CNN Host Chris Cuomo Says White People’s Kids Need to ‘Start Getting Killed’ to Prompt Police Reform

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By Cassandra Fairbanks

The Gateway Pundit

April 18, 2021

CNN host Chris Cuomo says that there won’t be police reform or gun control until “your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed.”

Cuomo’s solution is not something that should be put out in the universe given how Black Lives Matter militants have repeatedly claimed that they want to achieve their goals by “any means necessary.”

“Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they’ll change,” said Cuomo during a monologue on his show Cuomo Prime Time. “[When] your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed.”

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  1. Those words by the idiot Coumo should result in his firing. He is not just speaking an opinion but can be construed as incitement.

    Yelling fire in a crowded movie theatre where there is none, will not get you charged with the speech, but the consequences of your speech and its incitement to cause public panic.

    Since CNN is according to Project Veritas hidden videos, no longer is a news network but is a vile, lying propaganda network the FCC really should begin to investigate the networks, fine it or revoke its license, if its message is of inciting crime and violence.


    They are sometime out of the need for their necessity shooting violent or potentially violent criminals regardless of age who are using or trying to use illegally obtained firearms in committing crimes.

    Cops want to go home at the end of their shifts too. Criminals or those in the process of committing crimes have done, attempt to and do shoot (with their illegally attained guns) cops who are just doing their jobs.

    Regardless of age, if you do not resist arrest, do not flee from cops, and or use or attempt to use firearms on cops or the public will almost certainly not result in you being possibly killed by cops. PERIOD STOP!

    BTW in the USA more black criminals shoot and kill cops than cops shoot and kill black criminals.

    94% of all American black homicides are committed by blacks in the USA. They should stop killing and or committing other violence on each other.

    The Democrat Jesse Jackson is quoted:

    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

  3. Awesome comments all around!
    FN…Cuomo tripped over his ego, hit his head on the set & hasn’t been the same since..Les: agree totally..

  4. Why anyone would employ Cuomo is beyond me. His statements are beyond stupid. The facts and numbers from the FBI have dis-proven him but he and the media continue to stoke the coals. People from all races have died from police shootings. Considering the crime rate in the Black community this isn’t surprising. Go to any Bond court in any major city across the nation and look at who is represented.

    55% of US murder victims are at the hands of Blacks while they represent only 13% of the population. (much less 5-6% if you consider only Black men)

    If we are going to have an honest discussion we need to address the elephant in the room which is the 3rd rail to politicians and the media.

  5. CJ…your one line statement so moronic. That kid is out at 3 am in a gang infested neighbourhood

    with a 21 year old criminal! What the hell is the cop supposed to do? To the cop it’s a kid’s life,

    whatever the age, vs his own. CJ, if you’re the cop, what’s your choice?

  6. I’m no fan of CC, but he is 100% correct. America was founded on the racism that still – sadly – exists until this very day. The rate of fatal police shootings among Black Americans was much higher than that for any other ethnicity, standing at 35 fatal shootings per million of the population as of March 2021.

  7. BobbyBee,

    America was not founded on racism, but was founded on the principles of liberty. Compared to a whole slate of truly racist nations in our world, the USA is among the least racist on Earth. No other developed nation has done more to create a place where any and all can choose to pursue their own dreams of happiness and success than the USA.

    For such a B. S. spun as racist nation, it is amazing how many people of all stripes want to live in the USA legally and even illegally.

    The rate of fatal police shootings among blacks is as it is because no one race in the USA has per capita more criminal/suspect encounters with the police than sadly black Americans. In fact the typical law abiding black American have statistically no higher negative numbers of police encounters than other races/ethnicities.

    Black America is where it’s at due to decades of liberal induced ideology and welfare state with liberal /Democrat politicians using race and big government to by design try to keep especially black Americans down.

    The number one problem that has the crime rate among Black Americans in the USA is the broken home and single mother household. Prior to the Civil Rights Bill being unnecessarily made into law 1964, which then expanded big government and the welfare state, the typical black household only saw about 25% single mothers, most of those were likely due to the fathers dying at work or in war, not so much to divorce for the black household use to be among the most socially conservative and religious.

    Fast Forward and by the 1990’s the rate of single mother black households had risen to 75%. No other racial/ethnic demographic in the USA has been so devastated by the breakdown of a two parent, mother and father household than the black American household.

    Something like 95% of black males with criminal records in the USA had/have no father in their homes and lives…. Virtually all of this is the fault of liberalism, the attack on faith and the disgusting Democrat Party of America. The Democrat Party (and actually all liberal-left parties in the western world) is as vile or worse and evil as the Former Soviet Union CCCP was. Maybe worse for everyone knew who the damned Commies were in the USSR /East Bloc. The liberal-left agenda in the west and hi-lighted by the Democrat Party in the USA is more putrefying for they hide behind a facade of (faux) compassion.

    I could go on for hours here tearing apart the lies and distortions of the Democrat Party and all liberal-left parties in the western world nations.

  8. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. The second is that America is racist. Sorry don’t buy the racism bs. Too bad schools teach the lie of racism. Glossed over is that one party was the party of racism while the other freed the slaves. America voted a black president not once but twice. This Cuomo comment was for one reason and one reason only, “If it bleeds it leads.” Cuomo is trying to stay relevant just like the pathetic Geraldo Rivera. They push this racism narrative to continue to divide a country. When a black officer dies you don’t get the backlash like this. Remember David Dorn a black retired cop was shot in the St. Louis riots by a black man. But if its white on black, RACISM. Folks, Ashli Babbit was shot and killed on January 6. We still don’t know who shot her and that officer won’t be charged. The officer is said to have been black but they won’t say. Yes the officer shouted orders for her to not come through the broken window. A white Minneapolis cop shot and killed a black man thinking she was shooting her taser at him. She too shouted for him to stop resisting but she is charged with murder! Morgan Freeman said it best in this interview with Mike Wallace.

  9. BobbyBee

    Please explain who is shooting and killing the mostly African American Males in Chicago every year, every single weekend the high numbers of Black on Black Shootings continue to climb, just how many of those shootings are carried out by Police ?

    There were almost 800 mostly African American Black Males killed in Chicago in 2020 and media pay little attention to those numbers because it is mostly Black on Black .

    There were almost 5,000 African Americans shot and killed in Chicago over the past 10 years, again, mostly Black on Black and Media do little more than shrug their shoulders at those horrible numbers, where are Politicians on this ? Where are YOU on this ?

    Let us also keep in mind that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S. .

    I have spent more time in Chicago than the Mayor of Chicago and there are very few “Safe Spaces” anywhere in that city and there are thousands more African Americans shot than actually killed by guns, what are your comments regarding that fact ?

    As to your comments regarding the “Racist America” ?

    Please inform of the last time you saw two or three hundred U.S. Citizens of any skin tone, religion, or ethnicity rush down to the beach in Miami, cobble together a raft out of old cigar boxes and row off to Cuba, Venezuela, or any other Valhalla you might name .

    If the USA is so Racist why are there literally millions of people (especially visible minorities ) doing everything they can to escape their own countries/paradise and enter into the USA to find a better life for their families and themselves ?

  10. BMCQ,

    A few year back I was online searching for Chicago demographics. I found a district by district breakdown maps of Chicago. Two were quite revealing to me.

    The first was once labeling race demographics in the Chicago Metro area. Chicago like most bigger cities tends to balkanize on racial/ethnic points. This first map showed the areas that were majority White, majority Asian, majority Latino and majority Black. Obviously White majority areas were the largest in the city and were marked in blue, Asian majority, near downtown mostly were marked in green, Latino if I remember (mostly outside the center or northern areas and more to South Central were marked light pinkish, Blacks were mostly south side, south west side and were marked in red.

    The second map was the same areas broken down in homicide rates. It blew mind the areas wth the lowest crime in Chicago were the few Asian majority districts and they had if recall correctly a homicide rate of <0.5 deaths per 100,000 (That is lower than even most or every city in Canada). The next lowest homicide rates overlaid exactly the white majority districts which ranged from about 0.5 to 1.5 deaths per 100,000 and that is typical of even most Canadian cities. As the map showed next were the majority Latino districts and their homicide rate shot up notably, I'm going off my memory but it was like between 2.5 and 5 deaths per 100,000. Finally the black majority districts and the sadness of homicides as their rates were like 5.0 deaths and higher per 100,000.

    The two maps, first again on race majority by districts and second by homicide rates per 100,000, overlaid virtually identical. It was interesting and sad at the same time.

    The interesting thing is if one looks back 100 years, they will see that the crime rate and homicide rate in black majority communities of the USA were as low or lower than the benchmark white majority communities. What changed? First the enacting of the Civil Rights Act, an act unneeded as it was designed to actually segregate and ultimately make faux victims of black and other minorities. This would be the crux for greater intervention by government, bureaucracy and the welfare state especially in the more and more marginalized black community.

    Democrat politics would use this all to indoctrinate blacks to vote as a block. No other single demographic in the USA has been more conditioned to vote as a block (90%+ vote Democrat ) than the black community. Only President Trump was able to crack that block and he was lied about and shat on by the vile and evil Democrat Party and all media water carriers for it.

    OBTW to my fellow Canucks, our Liberal and NDP parties (Greens would be no better if they had a bigger voice in our politics ) have done and do similar, mostly with our Aboriginal communities. The exact same disgusting leftist policies and ideals (many I once supported when I was a libtard) have so damaged our Aboriginal communities (Oh and these political parties are doing it to other minorities in Canada as well now) that we have nothing to be proud about it as Canadians.

    Yes, the greatest lie ever told was that Satan does not exist. Not only does he exist, but he is in the minds, corrupting them and has taken the souls of most every Democrat politician in the USA and every liberal-left politicians in the western world. 🙁

  11. The only thing White people need to do NOW is to change the channel.

    Put these ridiculous “news” organisations out of business. Stop watching them.

    Stop buying products that support this crazy agenda:
    Choose Pepsi over Coke, Delta over United, use Great Value blades instead of Gilette.

    We actually have power, if only we will STAND!

  12. why bother ?

    You are correct. But not only white people but any persons who live in the USA and western world who truly know and understand that THE WEST IS BEST! The western world became and is the only great society ever. All others are to some degree sh*t holes.

    Those with certain vile agendas all carried by a most corrupted media must be hit back and hit hard as most of us can do it by better watching where and what we spend our hard earned dollars on.

    Woke corporations including controlled media must not be supported with our money where ever we can avoid to. They are able to be so nutty right now because they feel or believe they will not suffer at the cash register.

    Never forget folks, Money talks, Bullsh*t walks. Hit them all in the wallets. And yes too, turn the channel and get off their social media platforms. Paying for your servitude to this cult of evil is just stupid!

  13. Cephas

    With all due respect I suggest we all allow the PSR Staff decide who runs this blog, if I see something I do not want to read or if I feel a post is too long or too “Whacked Out” I simply just pass on by .

    Facts do matter and sometimes it might take a few paragraphs to make and support a point .

    The modern day tragedy that is taking place in Chicago that is being ignored by media needs to be discussed, there are thousands of humans being killed in as few as two bloody years, don’t you think it might be worth a few paragraphs ?

    Do you have anything of consequence to offer ?

  14. BTW


    Agreed !

    Martin Luther King Marched and Fought so Citizens of the U.S. could ALL be Equal, MLK taught people that NO ONE PERSON should be more important or have more rights than any other human being regardless of ethnicity, religion, skin tone, or station in life .

    Unfortunately because of PC SJW, Social Engineers, Politicians who have “Weaponized Race” a compliant and complicit Media, and “Race Pimps” the U.S., Canada, the EU, and the now Free UK have with nonsensical PC Legislation ensured that indeed some citizens of those countries named are “MORE EQUAL” than others simply based on the colour of their skin, that IS NOT what what MLK Marched and Died for !

    Society has now entered a time when people that wish to get a seat in an Institution of Higher Learning, if one wants to work in government at any level, get a job on the Fire department, Police Department, secure a spot in a TV Ad, a News Anchor on TV, or many other desired places of employment you had better not be a Pudgy” White Heterosexual Male” you have almost no chance of succcess securing employment .

    How might that make a 18 – 35 year old White Heterosexual Male feel ? Do you think that makes him feel better and confident about his future ? What would YOU think if it was YOU, please comment on that CEPHAS but PLEASE be brief .

    Then let’s also consider the fact that IVY League Universities in the U.S. are even more “RACIST” those Institutions of Higher Learning actually have “Quotas” which ensure that “Asian” Students with Higher Entrance Marks and Exams are excluded because of the fact that THEY happen to do better with Grades . Imagine EXCLUDING Asian Students because of the fact that they are Better and More qualified than any other given Ethnic group!

    Talk about “Reverse Racism” !!! Whatever happened to MERIT ?

    Chris Cuomo of CNN is a great supporter of all of the PC SJW BS that is “Choking” the very lifeblood out of what we had strived for for over 100 years, Cuomo like most of his PC SJW peers all believe and support everything I have pointed out they are forever pushing AGAINST almost everything the ?Great Martin Luther King believed in and marched for .

    Equality for ALL, “Equity only means that some are “More Equal” than others .

    You did NOT hear Cuomo, Don Le Mon, Jake, Rachel, or any of the other PC SJW Media types mention anything about this did you ?

    Please take a few minutes to read this and then do everything you can to grasp exactly what is taking place in the classroom each and every day, it is absolutely sickening .

    Then there is this

    I would love to hear what you think about this Cephas, I hope I was not too brief for you .

    Enjoy the day !

  15. I will tells others the following from time to time when such social/economic issues are discussed.

    Life is not fair, it never was and it never will be, so get over it. As soon as a person comes to understand this fact will be the sooner that they break the chains that bind them to a point of view or ideology of making life fair for all. As long as persons chain themselves to an ideology that can never be and is ultimately life stifling, they will never have the freedom to make efforts to better their own lives.

    Enforced equality is a prison no person should want to live in. Judging people equally under the law is one thing. Offering equality of opportunity is a fine motive, even at that it is impossible to truly offer all the same equality of opportunity. People are at different way points in life, different locations and different sets of personal circumstances to all be offered at all times equality of opportunity. No matter what I did not have the skills, ambition, right place at the right time to become say the next Wayne Gretzky. Should society have forced the Edmonton Oilers of the day to allow me to play on their club just so that I had the opportunity Wayne Gretzky had? Of course not! So in theory equality of opportunity is noble as long as it’s within a reference point of logic and common sense.

    This leads to the toxic ideal of equality of outcomes, a Marxist ideology. As much as equality of opportunity though again noble is unable to be met at all times through society, the forcing of people to equality of outcomes is the most vile of social and economic ideals.

    Imagine if the Edmonton Oilers of the day, Coach Sather drew up lines and made sure each line was equally apportioned to some arbitrary equality quotient and given equal ice time each game, how would have have worked for the Oilers? NOT WELL! Imagine Wayne Gretzky, Yari Kurri, Mark Messier having no more ice time during a game than the 4th. line forwards? Imagine Paul Coffey having no more time on defence than the number 6 or 7 defenceman on the roster?

    Better yet imagine the NHL of the day forcing Gretzky to play with say 50lbs. of dead weight on his body, or with dull skates or a flimsy hockey stick all to equal the outcomes of the games….There is your damned equality of outcomes.

    The subversion of the western world through general Marxist ideology has been going on since at least the 1960’s and we are seeing its toxicity today and it will only end badly for all, but worse for the sycophants who live to this warped, inhuman, civil rights stealing leftist ideology.

    So one more time let me tell you all this, Life is not fair, it never has been an it never will be, so get over it. The sooner you understand and accept this , the sooner you breaks the chains that bind you to this idiot ideology and the sooner you actually become free.

  16. No such person is more vile to humanity, dignity and freedom than that is a COMMUNIST! (a Socialist is just a Communist who still has not used guns to persecute others).

    Pol Pots of the Khmer Rouge displayed his Communist degeneracy during his reign of terror. One of the things he did was to forced people who wore glasses to not be allowed to wear glasses, Why do you ask? Because his regime knew/believed that those who wore eyeglasses could also then read and they could be a threat by spreading their knowledge gained to others who may not be able to read. His regime also forced professors, journalists and engineers and such out to the farming fields (the killing fields) to keep them and their intelligence away from informing the greater population.

    Fidel Castro, (Justin’s biological dad ???) was known to have his army strongmen round up homosexual males and put them in general prison population. If you lefties do not think that was bad enough, he did not stop there. In order for these male homosexuals to not be allowed to hide their homosexual identity from what would likely be rabid, angry inmates, Good Ole Fidel made sure that these men who are not guilty of a crime per se (even if one thinks it is a moral issue) were forced to wear makeup, lipstick, mascara and such, all to not be able to hide from potential prison tormentors. How many met extreme violence and death by such? Come on you lefties who love this grand ole Commie jerk.

    The hero of the leftist labour movement especially in government unions Che Guevara is on record saying he personally executed at least 1,500 people by shooting them in the back of their heads. SOME EFFING HERO!

    Or what about Ole Stalin? You lefties ever heard about Holodomor? Stalin and his Commie pricks starved at least 3 million Ukrainians to death. If a farm had its food taken by the government, if the farmer hid just some scraps to feed his family and was caught he and all the males of the farm were summarily executed.

    Lets look at the grandest genocidist, Chairman Mao. His Communist regime is estimated to have killed directly or indirectly (mostly through starvation) over 70 million Chinese, but then again who really knows? If you were a Chinese man and had a wife, if Good Chairman Mao coveted her, he would have his henchmen take her away from you and your family and essentially hold her for his own sexual pleasures. Oh Yeh the POS never brushed his teeth and never took any baths. Imagine how much he stank.

    To think In Canada we today actually have a Communist at the head of our number three political party and a man who now wants Canada to fall under Martial Law, NDP Leader Singh. To also think our current PM is enamoured by the Communist dictatorship style of China is today, to me so utterly repulsive that any… REPEAT ANY! Canadians who would cast a vote for either man, makes me sick 🙁


  17. BMCQ/Les

    No real consequence to offer. I’ve just always believed less is more.

    You asked what would I think if it was me? If you can’t already detect my conservative views, that’s a silly question.
    I don’t need you to ask me to grasp exactly what’s going on in our classrooms. I’m sure I’m as up to date as you are.
    And the sarcasm in your second last line sucks.

  18. bobbybee,

    It must be nice imparting your 21 st. century views on slavery to those of the 18th. and 19th. centuries. But did you know black Americans also a owned black slaves back then? I bet not.

    Did you know blacks in Africa due to rabid tribalism (which still exists in Africa today) were the ones who captured and sold blacks as slaves to the rest of the world? I bet not.

    Did you know that most blacks sold as slaves did not come to the USA but most went to South America? Only about 300,000 black Africans sold into slavery by other black Africans went to the USA.

    Only about 3% of the US population kept slaves during those times.

    If I recall correctly every founding father of the USA abhorred slavery and wanted it abolished as soon as possible from say the beginnings of the USA. But you must understand context of the times and that it just was not something that could at the click of fingers end… Yeah, yeah I know your 21st. century self-righteousness drives your POV, but try to put your mind if you can into 18th. century and even 19th century times.

    The USA and Great Britain were two of the first nations of outlaw the human slave trade.

    The smug self righteousness of many today to use their 21st. century views to condemn
    a mindset of a era that you all have no clue about or experience of is really troubling.

    Today millions of blacks are still sold into slavery, but not to those ‘awful white majority nations’, but mostly to North African and Middle Eastern Islamic majority states. But just as Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo claims, ” LOOK NO TEARS!” seemingly from any of you.

  19. Cephas,

    I’m sorry I do not understand what you are referring to in you last post that included me in it. I don’t recall me calling you out in any negative way. I’d be happy to clear things up over this if you would make clear to me exactly what it was. Peace out though.

  20. One fact that should be remembered is that 620,000 Americans died in the civil war to end slavery. Name another country that did anything on that scale. If you want to see slavery in 2021 on a large scale, (and much more than America ever was) go to China, India, Pakistan, or North Korea. People today are very myopic in their views. Politicians have tunnel vision. Sad really.

    People (mainly politicians, media, and academia) are fast trying to re-write history and change facts to fit agendas. It’s repugnant.

  21. Les:
    My first sentence refers to your ‘18-35 year old’ paragraph.
    My second sentence refers to your ‘Please take a few minutes…grasp’ paragraph.
    My third sentence refers to ‘I hope I was not too brief’ near the end.


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