Calgary church pastor’s video confronting police goes viral

Calgary Police back off after Pastors words…

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski was praised by opponents of lockdowns

By Edmund DeMarche 

Fox News

April 5, 2021

The pastor of a church in Calgary uploaded a video of his encounter with police and other officials from the city there to ensure that the church was following COVID-19 guidelines, and the interaction went viral.

CTV News reported that Pastor Artur Pawlowski, the head of Calgary’s Street Church in Alberta, Canada, was holding a service on Saturday at the Fortress (Cave) of Adullam when the officers entered the building.

Pawlowski, who filmed the encounter, addressed the officials in a stairwell outside the sanctuary

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  1. Good on this Pastor,

    THIS IS HOW WE PUSH BACK! If most of us would do similar this year long crap and nonsense would quickly stop!

    This Pastor looks to be Polish, he likely has experience of living under tyranny. I am sure this is a big part of why he did what he did and spoke what he spoke to those tin plate badge wearing thugs.. THOSE ARE NOT POLICE OFFICERS BUT LIKE HE SAID [MINDLESS DRONE] GESTAPO and the bitch yapping away is a useless bureaucrat who has no mind of her own as well.

    Both of my parents lived under Soviet led domination and tyranny. They have seen this type of shite before. They never thought it would happen in a place like Canada nor any western nations. 🙁

  2. What an asshat. If he gave a crap about his congregation’s health, he would hold his service online or outside.

    But I guess the rattle of the collection plate was too much to resist…

  3. Another Nodding Head
    What an asshat. If he gave a crap about his congregation’s health, he would hold his service online or outside.

    His congregations health? For the FAKE virus? Here we are folks. Another brainwashed idiot who thinks the virus is real. The FRAUD PCR test is valid. And who thinks the Gene Editing Drug NON-vaccine vaccine…….is safe.

    I guess the Lord will be seeing this idiot soon…

  4. I watched the video. What a wonderful display of balls and courage. The Pastor has true passion.
    Look out Bullshit Bonnie, your turn to hear the truth will come. And it will be a very bitter pill to swallow.

  5. Another Nodding Head.

    The Pastor does not force any of his congregation to attend the church. They make the conscious decision to attend this church for services.

    Unlike you seem to be here they do not look to have faux mommy or daddy government make their choices for themselves. They like ALL adults should be left to make respectful but also appropriate choices for their own lives in this and other regards in normal civil life.

    People want to be free in general and not to be treated as children are in being carefree.

  6. Wouldn’t it be ironic to discover by this time next year it is discovered that masks are a contributing element to spreading this virus?

    In my opinion there are so many half truths, lies and exaggerations and episodes of fake news spins, propaganda and uninformed opinions and just blatant ignorance regarding COVID, that it is literally impossible to do anything other than to trust one’s own gut based on a lifetime of experience with insanity. Shut down the noise and do what you feel is the best for you and your families. Tune out anyone shouting from the rooftops and you will do much better. That includes the politicians who have the credibility factor just below used cars salesmen and Satan.

  7. We hear people are dying from covid.
    If the virus is a hoax, what are these people actually dying from?
    Heard of a heart attack death being attributed to covid, in Canada.
    If the virus is not a hoax, why would there be a need to list other causes of death as covid?

  8. Remember when Jody FAR LEFT WOKE Vance was pushing the terrorist group Black Lives Matter?

    How’s that working out?

    Also Jody FAR LEFT WOKE Vance continuing to push the NON-vaccine vaccine along with the rest of the FAKE NEWS she works with. This is GREAT NEWS !! Soon the FAKE NEWS will all be dead and we won’t have to deal with the FAKE NEWS.

  9. This is just the beginning. Today, Wednesday April 7, REBEL Media is broadcasting LIVE from Grace church outside of Edmonton. RCMP has sealed the property, changed the locks, erected a fence to keep worshippers out. This will NOT end well. Surprisingly, so-called “mainstream” media IS covering this story, but only REBEL is allowed on the property.

  10. Again folks, I warn any persons especially within the media, bureaucracy, government or advocacy groups PUSHING, COERCING, INTIMIDATING OR MANDATING the injection of experimental mRNA inoculations (they are not vaccines) into a general population may very well find themselves one day brought up on charges of participating in Crimes against Humanity. SOME OF YOU LAUGH ALL YOU WANT BUT DON’T LAUGH TOO HARD!

    Not even the Nazi Concentration camp guards got off scot free. Nuremberg Trials and subsequent Codes are historic in evidence. These experimental inoculations ARE NOT APPROVED BY MOST ANY NATIONAL GOVERNING BODIES! They are only given experimental ok, for emergency use! To push, coerce, force, demand, intimidate any persons to participate even against their will in this massive (fear mongering ) medical experiment, by ones’ own words or rhetoric in public or private may and I believe will one day be found as contributory to Crimes against Humanity.

    Idiots like Jody Vance and most of our mainstream media, social media class, celebrities, governments, bureaucrats, doctors, nurses and the likes must be made aware they are pushing things THAT THEY REALLY HAVEN’T A CLUE ABOUT! Even medical professionals have no idea of the effects and consequences of these non vaccine vaccines! These have not been studied nor fully tested long enough, hence why administrating bodies globally have NOT approved for use of any of these mRNA gene therapy injections.

    So some of you may laugh at my post here, but be careful because if and a good chance when we find these mRNA injections have and are causing massive injuries including for many chronic life long injuries and many deaths, GLOBAL OUTRAGE WILL DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY!!! Nuremberg 2.0 may be the next result.

    Ha ha ha I hear from some, but I ask you this. From 1933 to 1945 did any of the German Nazis, SS and wilful participants of atrocities, experiments, torture and death ever think they would be put on a global trial from 1946-1947 for Crimes against Humanity? I dare say few if any ever thought that would be their final result. So for some of you here who may be laughing at me, think…. And those who irresponsibly push, coerce, intimidate and or demand inoculations of experimental mRNA therapies into even unwilling souls… BE CAREFUL OF YOUR RHETORIC, THE INTERNET NEVER FORGETS!

  11. Remember all those decades of MTV spring break where college kids partied like rock stars or jail inmates? They are your leaders now. They learned they can do anything they please, cops are a problem (because they arrest their drug dealer friends) and that communism is HIPSTER TRENDY because they can like kill off all the stupid peasants who like don’t agree with them and stuff.



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