Bonnie versus Bonnie (Updated)


Canadian Doctors speak out and new Canada health Alliance
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The CANADA HEALTH ALLIANCE is a non-profit collaboration of medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners from across Canada whose common goal is to protect the rights of our patients to access the highest quality healthcare available, continued freedom of choice, and autonomy through informed consent.

Our goal is to counter the misinformation, censorship, and coercion that is being used by Canadian public health “experts”, government agencies and our elected government representatives to target Canadians during the COVID crisis. These coercive measures have been used to insure acceptance of health policies that have undoubtedly caused physical and psychological harm, with no apparent health benefits. This damage, whether intentional or a result of incompetence, has involved individuals, families, communities, provinces, and the entire fabric of the Canadian nation.

We, as professionals informed by current research oppose these public health measures:

  • COVID-19 vaccination with inadequately trialed, experimental gene-modifying products
  • Mismanagement of hospitals and other medical facilities with unnecessary COVID restrictions
  • The use of an inappropriate and misapplied test i.e. RT-PCR to determine policies
  • Lockdowns of businesses
  • Closure of churches and other places of worship
  • Closure of facilities such as schools, daycares, gyms and special needs care centres
  • Closure of playgrounds, parks, and other recreational facilities
  • Hand-washing with disinfectants
  • Physical distancing
  • Mask wearing
  • Social isolation
  • Quarantine of asymptomatic people
  • Misrepresentation of the COVID situation in the media
  • The use of fear and other psychological manipulation to coerce the public into following harmful mitigation measures
  • The lack of transparency and accountability of public health agencies
  • The failure to promote evidence based preventative and therapeutic treatments

These policies instigated by public health departments across the nation are not based on solid, peer-reviewed scientific or medical research. The “scientific evidence” upon which these harmful policies are based has either not been provided to the public or withstood scrutiny by unbiased epidemiologists, virologists, infectious disease specialists, scientists or general researchers. This abuse of power and lack of transparency by a handful of bureaucrats, whose intention appears solely to burden and subjugate the Canadian population, cannot be tolerated and, in many cases, constitute crimes against humanity.

If you are a medical doctor, nurse, chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare practitioner or health and wellness practitioner, and would like to join us in this endeavor, please visit our Membership page.  

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  1. Don’t wear a mask, wear a mask. The vaccine is effective, we need to pause the Astrazeneca. Cases are going up, while deaths going down. ICU’s getting flooded, but actually beds in ICU set aside for Wuhan virus are getting full, the rest of ICU at normal levels, considering they are less now that some are dedicated to the Wuhan virus. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be superspreaders, but they were not. Our data taken from the WHO show massive increases will take place, but they never do. Children do not get sick or hospitalized and do not infect people, but they need to be vaccinated anyway. The vaccine is approved and safe (well, actually it is allowed, under the Emergencies Measure Act). The vaccine is effective, well actuallly it is a gene therapy and not a vaccine. The vaccine will …. will what? It does not act like a measels vaccine actually preventing you from getting measels. 14 days to flatten the curve, well, 14 weeks, no 14 months now.
    In any job I have ever done, from working in the mines relining ball mills, to doing endocrine disrupter studies in the Arctic Circle, these are signs of a person who has no Effing idea of what the Eff they are doing.
    Fake News, your pound sign BullshitBonnie is quite apropros. I have my own based on my opinion of what she has wrought upon this province: #BonnieTheButcher

  2. Yes, this is someone who sets public health policy based on their competence and understanding of ‘the science’? Appalling.

  3. Other than towing the status quo line pushed on us all, Dr. Henry is really enjoying her 15 minutes of limelight. Lets be clear, 1.5 years ago how many would have known who Bonnie Henry was and her position? FEW IF ANY OF US! But the Wuhan Coronavirus, SAR’s -cov -2 has made her a celebrity and the same with the other SO-CALLED health experts globally. NONE OF THEM HAVE MISSED A PAYCHEQUE! Dr. Henry is said to be the highest paid bureaucrat in B.C.

    She has been so damned busy fighting the virus of ‘DEATH’ over the last year she found time to write a damned book! Talk about rubbing our noses in it. She like all her health experts compatriots are the same narcissistic shills. She loves this and could not give a crap about any people in B.C. nor their needles struggles to her heavy handed mandates.

    Premier Horgan is NEUTERED and a spineless politician who is NOT A LEADER! He lets unpaid bureaucrats write policy! He may as well be a Joe Biden clone for his usefulness. All too many other politician are the same globally.

    But our population is filled with SCARDE SH*TLESS SHEEP! buying the Bullsh*t of the virus and its fear based lethality. A virus that if you are under age 70 has a 99.7% or better survival rate. Even if you are over 80 it’s like 93% and lets be honest when you are in your 80’s many things can strike you down. A virus that on any given day finds less than or no more than 0.5% sick with it needing hospital care. 99.5% or higher suffer minimal to mild conditions. NONE OF OUR HOSPITALS NOR ICU’S ARE BEING OVER RUN WITH COVID 19 PATIENTS!!!!!!

    But too many just gush over Dr. Henry and others right up to and including destroyer and fraud Dr. Fauci……. The true virus is misplaced human fear being stoked by EVIL AND IGNORANCE!

  4. The virus is FAKE
    The PCR test is a fraud
    The “vaccine” is not a vaccine. It’s a Gene Therapy Drug admitted by Poison Pharma themselves

    ALL GOVT is complacent…….this is exactly why there will be Global Revolution. Bolshevik Bonnie and every member of Govt that has been complacent in this Global Khazar Takeover will be held accountable in the years to come and will never ever be able to safely walk the streets again.

    This will take time……but it will happen. Guaranteed. Same goes with the COWARD Police…..they will be held accountable.

  5. This pandemic is like a poker game. You get a lot of incomplete information in real time and you have to fill in the gaps using logic and gut reasoning. Later in the game when trends start becoming more apparent, you revise the previous information you received and reevaluate the conclusions you previously made.

    In a perfect world, everything we know now would have been in place in March 2020. But I don’t blame public health and government officials for making a misstep or two along the way.

    They have the choice of not doing enough and catching shit for it, or doing too much and catching shit for it. Personally, I prefer the latter.

  6. I agree Richard, these arrogant politicians, bureaucrats, special interests and such are so full of themselves they are or will be so blind to the eventual smash back the society will take on them. The street justice is coming and more so that there will be a Nuremberg 2.0. It may not happen tomorrow but it will come. There will be no shortage of people willing to be the global hangmen for all of this either.

  7. Richard,

    Jody Vance, typifies the idiot liberal mindset and their blindness to their own hypocrisy. It is all about feel good virtue signalling with that idiot class of wokeism and libtardeness. Jody and others like her especially in the media, mainstream or social enjoy BEATING THEMSELVES UP TOO! in virtue signalling self loathing hate.

    And before others jump on my post, let me make it clear again that was a liberal virtue signalling, tard for 20-25 years of my life. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IDIOTS LIKE JODY VANCE THINK, FOR I WAS ONCE MUCH LIKE HER AND THOSE OTHERS OF HER WOKE ILK!

    It pains me to admit this but it’s cleansing to my mind, heart and soul. My red pilling took me a few red pills over the last 6-7 years. I’ve have never seen things as clearly as I do now for most of that libtarded virtue signalling shite that filled my head for many years has been flushed out.

    Again and not to blow my horn, but people like me, red pilled former libtards are the SJW, woke, liberal, socialists worst nightmare. I KNOW EXACTLY HOW AND WHAT THEY THINK IN THEIR SELF RIGHTEOUS, SELF LOATHING WAYS!

  8. @Another Nodding Head
    The pandemic is like a RIGGED poker game. For example, the bluff was the Communist Chinese broadcasting all the folks who collapsed while standing. Yet, not a single collapsed while standing video from countries not named China. Upping the ante. Get all your corrupted minions in the UN, WHO and governmental departsments to first say to not restrict travel, to not wear a mask and get this all over the planet. Next bluff is not caring about your own countrymen and women while pretending to as the other countries lockdown. The China pot grows bigger. The poker feint. Getting all you minions mentioned above to dissappear all the research that shows HCQ and Ivermectin works. End result. Everyone except China is folding because the Media and Governments of all stripes have been bought and paid for or have been infiltrated by Communist China.
    As a scientific community , we knew all we had to know last March but were shut out and suppressed beyond belief.
    This will eventually come out, and, as much as I declare myself to abhor and council against this sort of thing, I fear that others will not take kindly to having lost their business or lost loved ones to depression and suicide and will partake in Pitchforks and Torches events that will be worrying to the present day decision makers. I personally want everyone to sing Kumbaya. History tells me that it is inevitable that the outcome will not be as I wish, it will be more along the lines of certain parties always having to look over their shoulder.

  9. @Fake News. No comments from the MSM types, but, you can be rest assured that the powers that be scour the BC internet sites to get a measure of their messaging. PSR is sure to be on their radar and take some satisfaction that dollars to doughnuts, Bonnie “The Commie” Henry, Premier “Stuffed Sausage” Horgan and Adrian Dick-less get briefed on what is said here as they do on other sites such as Rebel News. Quite honestly, those Three Stooges surely are using polling agencies to see how their messaging is coming across, however, they also know that polling does not give them the info they really need and they know that, judging by what is written here, a lot of BCers are not convinced and we are talking with our neighbours, co workers and fellow church goers. Why do you think they want to shut down worship services? They also know that we can do what the MSM can’t, we can reason and make our case with our neighbours, families and friends because we have a track record of being honest and having best intentions. I think that even for myself, I have probably red-pilled at least 30 people over the past 9 months or so. Told them what sites to go to, told them to get on Gab and Telegram. We do not need MSM anymore. We did not leave them, they left us.

  10. The CDC reporting site VAERS has had more deaths due to adverse reactions in just the first 3 months of 2021 than in all of the previous 10 years of vaccine reactions reporting to it combined, COINCIDENCE???? I THINK NOT!

    Something is up at various adverse reactions reporting sites globally since only emergency use authorization for these experimental mRNA injections been approved.

    Myself I have certain allergies to medicines, that alone cause me great worry about the SHITE inside these non vaccine jabs, let alone the experimental part of these injections.

    If a person living life contracts SARS-cov-2, Wuhan virus, there is a 99.5% chance their symptoms will be minor to mild only. About 0.5% of those sick with Covid 19 globally at any given time require medical care. The contraction would be a CHANCE contraction and with a survival rate of over 99.7% if you are under age 70 and again even over age 80 it’s like 93%.

    Choosing to take the experimental mRNA injection is NOT CHANCE, but is choice. The adverse reactions reporting is growing wildly globally, not just many thousands of reported deaths, but now hundreds of thousands of other injuries, many very serious, post taking these injections.

    So yes, every adult has the right to decide if they will take the jab or not. It is fully against Nuremberg codes and other human rights laws to force, threaten or coerce others to take these jabs, and only parents shall have the say for any of their children.

    Now I ask, if you took a revolver and put a bullet in the gun, spun the wheel and put the gun to your head, would you pull the trigger? If you said no, then why not? You have an 85% chance of NOT blowing your brains out. Most would not take that chance for too much is at risk for them. WELL SAME GOES FOR THESE DAMNED NON VACCINE VACCINE SHOTS!

    Yes, again freedom of (informed ) choice, but same goes to choose not to take the jab and to live life as freely as we did before this overblown SARS-cov -2 Wuhan virus shite got going! DO YOU GET IT NOW, YOU VACINE PUSHER THUGS!?!

  11. I noticed a story today that CDC, VAERS site is showing deaths due to adverse reactions just in the first 3 months of 2021 are averaging 8 times more deaths than the yearly number each year since 1990.

    In other words VAERS reported average range of deaths due to vaccine adverse reactions each year from 1990 to 2020 ate between 100-200 or so deaths, VAERS reports over 2500 deaths already this year alone. If this was any other reported incidence of rapid increase of deaths the NEWS MEDIA WOULD BE ALL OVER IT AND GOVERNMENT WOULD BE INVESTIGATING AND OR STOPPING IT IN ITS TRACKS!

    If car crashes jumped by 8 fold in just three months over the average of the last 30 years the world would hear about it.

    If homicides rose 8 fold in just three months over the average homicide rate of the last 30 years, the world would hear about it.

    If say Tylenol or Aspirin was killing 8 fold more people in the first three months of the year over the average of the last 30 years, the world would hear about it.

    If women’s tampons were killing, due to toxic shock syndrome 8 times more people on average than over the last 30 years, the world would hear about it.

    If say Viagra was killing men due to heart attacks at levels 8 times higher than the average over the last 30 years the world would hear about it.


    This is no longer funny or just a slight to make any excuse over… The stats are coming in it’s not fairy tale made up… THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS MUST STOP THESE VACCINES NOW!!!! IT’S JUST NOT PROVEN TO BE SAFE!!!

    NUREMBERG 2.0 WILL HAPPEN AT THIS RATE!!! Saying you were following orders will not protect you. Saying you were just following superiors advice will not protect you. Saying you were only doing it for the greater good even after seeing mounting damning statistics will not protect you.

    The damages to come if these non vaccine vaccines are not stopped will turn the world into a a global angry mob. The overhanded way governments have been dealing with Covid 19 is already bad enough, the ability to hide massive deaths (as well as terrible and chronic side effects) to likely come from the experimental mRNA jabs will not succeed.


  12. (Nuremberg mentioned)


    The group Doctors For Covid Ethics have sent a further letter to the European Medical Agency Chief Executive Emer Cooke and have copied in various EU Presidents regarding the safety of these vaccines and the clear danger they present.

    They pull no punches

    After outlining the seriousness of this issue they end the letter with this gem of a statement,

    ” NOTICE

    For the avoidance of doubt, if your regulatory body does not immediately suspend its “emergency” recommendation of potentially dangerous inadequately tested gene-based “vaccines”, while the matters which we have highlighted to you are properly investigated, we hereby put the European Medicines Agency on notice of being complicit in medical experimentation, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which thereby constitutes the commission of crimes against humanity.”

    Shit just got real ?

  13. Here’s FAR LEFT WOKE Jody Vance, Ian Young and Kyla Lee promoting the FAKE vaccine (it’s a Gene Editing Drug).

    FAR LEFT WOKE Jody Vance and that bow tie QUACK Hotez promoting the Gene Editing Drug and bashing Trump….what else is new with Jody BASH TRUMP 24hrs a day VANCE

    And here’s Jody Vance promoting the FAKE virus that has never been clinically isolated using the FRAUD PCR test as a way to say you have or died from the FAKE virus

    And HERE is what this has been leading up to. The president of Moderna…..openly telling us about GENE EDITING DRUGS posing as vaccines. Remember when we were called “conspiracy theorists” for saying that?

  14. Just another note to those that take these EXPERIMENTAL, ONLY FOR EMERGENCY USE mRNA injections. Since you are participating in a medical experiment if you were to die due to an adverse reaction, odds are any life insurance you have WILL NOT PAY OUT to your surviving beneficiaries.

    All this for a Wuhan, SARS-cov-2 coronavirus that has a 99.7% or better survival rate if you are under age70, and about a 93% survival rate if you are over 80. In Canada only 34 people under age 30 have died WITH and not FROM Covid 19, all apparently had other issues. The US CDC has stated 96% of all US Covid 19 deaths DID NOT DIE FROM Covid 19 but died with it as they had an average of 3.8 co-morbituies.

    It is said that Britain has seen a 366% increase in pregnancy miscarriages since these experimental jabs have been given out.

    As to our FAKE NEWS MEDIA, be careful of what you push and say over these non vaccine vaccines, your words will be online forever and if/when new Nuremberg style trials were to begin you may be charged as complicit in your propaganda… SO THINK TWICE NEWS MEDIA TALKING HEADS BEFORE YOU SPOUT RHETORIC SUPPORTING THESE mRNA jabs WITHOUT HAVING FULL EVIDENCE TO THEIR SAFETY!!!

  15. As to the belligerent thugs pushing non vaccine vaccines onto others, by threats, coercion or mandates, not only are you vile, arrogant, ignorant thugs, you push for violating Nuremberg Codes, UN Declaration on Human Rights and most nations’ Constitutional rights.


    You took them, so following your logic YOU are protected from Wuhan SARS-cov-2 Coronavirus.

    If others choose to oh no! take their chances on contracting a virus with a 99.7% or better survival rate if you are under age 70 and about a 93% survival rate if you are over age 80, WHY DOES IT BLOODY WELL MATTER TO YOU!?!

    Asymptomatic spread HAS NEVER IN HISTORY driven an airborne viral pandemic. ONLY SICK PEOPLE CAN DO THIS!

    If I or any others get sick with Covid 19 We are no threat to you if you took the experimental jab and have not died from the jab as of yet. I and others are only a possible threat to others WHO CHOOSE NOT TO TAKE THE EXPERIMENTAL mRNA JAB! BTW facts show that on average 99.5% of those with Covid 19 suffer none to mild symptoms. Only about 0.5% of those with Covid 19 require some hospital care.

    So again you took these experimental (aka: you are the guinea pigs or test mice) gene therapy jabs, you are said to be protected from the WuHan Flu, WHY THE HELL DO YOUR CARE ABOUT THOSE WHO CHOOSE NOT TAKE THESE JABS!?!

    FOR ONCE IN YOUR DAMNED LIVES USE YOUR DAMNED BRAINS!!! Stop listening to fake news media and idiot social media. Stop listening to the fear mongers in the bureaucracy and political sphere. Stop listening to Luciferian led Sh*theads like Bill (666) Gates, Dr. Fraudchi and those like them.

    BTW the most dangerous airborne respiratory illness globally is tuberculosis. At any given time 75 or more million have it globally and yearly between 1.5 -2.0 million die from it. COMPAE THAT WITH THE FAKE NUMBER OF COVID19! Yet no quarantine for travellers that come from parts of the world where tuberculosis is really bad. No tuberculosis passports. How many of these fake refugees that flood our western nations may be coming in with tuberculosis and run freely in our society? YET YOU EFFTARD, SJW, LIBERAL VIRTUE SIGNALLERS COULD NOT GIVE A RATS ASS!!!

    Where are your bleeding hearts on malaria? upwards of 500,000 people die from it each year and about 70% are children under age 5. NO FCUKS GIVEN, NONE FROM THE A$SHOLES ON CKNW, CBC, CTV, GLOBAL, CNN, MSNBC, BBC. NYT, WAPO, FACEBAG, TWITTER, etc etc. etc. No Jody (my self-righteous shite does not stink) Vance diatribes on TWITTER. No smug sh*theads on CKNW of CBC Radio, bother to discuss this stuff. All of you can take a long walk off a short pier for alI I care.

  16. George:
    “Starting on Saturday May 1st, our tasting room will be open for tastings on a RESERVATION-ONLY basis. Barring any Covid-related, government-recommended closures or changes, we will be open 7 days a week from May 1st through to October 30th.”

    That took two seconds to look up. The winery isn’t even open for another month.

  17. Tara,

    Global News BC headline “Indoor wine tastings still permitted amid new BC COVID-19 restrictions” – March 31, 2021.
    Bonnie is co-owner of a BC winery.

    Do you work for Bonnie ?

  18. Hypothetical:
    You’re a medical health officer, and you see the people are waking up and they’re pissed.
    How do you unwind yourself from this pandemic narrative?

  19. Fake News,

    And the winery she co-owns clearly states on its website it is not doing any tastings until May.

    If the argument here is that she’s profiting while other businesses are shut down, it’s pretty hard to make profit when your winery is closed to in-person customers all April along with everything else

  20. Tara, you have just illustrated the difference between yourself and Fake News and why you will be unprepared for the coming Communism whereas Fake News and myself have seen this play before and (at least I because I enjoy schadenfreud) will be puffing on my favourite pipe tobacco and enjoying a fine 20 year old scotch whilst watching the jackboot of the coming society on your neck.

    As Fake News has pointed out, it is not necessarily the Clos du Soleil that will benefit from this, and in this case it seems not to. However, you entirely miss the point. It is the fact that wine-tasting is exempt and winery owners are a kind of club and Dr. Henry does not want to seem to annoy her club members as they wont like her if she did. In other words, she is showing the optics of taking care of her friends. And it is not just optics. The Clos du Soleil can decide to have a surprise opening tomorrow if they wish. Thanks to Dr. Henry. And that does not take looking up in the internet. That just takes God-given common sense.

    The real point is, Tara, we are NOT all in this together. Some folks are getting a pass on on this, some folks and business like big box stores and internet giants are making bank on this. The folks making the decisions are either elected and have entreched themselves and their paycheques and future pension for the next four years or so (here’s looking at you Herr Horgan) or others, who are not elected have not taken any hits to their paycheques (here’s looking at you Commie Henry).
    Go ahead and drink the Davos-Schwab-Gates Koolaide Tara and enjoy the Soylent Green appetizers while you are at it. However, when the tax bill for all this bull$hit starts hitting home, when the health costs of the increased depression and cardiovascular and respiratory effects come home to roost. When all the costs of trying to normalize the present day children due to them missing school or even not knowing what a trustworthy face looks like because they are infants and just learning. Or when food price inflation hits and you are spending 50 percent more on food than you are now and wondering why you no longer can make ends meet. Or when the Green-Freaks have shut down oil and gas to the point where the tax revenue lost means YOU have to make up the difference. It’s not like:
    Tara, you indicated it took you two minutes to “educate” me on Clos du Soleil. Very nice. Quite admirable. How about using your skills to spend time on sites that are designed to educate and offer alternative explanations and viewpoints instead of the usual propaganda sites. You seemed energized enough to want to set me straight. How about setting yourself straight. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  21. Tara,

    The question I asked you is:
    Do you work for Bonnie?

    She seems like a nice lady.
    Maybe she should read this entire thread.

  22. Hey Tara:
    Thx 4 participating & your input re Dr. Bonnie’s winery…
    Don’t mind the comments from the lads…they mean well, but have had trouble adjusting since landing on Earth, just outside Squamish B.C last Apr 1st
    My understanding is their return to Planet Moron takes place next Thursday.
    Safe trip back fellas….☺.

  23. Bagoverheadgu
    Hey Tara:
    Thx 4 participating & your input re Dr. Bonnie’s winery…
    Don’t mind the comments from the lads…they mean well, but have had trouble adjusting since landing on Earth, just outside Squamish B.C last Apr 1st

    You are brainwashed……$1000 PayPal to you immediately if you can show us any scientific clinical study of diseased patients of this FAKE virus being isolated. I’ll wait……

    Meanwhile the FAKE NEWS is reporting 1 million FAKE cases using the FRAUD PCR test. You have to ask yourself WHY the FAKE news the corrupt Govt and corrupt FAKE doctors like that Khazarian Bolshevik Issac Bogoch are pushing the Gene Editing Drug so hard. Ask yourself why they are doing that……

  24. Jody FAR LEFT WOKE Vance calling someone who is calling her out a bully. Then getting called out by 50 people…..

    Jody FAR LEFT WOKE Vance continuing to push the Gene Editing Drug along with that QUACK bow tie fake dr Hotez who are attempting to call out those of us who question the FAKE vaccine….then getting schooled by the Twitter users one of which points out the VACCINE REPORTING DEATHS are going through the roof. Go read the replies…..

  25. Boycott Bonnie’s winery and make her feel some pain like she seems to enjoy inflicting on others. Any restaurant that serves her wine or any British Columbian that drinks it is a lover of tyrants. Henry refused to show up in a court of law to provide evidence to justify her shutting down thousands of businesses during the church case, A tinpot dictator is Henry and her cuck Horgan are ruining British Columbia but the reality is that most people in BC voted for this government so the only solution is to move.

  26. Hey, to those who push mandatory forcing of these non vaccine vaccines on to other people, let me ask you this.

    You all feel it’s your righteous case to force injection of experimental mRNA treatments into OTHER PERSONS’ BODY! Lets see if you all are wiling to put your money and/or your freedom on the line for your ignorant virtue signalling ideals.

    You feel that people should be forced to take these injections, but would any of you take financial and /or criminal responsibilities if and when some or many of those you want forced to take the jab get inured, potentially lifelong injuries or worse they die from the experimental mRNA injections?

    Huh, you all willing to sign off on this? You all willing to be charged financially and /or criminally with potential prison time if those you want forced to take these experimental injections suffer and or die!


  27. Thank you SO MUCH for posting that video from Dr Ryan Cole. That is the best 30 minutes I’ve seen on the SCIENCE of what’s happened.

    A group of Lawyers has already begun the process of pursuing “Crimes against Humanity” which actually saw inception in Germany, between their Chief Medical Health Officer, the WHO, big tech, and (surprise surprise) Bill and Melinda Gates.

    The worry (that is being screamed from the mountains tops by Dr Geert Van den Boscche) is that we could be creating a scenario by which super virus’s are being created thanks to “immune escape”.

    History will not look kindly on this past year, and I hope people go to jail because of it.

  28. @Les

    You make an excellent point. Years ago I worked for a federal agency which found me out in the woods a lot driving a very capable 3/4ton truck. We were instructed that we were not allowed to tow or pull people out of the ditches or similar as government insurance would not cover it and it was our butts if we did such a thing.
    So, one day I am driving along a forest service road and somebody is in the ditch. I stop to see if I can helpt to the capacity that I can. He asks if I can pull him out. I said I cannot under the regulations and I would have to pay if anything went wrong. He got quite beligerent and said “Hey, I am a taxpayer, it’s like I own that truck anyway”. I said fine. Let me get a piece of paper and you can sign an attestation that any damage to either vehicles or any personal injuries to either him or me will be one hundred percent covered by him personally.
    Yup. He passed on this.

  29. I find it quite ironic that it may well be that the future functioning of society is going to fall into the hands and productivity of those who did not get vaccinated.
    Just sayin’
    P.S. Consider this also. If the evidence of reproductive impairment due to the current vaccination program is true, the I.Q. of the next generation will rise considerably.

  30. TEMPLATE FOR A LEGAL CONTRACT (Actual lawyers can use this to make fully legal if an where needed)


    [1]: I ________________________________ [party(s) named] do hereby accept the responsibilities outlined below in my demanding of the other party ____________________________ [named here] in taking the not fully authorized [other than for emergency use] and still experimental mRNA gene therapy injection(s).


    (a): A financial amount agreed to be it in payments for life or direct payout of $_______________ [monthly for life] or $__________________ [direct and full payout] to the party being made to take these experimental mRNA gene therapy injections if the party suffers injury up to and including chronic injury from the experimental injection(s).

    (b): A financial amount of $_____________________ agreed by both parties named here to be paid upon and no later than 60 days post the death of the party named in being forced to take the experimental mRNA gene therapy injection(s) to said party’s beneficiaries:

    Beneficiaries named:


    (see back of this page if list of beneficiaries is more than listed on front here)

    [2]: If also it is deemed by law enforcement or some future court action(s) that this forcing of party _____________________ named in taking the experimental mRNA injections is deemed criminal that I as the party(s)_______________________________________ so named in this forcing of these experimental mRNA gene therapy injections that the party(s) named shall accept potential criminal charges against them, by the current law of the land and if found guilty in a Court of Law suffer the penalty /penalties of their crime.



    Party(s) agreeing to the forcing of injection(s) of the experimental mRNA Therapy sign:________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Party being forced to take the experimental mRNA Therapy injection(s) sign:________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Witnesses of this contract of liability sign:________________________________________________________________________________________________

    DATED: ______________________ ( yyyy-day-month)


    This general template can surely be made using any and all legalese and jargon to make it a binding contract.

    I am fully certain that anyone who wants to force another person and /or persons to take the mRNA gene therapy injections will be willing to sign any such or similar contracts, for they are so sure of the technology and the veracity of the safety of these non vaccine vaccines, they would surely have no fears of the liability of these mRNA gene therapy injections…. SO WHAT ARE YOU ALL AFRAID OF IF YOU REFUSE TO SIGN SAID CONTRACT OF LIABILITY!?!

  31. Ok so lets look at Comrade Bonnie Castro Henry and her idiot CIRCUIT BREAKER.

    Here are some BC Covid 19 numbers.

    April 7

    Saw 997 new cases ( remember folks cases do no necessarily mean illness, the long refuted PCR test is upward of 90% false).

    Covid 19 Hospitalizations: 330
    Covid 19 Critical Care: 105

    Total BC with and not just from Covid 19 deaths to date: 1491.

    April 8:

    Saw 1,293 cases, again cases do not necessarily mean illness.

    Covid 19 hospitalizations: 336
    Covid 19 critical care: 101

    Total BC with and not just from Covid 19 deaths to date: 1493

    So in one day we see 296 cases increase. (the long discredited PCR test for false positives surely colors those numbers). BUT we only see an increase of 6 hospitalizations and a reduction of 4 critical care cases.

    But the kicker is there were only 2 additional deaths with Covid 19 . Now I’m not trying to lessen the sadness of those two deaths but dollars to nickels I bet they had underlying health issues.

    So we lockdown in a idiot CIRCUIT breaker because bogus PCR tests show increase in cases, yet daily deaths can be counted on ONE HAND and hospitalizations numbers are tiny and only have minor daily fluctuations.


    The numbers do not add up to hospitals being run ragged!!!! It’s all bullshite. A province of 5.1 million people and if our healthcare system and hospitals cannot seem to handle a few hundred daily Covid 19 patients when they have handled similar numbers of influenza patients each year TELLS US THAT IT’S A LIE OR OUR HOSPITALS ARE MISMANAGED AND PEOPLE SHOULD THUS BE FIRED!

    END THIS FEAR MONGERING NONSENSE NOW!! The cost of other lives dwarfs this bogus Covid 19 shite!!! May all those pushing this nonsense including ahole news media and talk show hosts ALL HANG BY THEIR FRIGGING NECKS!

  32. @Les. This is what they are afraid of Les. People doing their own math instead of letting mid-wit reporters and show hosts tell us what we are supposed to believe. They hope that their “lockdown” coincides with the natural fall-off of your typical respiratory virus so they can take credit for it. Fall off it will, but not on their time schedule. So questions will be asked that they cannot answer. Then, as people try to reconcile the price they paid to satisfy the diktats of fake “top doctors” and failed leaders, they will draw the only reasonable conclusion: It never had to happen. Yes. People are doing their own math and looking around and saying that they are not experiencing a pandemic even they have been told they are in the middle of one. The backlash will be one for the ages.
    Take heart though Les. They know. Have you paid attention to Bonnie Henry these days. Her delivery of bullcrap is not as smooth as before. Her Neuro Linguistic Programming cadence, tonality, and delivery is failing her now. Her peddling of whole-cloth graphs and models, which have been epic failures every single time, is not quite as whole-hearted as she knows we are catching on. She is putting on weight. Her face is fatter. The stress is catching up to her. She knows we watch every move to catch out her hypocrisy and her conflict of interests and her failure to do her job. She knows that we completely understand that she has the best interests of the corrupt WHO at heart and that she is playing this out for the grand designs of Bill Gate and the WEF. She knows that their hand has been overplayed and we are at the cusp of calling their bluff. Her cortisol levels are up. She is not functioning as efficiently as she has before. She is showing every sign of getting short with her staff and colleagues with probably some deciding to “seek other employment” as they really don’t want to get caught up in the reckoning. I am sure that Bonnie is probably worried that some of her staff are filing away notes and writing missives to protect their own butts when the inquiry comes. I can well imagine that Bonnie does not really know who she can trust in ther inner circle knowing full well that they know that all this is a bit of a charade and they are all finding ways to make sure they don’t go down on the BC Covid Titanic. It’s going to be fun Les. When the press senses the preference cascade has now shifted, and Bonnie is going to have to answer real questions. I believe we are going to see some epic bitch-repsonses. Adrian Dix is just going to stutter and stammer his way through any questions and will be back to writing notes to memo. John Horgan is going to get “Glen Clark-ed” times ten.
    I have got myself some nice Nat Chico Casino Reals in the humidor and a Martell XO ready to be poured into my favourite fishbowl to enjoy the upcoming show.


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