I feel may have more weight.

    This last year has shown me how easy it is to have otherwise normal, rational people cave to nonsense, fear and lies put forth by our disgusting and vile governments, bureaucrats, sold out health officials and a morally and professionally bankrupted mainstream FAKE NEWS media, including the powers to be at social media.


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